2019 NFL Draft Prospects By Position: Running Back

In this article we are getting into the best 2019 nfl draft prospects during the post combine stage.

Remember Phillip Lindsay at this time of year last year?…

Likely not, because he was not invited to the combine nor drafted. There could very well be at least one of those guys this year. I hope to mention them when scrolling to the bottom.

The cool thing about this, is if you review every player and do a search for these players, you decide for yourself, which is going to have a better rookie campaign and beyond. Therefore I am not ranking them in any kind of order. This is just preliminary.

This draft prospects by positions after my thorough review of these players for use in fantasy football should give good impressions beyond just the combine numbers for your 2019 fantasy football season.

This is being written post combine for a summarized breakdown of their profile with a size and speed consideration for your fantasy teams.

2019 NFL Draft Prospects By Position

Running Backs

Ryquell Armstead: 5’11 220 lbs Runs with speed and intensity to hit a homerun. 4.46 40 yard dash.

Nick Brossette: 5’11 209 lbs  Good overall running ability as a goal liner, with lateral movement and long run threat. 4.72 40 yard dash.

Myles Gaskin: 5’9 205 lbs A threat to go all the way in the run or pass. He established himself as a college all-purpose back. 4.6 40 yard dash.

How to Get more Pofile info?

For example with Gaskin got to TheDraftNetwork.com and then enter the player name with a hyphen (myles-gaskin after the /player/ you would enter after visiting there for any full breakdown of player attributes. The full url would look like this: thedraftnetwork.com/player/miles-gaskin.

Damien Harris: 5’10 216 lbs With a array of abilities, could be the best overall at doing all things wanted out of a RB in the draft. 4.58 40 yard dash.

Darrell Henderson: 5’8 208 lbs Super impressive runner throughout his collegiate career. Can also catch passes. 4.53 40 yard dash.

Karan Higdon: 5’9 206 lbs Was given large holes to run through at Michigan as should make a good backup. 4.5 40 yard dash.

Justice Hill: 5’9 1/2 198 lbs Highly gifted athlete with 4.4 40 yard dash and a 40 inch vertical. Very shifty and expl osive with balance receiving too.

Elijah Holyfield: 5’10 217 lbs Another incredibly gifted athlete with shifty moves and nice finishing power. 4.79 40 yard dash.

Benny Snell Jr. 5’10 223 lbs Bell is a bruiser who should be a specialist at the goal line/short yardage and beyond for an NFL team. 4.7 40 yard dash.

Mike Weber 5’9 215 lbs Surprisingly fast and deceptive as a runner 4.49 40 yard dash. Had a very good offensive line to showcase his skills.

Josh Jacobs 5’10 220 lbs is the closest thing to Saquon Barkley that you can get this year. May see rookie of the year honors. 4.68 40 yard dash (pro day)

Dexter Williams 5’11 212 lbs Another home run threat every time he touches,  with otherwise efficient running. 4.57 40 yard dash.

James Williams 5’9 1/2 197 lbs With a high mix of skills out of the backfield he was a highly effective college fantasy football back. 4.58 40 yard dash.

Trayveon Williams 5’8 206 lbs A weight room junkie with great work ethic for a backup role player. 4.51 40 yard dash

Alex Barnes 6’1 227 lbs Nice combo of size and speed with good burst of middle and power for a fantasy friendly experience. 4.59 40 yard dash.

Travis Homer 5’11 195 lbs Good Cut back runner who hits holes fast and can break some tackles. Good out of backfield. 4.49 40 yard dash.

David Montgomery 5’11 216 lbs Good bounce outside runner with vision and extra cuts and good balance. 4.64 40 yard dash.

Miles Sanders 5’10” 1/2 211 lbs All the above abilities with breakaway threat and good stiff arm and burst. 4.5 40 yard dash.

Devin Singletary 5’7″ 1/2 203 lbs Great stop, stutter, and breakaway speed on the field despite his 40 time. Finishes runs very well. 4.66 40 yard dash.

You may also want to look at my drafthelper article on how to easily do your own scouting for nfl prospects during draft season, one of the most exciting times of year for football!

Other running back prospects who did not make it to the combine with potential:

Devin Ozigbo:  Has a bulky frame with a change of direction to include him in on potential NFL caliber RB’s. No official 40 time as of yet.

Rodney Anderson: Shows wonderful patience, burst, and speed, with dazzling cuts and power as a potential featured back. No 40 time.

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  1. I believe Benny Snell Jr is going to have a serious impact for whatever team he plays for. He’s built like a tank and I think he’ll come in clutch in those 3rd and goal situations. Little bit of Beast mode in him 💪. As far as all the other RB’s in this upcoming draft, I don’t really think teams can go wrong with any of them, though some do shine more than others. It’s crazy how strong and athletic these kids are coming into the league nowadays.

    1. Yes, I can say I have noticed overall how athletic they are, how big they are, and how well they test out. As of now though, its kind of hard to say how important the position is overall in the league right now.

  2. Hello. This is an interesting article on NFL running backs and I have gone through it thoroughly for my fantasy football draft. I am undecided on my favorite between Elijah Holyfield and Mike Weber even though I think Elijah’s 40 yard dash speed will be the deciding factor for me.thanks for this article. 

  3. Fantastic !. Am a fan of football and always like posts about it too. This is cool I love the review of every player here,it makes it possible to have a good understanding of each player. This size and speed.This make it possible to do a good ranking of each player

    1. Thanks for stopping to see Olakekan, I am thinking I need to stay focused on football as the main, even though its always been the primary goal.

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