NFL Draft QB Rankings for 2019 with Wild Card

Here is the list of NFL Prospects including Free Agents currently availbale and anyone from the Alliance of American Football Leauge, making this a unique wild card list of Quarterbacks.

NFL Scouting Combine Results

For a full list of nfl scouting combine results, see 

I personally did not want to spend a lot of time on the combine results for quarterback. However, the best results for a pocket passer seemed to be Dwayne Haskins as Muray did not work out. Murray obviously has superior scrambling ability.

2019 NFL Draft QB Rankings

  1. Kyler Murray

2. Dwayne Haskins

3. Daniel Jones

4. Jake Browning

5. Jarrett Stidham

6. Drew Lock

7. Ryan Finley

8. Will Gier

9. Clayton Thorson

10. Tyree Jackson

11. Gardner Minshew

12. Brett Rypien

13. Trace McSorley

14. Kyle Shurmur

15. Nick Fitzgerald

16. Jordan Ta’amu

Free Agents:

  1. Garrett Gilbert The Wild Card for a starting Position in the NFL

2. Josh Johnson

3. John Wolford

4. Josh McCown

I could not bring myself to looking at any more of the current list of free agent quarterbacks. This is pretty much it if your team is looking for one including backups.

Opening Day Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 3/28/19

Its hard to believe its time for March 28th 2018 and that I am actually looking at baseball projections again now for 2019!

If I was a person giving you personal advice face to face, you would not know who I am, and whether to take my advice or not. Since you may be searching for opening day daily fantasy baseball advice for today, you may even take my advice based on my 2 years experience working with projection models, advisors, and coaching for the mlb fantasy game, tweaking and making it better every day that I play.

I will keep this opening day advice very simple and to the point.

What I have learned is that its very tough to learn on the fly and have success and be consistent at it, much like it would take to be an actual big league ball player. So I’ll give you the most important and simple stats you can take a hold of and run with so that you could possibly win some large field low cost entry tournaments on fanduel or draftkings. The daily game or dfs is a fun way to have a daily vested interest with upside for the present to the future.

I will start of here with my pool and explain why its not very large at this point, around 39 hours prior to openings pitches in North America.

daily fantasy baseball advice 3/28/19

As you examine my pool of players for tournaments for a moment, you may first notice that its not long. There are 6 players to get a 9 man roster including a pitcher on my fanduel slate, since that’s what we are currently optimizing for.

You may also notice there are 3 Rockies in my potential lineup and 3 one off’s as we say in dfs from STL, NYY, and SF.

Here is my video breakdown for the slate on fanduel as well.

Unless you are very new to dfs, you will have heard about stacking. With the expected outcome of a team helping each other to score points, with runs batted in for baseball we ideally would like a 3 or even a 4 man stack in the heart of a good batting order vs. a weak pitcher.

What I did here was pick on the weakest pitchers the slate has to offer. I then decifered what was the pitcher’s weakest handedness to pick in whether that be lefty, right, switch, or a combination of 2 out of 3.

Then in sort of a dream scenario for Thurseday we have these players to attack those pitchers as far as OPS or Ability to both get on base and hit for power combined.

You can notice then that all of these players are at least a positive +19% increase in that particular sabermetric. This stat alone increases the batters chances dramatically to get on base and/or hit a home run or two.

I really hope this helps for a stress free and fun opening day for you.


How to Get Ready for the MLB season start for fantasy 2019

This is in theory a season long fantasy football blog. However, during the off-season I believe it very exciting and profitable to take serious dives into the mlb season start so that you can pick great fantasy players for your fantasy baseball team, whether season long or daily type of leagues.

So if you have not been doing a whole lot to prepare for the 2019 season opener, even if you have not followed baseball closely in past years, I believe I can get you ready (with some help) for the mlb opening day 2019 schedule soon to start on 3/28/19.

With so many high profile players getting large contracts during spring training, a lot of these proven players are ready to play ball and not worry about the money right? I will highlight these peak players as we move along this article.

Here are the most important things we need to cover as an overview and then we will go into each with more depth.

A career statistical analysis, a daily matchup analysis, and recent season success or lack there of. Lastly, we’ll show you how to easily dive into pheripherials for any player.

Career statistical analysis

Any major league baseball player has big league data that is sometimes easy to read into because of such a large sample size, unlike football. Unless the player is a rookie, all of this is very relevant data, especially in season long formats. As there probably are some of those new to the fantasy baseball field in general, you can always got to and start getting familiar with the stats you can view there and sort how you would like. I would recommend looking at the sortable fields there and sorting by active players, then arranging according to OBP + SLG, which is the last column to the right, so you can get a feel for the most productive players in the league. Then click on the player name.

mlb season start 2019Here we can compare the season stats with our next category of interest, the past season.

Recent season analysis

Obviously for any fantasy baseball player the prior season stats is something to compare and learn about. Look for drops and rises, and try to gather reasons why as you have time to research during the season. Taking notes on your findings may help you throughout the year.

Here is the highest paid player on the year, with no one likely to pass him any time soon.

mlb season start 2019Daily matchup analysis

For a daily analysis of the match ups for every single day in the mlb season, visit basic training. This provides access to coaches in fantasy baseball as well as other sports, a complete research station, daily articles, a domination station (optimizer), as well as bankroll management (dfs or daily fantasy sports) which also helps with free daily leagues, and new and improved stats not shown anywhere else among those in the industry, which can provide a valuable edge when using along with our coaching.

Fanduel and Draftkings Baseball Advice

I will of course, provide daily picks and advice starting 3/28/19 on my menu page on the top of the page, Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks, Advice for Today

Peripheral for MLB season start

When you examine more of the outliers for fantasy baseball, there are more stats available in various places then any other sport. I could not possibly provide a breakdown of every stat and what they mean in this article. However to prepare you for mlb season start for 2019 begin to learn more about these stats every day, and you will not only become better daily but enjoy the rewarding work.


2019 NFL Draft Prospects By Position: Running Back

In this article we are getting into the best 2019 nfl draft prospects during the post combine stage.

Remember Phillip Lindsay at this time of year last year?…

Likely not, because he was not invited to the combine nor drafted. There could very well be at least one of those guys this year. I hope to mention them when scrolling to the bottom.

The cool thing about this, is if you review every player and do a search for these players, you decide for yourself, which is going to have a better rookie campaign and beyond. Therefore I am not ranking them in any kind of order. This is just preliminary.

This draft prospects by positions after my thorough review of these players for use in fantasy football should give good impressions beyond just the combine numbers for your 2019 fantasy football season.

This is being written post combine for a summarized breakdown of their profile with a size and speed consideration for your fantasy teams.

2019 NFL Draft Prospects By Position

Running Backs

Ryquell Armstead: 5’11 220 lbs Runs with speed and intensity to hit a homerun. 4.46 40 yard dash.

Nick Brossette: 5’11 209 lbs  Good overall running ability as a goal liner, with lateral movement and long run threat. 4.72 40 yard dash.

Myles Gaskin: 5’9 205 lbs A threat to go all the way in the run or pass. He established himself as a college all-purpose back. 4.6 40 yard dash.

How to Get more Pofile info?

For example with Gaskin got to and then enter the player name with a hyphen (myles-gaskin after the /player/ you would enter after visiting there for any full breakdown of player attributes. The full url would look like this:

Damien Harris: 5’10 216 lbs With a array of abilities, could be the best overall at doing all things wanted out of a RB in the draft. 4.58 40 yard dash.

Darrell Henderson: 5’8 208 lbs Super impressive runner throughout his collegiate career. Can also catch passes. 4.53 40 yard dash.

Karan Higdon: 5’9 206 lbs Was given large holes to run through at Michigan as should make a good backup. 4.5 40 yard dash.

Justice Hill: 5’9 1/2 198 lbs Highly gifted athlete with 4.4 40 yard dash and a 40 inch vertical. Very shifty and expl osive with balance receiving too.

Elijah Holyfield: 5’10 217 lbs Another incredibly gifted athlete with shifty moves and nice finishing power. 4.79 40 yard dash.

Benny Snell Jr. 5’10 223 lbs Bell is a bruiser who should be a specialist at the goal line/short yardage and beyond for an NFL team. 4.7 40 yard dash.

Mike Weber 5’9 215 lbs Surprisingly fast and deceptive as a runner 4.49 40 yard dash. Had a very good offensive line to showcase his skills.

Josh Jacobs 5’10 220 lbs is the closest thing to Saquon Barkley that you can get this year. May see rookie of the year honors. 4.68 40 yard dash (pro day)

Dexter Williams 5’11 212 lbs Another home run threat every time he touches,  with otherwise efficient running. 4.57 40 yard dash.

James Williams 5’9 1/2 197 lbs With a high mix of skills out of the backfield he was a highly effective college fantasy football back. 4.58 40 yard dash.

Trayveon Williams 5’8 206 lbs A weight room junkie with great work ethic for a backup role player. 4.51 40 yard dash

Alex Barnes 6’1 227 lbs Nice combo of size and speed with good burst of middle and power for a fantasy friendly experience. 4.59 40 yard dash.

Travis Homer 5’11 195 lbs Good Cut back runner who hits holes fast and can break some tackles. Good out of backfield. 4.49 40 yard dash.

David Montgomery 5’11 216 lbs Good bounce outside runner with vision and extra cuts and good balance. 4.64 40 yard dash.

Miles Sanders 5’10” 1/2 211 lbs All the above abilities with breakaway threat and good stiff arm and burst. 4.5 40 yard dash.

Devin Singletary 5’7″ 1/2 203 lbs Great stop, stutter, and breakaway speed on the field despite his 40 time. Finishes runs very well. 4.66 40 yard dash.

You may also want to look at my drafthelper article on how to easily do your own scouting for nfl prospects during draft season, one of the most exciting times of year for football!

Other running back prospects who did not make it to the combine with potential:

Devin Ozigbo:  Has a bulky frame with a change of direction to include him in on potential NFL caliber RB’s. No official 40 time as of yet.

Rodney Anderson: Shows wonderful patience, burst, and speed, with dazzling cuts and power as a potential featured back. No 40 time.

Daily NBA DraftKings Lineup: For 3/15/19

Here I am giving you today as a test a Daily NBA Draftkings lineup per the specification below. However, you will always need to keep up on the latest breaking news up to tipoff.

I usually do a Cash game focused player pool such as my Fanduel cash game lineups. I will focus today though, on hybrid and single entry tournaments, so you may have a chance to win bigger money on today’s juicy 8 game nba slate. TGIF!

Here first, is my video explaining the breakdown..

Where to Go to Get these Basic to Advanced NBA Tools for your NBA Draftkings lineup?

Here’s the free site where you can look up the and1 stats for any season.

Here is the paid robust, and fully utilized toolset along with community of coaches here at

Here’s the lineup so far as the day goes along: As the more you find at bargain, the more high priced its worth to go with at the top of this list.

Priced from Greatest to Lowest:

James Harden 12.5k

Giannis A. 11.8k

Joel Embiid 10.9k

Andre Drummond 10k

Damon Lillard 9.9k

Jusuf Nurkic 8.7k

Blake Griffin 8.4k

Clint Capela 8.3k

D’Aaron Fox 8k

Montrezl Harrel 7.5k

Hassan Whiteside 6.3k if there are any injuries

JaVale McGee 5.1k

Enes Kanter 4.9k

Thomas Bryant 4.3k

Jahil Okafor 3.5k if anyone rests

NHL Daily Fantasy Lines Today for 3/14/19

Here I will give you the best nhl daily fantasy lines to employ into your starting lineups for draftkings, fanduel, or fantasy draft for nhl daily fantasy lines on this 3/14 slate. I usually give you cash game plays or rankings. 

Today however, we will focus on the best lines to use in tournaments or hybrid type lineups so that you can see which stacks may be most effective for today. If you are building only one lineup for example on any of these sites, you’ll want to use the first two lines I show below. If you are building multiple lineups into your tournament or hybrid lineups then you will want to mix and match the additional lines following the first two team lines.

SJ Sharks Lines ES1

ES: (Even Strength) 1st line for use here with Brett Burns, Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture, and Timo Meier.

Bruins Lines ES2

ES2: Use the Bruins ES 2 line for a good cheaper mix of including Danton Heinen, David Krejci, and Charlie Coyle.

Tampa Bay Lightning PP1

PP1 (Power Play 1) will give you access to  the best line on the night when the opponent (Detroit )has foul trouble. This line will also include 3 of the 5 from the top ES line. This has Stephen Stamkos, J.T. Miller, and Victor Hedman. Also add Nikita Kucherov or Braydon Point, whichever you can afford.

Bruins PP1

This Power play line opens up some opportunities per injuries to get access to cheap plays and fit studs into your lineups as one offs or double up from other teams not mentioned. This line should include Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, Danton Heinen, and David Krejci, the latter of which were mentioned above. Look for any changes to this line in the afternoon on Leftwinglock, going to skater – line combos in the menu.

Nashville Predators Line 1

This ES1 line should include Flip Forseberg, Ryan Johanson and Wayne Simmonds. Also include Roman Josi and/or Ryan Ellis for  a full on stack. Check this practice updates in the afternoon as well for this team. Try to use Defensemen that have high upside with the power play as well.

Remember to always check final practice lines before inserting them into your tournament or cash lineups.


For goalies, also check leftwing lock for locked in goalies, using the balance of potential goals allowed, percentage of chance for the win, as well as save % and consistency numbers. I would also prefer a goalie at home. There are plenty to choose from today.

nhl daily fantasy lines
An example from yesterday of the top projected lines to deploy

Always check for all the stats including the research station spreadsheets, domination station optimizer, and recommended cash plays from articles and other content.




NHL Fantasy Rankings for Cash Games 3/12/19

If you’re looking for NHL fantasy rankings this is where you’ll find it., but here are the cash game plays today for 3/12/19 on the main nhl dfs sites of fanduel and draftkings.

Per the video here, there are optimal plays to be had on todays NHL slate:


Here are the top plays per position updated, as not shown on the video on DraftDashboard below. Also here is the NHL Schedule link for your convienence.

NHL Tools Today for 3/12/19

Here are the links to the tools used today, used to gather your nhl fantasy pool for today.

Get the DraftDashboard here for the minutes breakdown and NHL fantasy optimizer

Get the DFS Army Research Station and other tools along with the Slack Chat offering dfs coaches here. 


NHL Fantasy Rankings centers


NHL Fantasy Rankings 3/12/19


NHL Fantasy Rankings cash games

NHL Fantasy Rankings


NHL Fantasy Rankings

Fantasy Football Draft Helper for Early 2019

These Are Methods to help you in your fantasy football draft  as a helper guide for 2019.

When drafting in fantasy football one of the earlier and important things to focus on is the NFL Draft. Your fantasy football draft’s owners will have tough decisions to make when drafting rookies.

Since 2nd year players and beyond have track records to mainly work on, we know their overall ADP (average draft position) and where they should be drafted according to things like my updated fantasy football rankings in my top menu and experts on many sites throughout the industry.

There are also many ways to practice drafting such as on Yahoo and gives a a best ball way or way to draft right now, once your ready to do so.

Be the Scout

To draft in an optimal way you want to be an NFL scout. What I did last year was write a recap, after the NFL draft to give a good feel for what to expect for the upcoming fantasy football and things related. There is of course, lots of preparation that goes into it from the previous years of college film to the scouting combine to the college combine to the actual draft and mini camp along with training camp. These are all used in evaluating the rookies.

Recap from Last years Article post draft

Here’s an article I did after the 2018 draft with outlooks on each team and the fantasy impact brought on each team. I must say it was pretty accurate as to the short and long term impact.

How do you get all the information studied from the nfl combine ago to training camp? After all, we do have an advantage there in at least watching the pre-season as well when we are evaluating for our fantasy football drafts if we draft late enough.

NFL Draft Prep

For the closest thing there is to a one stop shop for everything nfl draft related visit

Fantasy Football Draft Helper for Early 2019

The draftnetwork does have some video breakdown on their site of a few players, I hope they add more to the library as the draft season progresses. Otherwise always look to youtube for more draft analysts or highlights.

More Draft Tools

Interested in drafting simulation style for your favorite nfl team?

Try the Mock Draft Simulator for 2019

This provides an interesting app for your smartphone to tinker with for your upcoming nfl fantasy drafts.

You can also test out the fantasyfootbalcalculator for mock drafts, ADP, rankings and other tools.

Any Questions on finding or using any nfl draft helpers?

Best DFS Research Sites for 2019: Tournament Advice

When it comes to the best DFS research sites for 2019 when looking to win in tournaments, it would be quite a long one to see who consistently wins at them.

Here is a video explanation breakdown:

The 3 Main DFS GPP Sites

  When it comes to the best DFS research sites for 2019, when looking to win in tournaments specifically, as long as you balance out your hard earned cash with %50’s and double ups, you can be well on your way to a profitable experience in DFS using these research sites.

We will go ahead and touch on my top 3 resource sites for daily fantasy sports research and give you some sport specific sites as well.

Here are the sites we will now cover along with links to those.

Now we will talk strategy for these sites and their more specific use so that you will get a broader understanding of these sites whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie to the game.

Here is a quick backdrop to your desired mindset and strategy.

In any dfs sport, you need to differentiate the players that have the basic floor stats from the players are are projected perhaps with a volatile amount of points to be scored.

Since we are working with accurate projections on our spreadsheets based on stat history, we need not go by total season numbers to determine like we once perhaps traditionally did in season long fantasy football. We would much rather adjust or bake in our estimated projections going into a particular game based on recent performances, matchups, and peripherals that give the player the needed detailed stats, creating opportunities for high scoring performances.

We also look at fantasy points scored in a different way. Rather then looking simply at the fantasy points per game offered on any dfs site, we look at a sample size 20-5 games, creating check points for each range. I show exactly how to do this in some of my recent videos. They may not be exciting but effecting in weeding out players you cannot trust, or looking at players with high enough upside to project for tournaments or a mixed hybrid of the two.


Sportsline offers a 10k projection system great mostly for tournaments as they offer a simple value system which ranks as Great, Good, Fair, and Fade. When considering fading a player or not using, this is the designation on the site used. A great play is difficult to pass up, even in cash games. They also offer the handicapping pool of players for cash or tournaments, and finally an actual lineup you can use, I would recommend for smaller field tournaments/hybrids, or using it along with switching 1 or 2 players as you progress from being a beginner.


The Draftdashboard offers unique and fairly robust systems for a style of research that is sortable based on the stats and peripherals you want to use daily. What’s very unique about this is that the application allows you to save the players you are watching for your own pool of players as long as you would like. The creates the advantage to watch the exact players you want optimized into your lineups, giving you more control over those lineups.

DFS Army

The DFS Army gives you recommended plays daily through spreadsheets, the domination station optimizer, and articles that provide highly proven and robust optimized lineups. In fact as many lineups as you want to fulltime dfs players in the industry. This is where we get our initial data from in our elimination process for cash and tournament plays every day.

Any questions on any of these sites and how to use them?

My Watched NBA GPP Plays:

Best NBA Research Sites 2019

Great Value Plays: 

Jahlil Okafor is questionable, so look for some interesting plays there with Anthony Davis and Julius Randle. 

Joel Embiid and Boban Marjanovic are out for the 76ers, meaning a guy named Bolden will apparently get the nod there, with other guys in the rotation being real beneficiaries. 


Cash Game Plays Today for 3/5/19 NHL DFS Draftkings Fanduel

To Keep things fresh, I also talk about this in my video in more detail, but there are a lot of sports once again going on right now, yes this exact time of year, but here are the cash game plays today for 3/5/19 on the main nhl dfs sites of fanduel and draftkings.

Per the video here, there are optimal plays to be had on todays NHL slate:

Here are the top plays per position updated, as not shown on the video on DraftDashboard below. Also here is the NHL Schedule link for your convienence.

Here are the Cash game Plays for 2/26/19

Build out your cash game lineups using these players. You can get the draftdashboard for any of the 4 sports mentioned by clicking on the screen shots. 


Cash Game Plays today 3/5


Cash Game Plays 3/5


Top cash game plays today nhl


top cash game plays goalie