Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy 2019: Gameflow Insurance

When getting on your horse of fantasy football player selections in your drafts to start, you will want to continue to consider gameflow. I will explain how you can gain insurance for your fantasy football lineups after explaining gameflow.

What is Gameflow?

Game flow is a scenario or scenarios of the real game of football that is based on the decided course of action guided by events that manifest

Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy 2019
Here is your insurance strategy on your fantasy football season.

themselves through coaches and players as an extension of those coaches.

Even though analytics have been unwelcoming results at times, it seems its to become more of a factor in coaching decisions. While the winning way of the patriots may not change for example, they are always looking for tricks or ways to cheat the systems or rules that are in place. There is nothing new about the Raiders slipping in some stick em for their equipment. Not good for cosmetic gameplay though.

What does this have to do with fantasy football? Well, we will always do well to analyze how the game strategy or game flow might be changing. Coaches know that fresh legs account for half their running back workload. There is also another factor we can consider.

50% Balls in Play

The %50 ball in play, or in the air is a factor of the game that more coaches seem to be willing to take a risk on. Ryan Fitzpatrick was interviewed at the end of his heroic run of beating winning teams early in the year as saying  “we take a chance on a %50 %50 ball and take those shots as sometimes it works and sometimes it dosen’t,” however, that coach is no longer in his position. We want to have as low of risk tolerance without losing much upside as possible. So here is your own high insurance policy.

Insurance policy strategy number # 1: spend up on quarterback.

What you want to do no matter what type of format you are playing in is to take little risk at the QB position. I know its common to wait until late to draft a quarterback however, spending up for one of the higher salaried quarterbacks. This gives you a solid floor of points as the quarterbacks are usually the highest scoring position, similar to the pitcher in baseball or the goalie in hockey, the importance of the quarterback is a safe evaluation. This will provide you with the baseline of floor points and the upside of a high scoring buy to make up for any lack potentially for any zeros you might score. Ok, so once you have that quarterback, what else can you spend up on?

Running Back

Running back is another position with high floor and ceiling. They touch the ball more than the quarterback perhaps in the 2nd half of a game with the right game flow, as mentioned above. With a 7+ point lead, a team can lean toward the running game. Remember, a good running game is a result from a good offense, not the cause. A poor team is not constructed to be able to run the ball when coming from behind. That’s just not how losing teams do it. So, is there any last way of providing your fantasy team insurance?

Well, if your using high enough draft picks or salary on these positions, you are in good position. If you have lower risk tolerance, you may want to next turn to the defense. Good team defenses in a good matchup with a high chance of getting turnovers and touchdowns will be the trick. As for your receivers, you will not have a whole lot of capital left unless you find some steals. Here is where you want to go high upside. Give yourself shots at touchdowns with receivers and your 2nd running back. Allow risk at these positions with the higher upside payoff instead of the 3 previous positions mentioned.

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If you follow these strategies in football as well as other sports, you will have long term success per the correlations. Insurance and gameflow correlate each week as you give yourself the best chance for a win, instead of fizzling out.

For MLB baseball visit my own page, visit daily fantasy baseball plays for today, for daily advice and help during the season stretch.

Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy for 2019: Breaking Gameflow

When considering your overall fantasy football lineups strategy for 2019, we all know its going to be about both your draft strategy and the players you pick during your draft.

This will be part 1 of a 2 part blog post, where I decided to break up the information for the following post as well.

When you play in daily fantasy leagues and season long as well, your perspectives change somewhat as to what works and what does not. This can cause some confusion from my experience when you use tools and daily style of analysis to comprehend what you are doing in your season long leagues. You will find out how game flow affects these strategies for hopefully helping you to see better results for 2019 compared to 2018.

Keep separate strategies for both game types.

First when preparing for a season long league you have to contend with 2 more difficult factors.

  1. Your stuck with the team you drafted unless you make creative trades.
  2. You will end up benching some of your best player scores.

These variable and moving factors cause many players in fantasy season long football to become frustrated. You are stuck for a while with the players you drafted, so you have one shot, so to speak on your draft. Here’s a question then, when it comes to what position you draft and the game flow. Running backs who actually run the ball a lot are a result mostly of good teams running down the clock IF playing it conservatively at the end of games. This is not obviously always the case, even with the best teams in the league. This is why LA and NE teams can be so effective, as they jump out with the lead, as these beast running backs carry the load late in a favorable game flow.

What does this mean for your fantasy draft?

It actually means you cannot rely on this variable for your league draft, nor in daily cash drafts, in which you have a salary cap. Therefore, you will be relying on the passing game season long.

Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy for 2019

With the prior example, when was the last time you saw a workhorse back who touches the ball 25+ times on the ground? Even with the prior example, these teams running backs got hurt and/or split carries with other running backs. So don’t rely on running backs to dominate your draft. It won’t happen unless you include the passing game in on your draft determinations.

Its really a simple game. You still need to draft a running back under these considerations early in your draft, and draft the right 2 guys really. I say the right 2 guys, because you can take a running back in mid to late rounds and get a lot of production as well. You can even find plug and play guys during the season from waiver wires.

So the next question is, what do you do with your other picks. Well, it depends on the individual player.

The Real

My wife watches this television show called the Real. I suppose the show themes itself on “keeping it real” or I could be wrong as to the purpose of the show or how it has evolved, however in fantasy football in particular, you need to keep it real, to give yourself the best chance, not to dominate your draft and season, but to stay in the game, mid tier by making the playoffs and giving yourself the right adjustments to your roster, so you can hopefully win the championship.

Will you realistically find a KC QB again this year. Likely not. Mahomes is once in a decade. So, while drafting the right QB is essential, you have no need to reach for one in any standard or PPR league unless there is an early run in a 2 QB league scenario. We will discuss flow of your draft in the next article.

I will continue this topic in the next post to discuss more about gameflow and the roster construction goals you will want to have including your own free built in insurance policy for every lineup.

Season Long Best Ball Strategy using current ADP

I will do this post once a month during the off-season for those who are ready for best ball drafts to give you a great idea of what players are given good to great value based on their overall ADP from recent drafts. This way we can get players at a bargain in DRAFT drafts so that you have your best chance at season long results there.

Also, I will wait until some time after training camps begin before I give my fantasy football draft board for 2019.

What is a Best Ball Draft and Where is the Best Place to get to Draft?

Best ball strategy

You can head right to the link on the picture by clicking on it for the current promotion for a free entry contest. Even if you had to pay just a dollar the way you may want to use this site is to prepare for your major fantasy football season long drafts. Since I see no difference in scoring to many leagues such as Yahoo, ESPN, and even Fanduel, you can see right now where players are going in these drafts. You may want to first search out the overall or Average Draft Position to see where your favorite players are currently going in drafts with as many players and payouts as you choose.

This way you can truly see the results of your chosen team without having to worry about which players to play week to week. If you drafted the best overall players, you win, simple as that. Here though are a few questions for consideration you may have before getting your feet wet perhaps for the first time, or even if you have played best ball on this site before, or similar sites.

How would I draft differently from my regular season long drafts with my friends?

Well, the strategy is not a whole lot different. Be focused on securing your RB position and go from there with your best overall players pivoting away from the RB position at the right time, and then solidifying other positions with enough depth and value throughout your roster. The only other difference to your regular season long drafts besides the one I will next over is that there is no great reason to draft a handcuff or player who is a backup to a starter, who can step in once a player is hurt. This is not needed, because your next best scoring guys are automatically used to score week to week for you without making any adjustments to your roster.

Should I focus on consistent players?

You might be a bit surprised for me to say no, you don’t need to focus on the most consistent players in this format as one of the only differences in your draft strategy from season long to best ball. The reason is because as long as you create value with players that have the upside to score on any given week, you can give up consistency for upside in most cases because when that player has a low variance downsided day, other players will pick it up for you without having to make any changes to your roster. In fact if you don’t want, you don’t have to check your roster all season long since the players on your roster with the highest scores will automatically have their points count towards your positional scoring total.

Ok, so what players would be good to draft right now?

I will not run through the whole list, however, give you a players that you can draft perhaps in every round that will give you a leg up on the competition overall during the season.

You have to especially be careful, the more you spend on this site, as a lot of things will happen such as injuries during the course of the off-season and regular season that could potentially derail your best ball season. Since we cannot predict a lot of things at this point in the season, we also want to diversity our picks as much as possible, not always drafting the same players, so that we can accept varied results during the season.

With that said, here are the players that have great value at every round.

Round 1: Any of the top tier RBs are just fine in this round. Zeke Elliott, Alvin Kamara, Saqon Barkley, and Christian McCaffrey are all just fine. If your picking beyond the first 4 picks, you could get creative, but you may want to take one of the next tier RB’s like David Johnson or Melvin Gordon to shore up some of the top scoring guys at any position for you. Towards the end of the firs round I would consider pivoting away to obtain one of the top WR’s such as DeAndre Hopkins or Devonte Adams.

Round 2: The biggest question on most current drafts is Todd Gurley. Is he able to physically take on the top role on your team. The team didn’t really believe so when the signed a matching offer to their backup RB and traded up to the 3rd round to draft a RB as as well. i would’nt draft him at all probably. The other guys that look interesting in this round in 10 man (or woman) leagues are Michael Thomas, James Conner, Joe Mixon, and maybe JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Round 3: This is where you start winning your league with decisions that hopefully include these decisions: Adam Thielen, Derrick Henry, and Damien Williams.

Round 4: If you can get one of these guys, your creating great value if getting Leonard Fournette, Amari Cooper, or Aaron Jones.

Round 5: Kenny Golladay, Robert Woods, and Phillip Lindsay or my top picks here.

Round 6: Calvin Ridley, James White, Tarik Cohen, with a sleeper pick, Miles Sanders in this round.

Round 7: Here’s where you could take Andrew Luck, Jarvis Landry, or Lamar Miller.

Round 8: Eric Ebron if available, Tevin Coleman, or Will Fuller

Round 9: Here you could start thinking right away about Baker Mayfield, Ronald Jones as a sleeper and Sterling Shepard, who should get opportunties.

Round 10: In this round I like Kareem Hunt and Jerick McKinnon to try to add depth to the RB’s. Risk accepted here.

As for the rest of the rounds, fill out your roster balancing out a minimum of 2 quality QB’s, 5 Rbs’ 2 Te’s and 6 WRs. for your team.

If you have any of your own questions, I will certainly go ahead and answer those for you.