NFL Draft Order, Fantasy Mock Draft Dream Scenario for Each Team

For each team what I want to do is take the player in this mock draft that will instantly impact their (or your) fantasy team, depending on if you use these players and teams in your fantasy football draft. Here is the draft order along with the pick for each team.

The pick is in for each team, with the goal of becoming better in fantasy for 2019. Forget the Super Bowl. We want to win our fantasy football championship! If you’ll notice QB’s not selected high, as they should not be in fantasy drafts either.

Fantasy Mock Draft in Order of Current picks

  1. Arizona Cardinals: WRN’Keal Harry; A more rare than raw talent.
  2. San Francisco 49ers: WR DK Metcalf; Also a combine freak. Good fit here.
  3. New York Jets: WR Hakeem Butler; Any team could use this massive body!
  4. Oakland Raiders: RB Josh Jacobs; Its time for a next feature RB
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: WR: Deebo Samuel; Can fill Slot WR Need
  6. New York Giants: TE TJ Hockenson; Imagine Eli’s weapons with TJ!
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars: TE: Noah Fant; Its a run for TE’s, needy position
  8. Detroit Lions: TE Irv Smith; Great fit for Stafford, his Gronk
  9. Buffalo Bills: TE J. Sternberger;All first round worthy TE’s gone.
  10. Denver Broncos: QB: Kyler Murray; At least I made him a top 10 pick!
  11. Cincinnati Bengals: OT Jawaan Taylor; Fills position of need for their roster.
  12. Green Bay Packers: Edge Nick Bosa; Give them the best Defender for DST
  13. Miami Dolphins: QB Dwayne Haskins; They get their QB here
  14. Atlanta Falcons: RB Darrell Henderson; This is there fantasy need for sure
  15. Washington Redskins: WR Kelvin Harmon; A hole in the WR corps calls here
  16. Carolina Panthers: DT Quinnen Williams Best player in the draft?
  17. New York Giants from Cleveland Browns: Daniel Jones: They need the QB!
  18. Minnesota Vikings: CB Greedy Williams: Build on a strength.
  19. Tennessee Titans: LB Devin White: What an Athlete at any position!
  20. Pittsburgh Steelers: OT Jonah Williams: This guy would really help them out.
  21. Seattle Seahawks: Edge Brian Burns; Tough call here for best available.
  22. Baltimore Ravens: WR Parris Campbell; This is the best option to help QB
  23. Houston Texans: RB Miles Sanders; Any relation to Barry?
  24. Oakland Raiders from Chicago Bears: Edge Josh Allen; Replace K. Mack?
  25. Philadelphia Eagles: DT Ed Oliver; With no needs take best overall.
  26. Indianapolis Colts: WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside; Good pick for Luck
  27. Oakland Raiders from Dallas Cowbys: WR AJ Brown: for a splash pick.
  28. Los Angeles Chargers: WR Marquise Brown; Exactly what they need
  29. Seattle Seahawks from Chiefs: WR Stanley Morgan Jr. Could be future X WR
  30. Green Bay Packers from New Orleans Saints: RB Damien Harris; RB help
  31. Los Angeles Rams: RB Rodney Anderson; Great for the power RB help
  32. New England Patriots: DT Clelin Ferrell; For once they don’t get their guy

2019 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Defensive Backs in Fantasy Football

When it comes to defensive backs headed into the national football league we look to the 2019 NFL draft position rankings for help.

As a fantasy football analyst, the defensive back rankings are the most important fantasy football matchup indicators on the defensive side of the ball. You may also want to see my article, top players of the 1st round, regardless of position. Also visit TheDraftNetwork for real analysis of players by position and overall rankings for the 2019 draft. Unfortuanly, no longer do we have to check out a rolled deck of videos, rather you have to search on Youtube one player at a time.

Why is a Defensive Back Important to Fantasy Football?

Well, it not for the reason you might think. IDP’s or individual defensive players may play a part in your fantasy football strategy, however, the matchup vs. your fantasy football wide receiver and tight end are far more important to your championship prospects.

2019 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Defensive Back

With that said, what we are looking for, not only in a rookie defensive back but with any defensive back in the nfl, as long as we are assuming that any CB that is starting in the nfl can play in the nfl according to the depth chart. This is obviously not decided until training camp is completed. Even then, injuries happen and defensive backs are placed in positions they may not be ready for, testing the defensive depth of the team.

What are we looking for in a DB as the #1 advantage for the defense?

We are looking for height/speed advantages. I would say height over speed as we also assume that an NFLer running a 4.35 is not a whole lot different that one running a 4.55 40 yard dash in the combine. However we will create some value in this measurement as a 1A and 1B scenario.

This breakdown therefore will include these factors as well as the estimated fantasy points allowed per catch, as this is no foregone conclusion and much more difficult to measure in college as for the purpose of competition which does not stay the same when entering into the NFL. So why bother trying to measure this point in the matchup?

However the better we know and scout this particular group of players, the better prepared we will be in evaluation talent based on measurable physical competition rather then subjective or opinionated analysis.

Here are the best fantasy football corners by the cornerback and then safety position.


  1. Greedy Williams

Williams has #1 corner written all over him. The concern is the lack of invites (0) that he has gotten invites from teams from. Unless he is that sure of a thing. This combination of height (6-2) and speed (4.37) rivals only the next guy. However the skillset appears equal to no one in this class.

2. Jamel Dean

Yes if he gets draft in the 2nd round don’t be surprised as he should make a nice potential impact due to his fastest 40 time in the class of 4.30 along with his 6-1 height its pretty amazing he ran that fast.

3. Isaiah Johnson

Johnson also has an amazing size/speed combo making him a boom or bust type prospect as far as the 1st or 2nd round potential is concerned. His 4.40 speed along with his desirable 6-2 frame screams nice physical attributes for the next level with potential to develop into nightmares for average WR’s in the league.

4. Sean Bunting

I could have put Bunting ahead of Johnson easily but at 6 ft, I’d rather take the 2 inches. The 4.42 40 yard time is also close. Bunting probably has better corner coverage skills then Johnson.

5. Amani Oruwariye 

Came through with a very good 40 time of 4.47 at 6-2. He comes through making big plays on interceptions and pass breakups, and should do so at the next level.

6. Trayvon Mullen

Good cover CB skills to go along with a 4.46 and 6-1 frame will help him move his draft stock up to the late 2nd round for a CB needy team.

7. Derek Thomas

At 6-3 with a 4.44 40 yard dash, I should have put him higher. Maybe I still will.

8. Justin Layne 

Ran a 4.50 with a 6-2 measurement. He could be a 1 st round pick!

9. Byron Murphy 

At only 5-11, running a slower then 4.5 I hope no one actually drafts him in the 1st round but that’s where drat experts have him going.

10 Rock, Ya-Sin

Ran a 4.5 with a 6 ft frame he should last no longer then the 2nd round.


We’ll next consider a few safeties along those same lines of thought for your fantasy matchups for 2019.

  1. Juan Thornhill

Thornhill has the best combination of size and speed in the draft at safety, running a 4.42 40 time at 6ft 200 lbs.

2. Darnell Savage

At 5’11” and 192 lbs he is not intimidating as a physical presence however his speed at a 4.36 40 time may match him up all over the field and provide a starting caliber safety for an NFL team this year.

3. Chauncy Gardner-Johnson

Running a 4.48 40 yard dash at 6ft and 207 lbs is just fine, as he is probably the best overall safety prospect on the board.

4. Jonathan Abram

At 6ft and 215 lbs, he kinda reminds me of the Jet’s Jamal Adams without the polished skillset needed to actually be a 1st round pick. It appears he did not run in the 40 yard dash, so his speed is unknown.


2019 NFL Draft: Best Available Regardless of Position.

Picking the NFL draft’s best available is much easier then picking the actual drafted players in the correct order. In fact, because of the continued variable during the draft itself, it more impossible to pick then the NCAA men’s March Madness tournament. So in stead here is the best available regardless of position.

  1. Nick Bosa: Bosa’s immediate impact may be felt right away for the 1st or 2nd selection of the draft as Bosa has everything going for him. His skillset is complete as he is great in pursuit of the ball carrier in both phases of the game. in run and pass support. Bosa sets a consistent edge in the 4-3 defense and should be the guy to anchor down the teams’ line that drafts him for years to come. Note: Fist pick Currently held by Cardinals.
  2. Quinnen Williams: While he may have to wait to endure 2 picks without getting his name called, this defensive line is definitely a position of strench in the 2019 nfl draft. His blend of size, power, speed, and flexibility are rare in the nfl. He can play anywhere on the line and any type of technique. He’s not too fat as well, so he can actually play on the edge at 285 lbs. Note: 2nd pick Currently held by 49ers. 
  3. Jawaan Taylor: A for sure top 10 pick this year, Taylor shows the superior consistency in blocking edge rushers of all types in his conference. This is where the top NFL prospects play, as Taylor is a proven commodity for the NFL. Any issues that he has with his hand placement and playing with better leverage are to be expected but fixable weaknesses. Note: 3rd Currently held by Jets.

NFL Draft Prospects: WR Fantasy Football Year 1 Producers

Its time for the NFL Draft to get started in just 14 days from today. So I will dive into the best prospects for fantasy football year 1 producers. Potential NFL draft prospect superstars.

  1. D.K. Metcalf  Ole Miss
  2. Hakeem Butler  Iowa St.
  3. Kelvin Harmon  NC St.
  4. Deebo Samuel  SC
  5. A.J. Brown Ole Miss
  6. JJ Arcega-Whiteside  Stan.
  7. N’Keal Harry  Ari. St.
  8. Marquise Brown  Okl.
  9. Parris Campbell  OSU
  10. Riley Ridley  GA

You can find a write up of every one of these guys and more at for more.

We’ll also see, as I update my fantasy football draft board for 2019 soon after the draft.


NFL Free Agency Tracker 2019: Biggest Impact on Jets

With the NFL Draft approaching fast, I am now reviewing free agency moves by teams that are picking high in the draft, so in this nfl free agency tracker series we will examine the impact of the Jets signed free agents. This post is geared toward fantasy football.

Biggest impact player: Le’Veon Bell

Bell is set to make a positive impact on the jets in his first season with the club as he should be the biggest offensive splash move other then Odell Beckam to the Browns. I like the chances that Bell brings the the table of the Jets making a playoff run. His true fantasy impact remains to be seen as to whether he can ever be trusted again as a first round standard or PPR pick.

His receiving skills set him apart from perhaps any other running back in nfl history as his smooth motion before the snap and patience running after the catch instantly upgrades any team’s fantasy offense as long as he get quickly into football shape. If so, he’ll make an immediate impact and bring dividends to a fantasy offense as a possible steal.

NFL Free Agency Tracker

As you can see per this depth chart projection, there are many threats of various positions for the 2nd year QB, Sam Darnold. The 2 things that would concern me would be the lack of depth at WR and the weakness of the right side of the offensive line.

Here’s what Bell can do for the Jets offense.

Here there are two plays to keep in mind for the Jets. One if the little room he needs to get BIG chunks of yards in the running play. Also, the pressure to be taken off of Darnold in the underneath receiver that quickly turns into a runner after the catch, reliving him of the pressure that can quickly engolg him. Film can be found on any nfl player at

2nd Impact: Jamison Crowder

As all Jets fans seem desperate for a winner, (yes they do get crazy), we’ll find another new slot receiver ready to try and take his game to the potential we saw 2 years ago as a fantasy option, perhaps off your bench. While Bell exels in the slot at times as well, Crowder, when healthy can be the primary target there.

Any other thoughts on these or other free agency signings?

Fantasy Values:

For Bell, he is a 2nd round pick in a 10-12 team league due to the healthy amount of running backs there are to choose from in 2019. Crowder’s value will be very low do to his continued durability concerns, not lasting 16 games in any season. Could simply be a waiver wire pick up.

Fantasy Football Questions: Kyler Murray a Stud?

I will attempt to do a weekly series of fantasy football questions to stay on topic here at WealthyFantasyFootball.

What is a fantasy football Stud?

By Wealthy Fantasy Football’s definition, its a Player that has a high upside with consistency in scoring in fantasy football. Most of the time this is a high salaried player on daily fantasy football sites or a 1st or 2nd round draft pick in season long leagues. 

Want to get excited for fantasy football in 2019?

Well this may be all you need here: 2019 Preview Podcast with a screen shot of the 300k Winner from Week 13!

Fantasy Football questions

Well, we have seen it happen before. Rookie quarterbacks come into the league with much to show. But more often they come into the league with much to run for, or run away from.

Here’s an example of what we’ll likely see from the Arizona Cardinals unless there is a trade for the pick. Here the best examples of results to go by, since we have to assume certain things when it comes to evaluating for fantasy football purposes.

Here you can see the reasons why, as we will prepare for season long fantasy football drafts, we will not draft Kyler Murray unless  perhaps we are in a 2 QB league that is deep with 12 players. There are 2 outcomes. Taking the sack or throwing the interception.

The funny thing is it almost appears as though Josh Rosen does has the better chance to make a play against a poor Raiders defense that could not stop anyone, attmpting to lighten the competition for him. However, he ultimately folds under pressure.

Are the Cards better off holding onto Rosen?

Rosen appears to have no better chance at being a stud then Murray other then having more experience behind a bad offensive line.

Will Murray be a Good Pro?

I will not deny the athletic and football ability of Murray. He can be a good pro someday with great upside on a good team. As for being a fantasy football stud, time will have to tell, therefore don’t expect anything good this year at all. Check nfl game pass for more film of the Cardinals offensive line woes, or rather don’t wast your time for bettering your fantasy football game.

Any questions or concerns?



Trending MLB Fantasy Picks for Next 30 Days

When picking fantasy baseball players, there is a lot of data to decipher for mlb fantasy picks.

What I’ll do today is make sure to be watching for the next 30 days, players who will either up their value over the course of the rest of the season no matter what league your players in, or lower their value. You will obviously want to use this watch list differently depending on whether your playing in season long or daily as in DFS or daily fantasy sports.

How About Picks for Today?

If you want fantasy picks for today, look to the top menu for daily fantasy baseball picks advice today as I will give you the best that I’ve got.

Christian Yelich:

Yelich has a BABIP that is under control through his massive start to the season. While we can use this statistic to measure normality, we have to assume certain numbers such as this when is comes to watching, locking, and loading players the we  want to drafts that we can reach for or pick in a daily league. Yelich has the stuff we want right now over probably anyone in MLB which is why I put him first. His hard contact rate is up %16 this season from the past 2 years which is fine, plus his wOBA and ISO are very hot right now, although these will come down.

Joc Pederson

Pederson has a hard BABIP + %22 over the beginning of season, however a normal regular BABIP of this same span of time. I will definitely be keeping him on my watchlist for a while as well, as his hard contact rate has went up %19 and running hot in wOBA and ISO categories.

Cody Bellinger

Bellinger is right where he should be as far as indicators go. His hard contact rate is good at %39 which is %40 for his past 2 seasons.

Yonde Diaz TB

Fly ball rate up, will provide update once I have a chance to look up the stats but he’s hot!

Christian Walker

More of a wild card his wOBA numbers have been surprisingly good over the past 2 years, as maybe the should give him more consistent playing time in Arizona.

Richard Urena

Also a wild card from here on out but there is data to prove his worth over the past years of his plate appearances for this Toronto SS.

Added to list 4/8/19

Hunter Renfroe

Renfroe makes the cut after having had a successful 14 and 7 day split compared to his 2017,18 BAPIP along with high wOBA, ISO, and Hard contact rate kept at near %70. It will be interesting to see as he gets more plate appearances weather he can keep that up for a while, perhaps to the 40 day mark.

Anthony Rendon

Rendon has an interesting track record, and has really gotten hot, while this will not sustain at the same success rate, this overall numbers from the past 2 years indicate he’s as high as anyone in wOBA and should be on this list.

Joey Richard

While this Baltimore out fielder may not stay in a strong spot at all, his past 7 day trend in our standard categories, make for an interesting play that you won’t pay much for, so give him a whirl this week, or better yet today! before he cools off.

Latest NFL Free Agency News: CJ Andreson Signs with Lions

The Lions signed CJ Anderson per to shore up the RB spot as it would appear that this move would replace LaGarret Blount.

The backfield now consisting of the third wheel specialist with Kerryon Johnson as a primary runner, Theo Riddick as a pass catcher/3rd down back, and now CJ Anderson as a bull in short yardage/goal line and run the clock out situations. This may be interchangable at times between roles. Here’s the latest depth chart found at

Lions depth chart signed CJ Anderson latest free agent signings

What is the Outlook for Anderson and the Lions backfield for 2019?

Well the feel we got as fantasy owners in 2018 was that K. Johnson should have been the main workhorse style back, even though this now seems like an extinct species in football. Now, however I would expect early on and often for things to pretty much stay the same with the splitting of backfield duties.

What is the Bests Mindset for Fantasy Owners for 2019?

After all, the first determined choice of the lions to obtain Malcom Brown was thwarted by the Rams re-signing him and rejecting Brown the 3rd string or 2nd string replacement for Todd Gurley.

Bearing this in mind the plans will not change for the main workload in Detroit. I would project a similar season for the workload in the NFC north team’s sharing of carries system.

Keep in mind however, that injuries play a big part, so prepare to have the Lions use Anderson as soon as a injury prone running back such as Johnson goes down, providing great value in any kind of fantasy football ownership scenario.

Other Latest Articles:

Tevin Coleman signs with 49ers along with their 2019 Outlook

Any fantasy football questions for 2019 on this or any other player related, or strategy topic?

One last thing, if interested in daily fantasy baseball, see the above menu for MLB daily fantasy baseball picks and advice for today 4/2/19


Tevin Coleman Signs with 49ers: 2019 Outlook

Providing the most relevant daily news today, per free agency tracker, the 49ers have signed Coleman to a 2 year 8.5 million dollar contract as the time share runner and receiver reunites with his offensive coordinator in San Francisco.

What is the outlook for Coleman and the 49ers backfield for 2019?

Well, there are still 2 other premier type backs on the roster with Matt Breida and Jerick McKinnon still there.

As we can see here, per there are many running backs that have had significant playing time. If you notice however, Alfred Morris is no longer there. Coleman is a great upgrade to the position.

Tevin Coleman signs with 49ers

With injuries galore on this roster overall, many rb’s got their own chance to even be featured from the very depths of the depth chart.

How will they plan to use these feature backs?

This is an easy answer as the rock will get passed along frequently with another try at Jimmy Garopollo under center. Barring injuries, this should be a better offense than the year before with the addition of Jordan Matthews replacing the role of Pierre Garcon as a possession receiver.

Coleman shows good fluid movement in execution of a dangerous play in the playbook for opposing defenses: The wheel route.

Here’s the play:

As we can see, this short video shows Coleman running out of the backfield in motion from the right. As he comes over to the left, the defender is forced to go man on man. The Single high coverage safety was not in position to make the play. the man in coverage also not able to make way in coverage on his own trailed in a just beyond the redzone touchdown play. However, Matt Ryan overthrew his intended receiver just beyond the reach of Coleman. The Falcons had to settle for a field goal on this first drive of the game.

Coleman is very dangerously is to be used in the same way, with scripted out plays designed to go to him in man coverage such as this with 10-20 carries per game depending on injuries this season. He should have a few very big fantasy games.

Will the 49ers be looking to add further weapons in the draft?

Yes with the possibility of drafting a WR, the main offensive role of Julio Jones missing from this offense, Shanahan would love to get a new tool in the box in one of these Wide recievers from Ole Miss to add to become a very dangerous offense in the NFL.

In Fantasy Football Summary for 2019

I personally watched the 49ers quite a bit last season, and my evident conclusion will be that he should get similar production with the 49ers as he did with the falcons.

Previous related artilces: NFL Draft Coverage

NFL Quarterbacks available, mostly through the draft as only option

and,.. Running back Draft Prospects Rankings.

What do you expect for your fantasy team if you have had or plan to incorporate any 49ers into your drafts?