2019 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Defensive Backs in Fantasy Football

When it comes to defensive backs headed into the national football league we look to the 2019 NFL draft position rankings for help.

As a fantasy football analyst, the defensive back rankings are the most important fantasy football matchup indicators on the defensive side of the ball. You may also want to see my article, top players of the 1st round, regardless of position. Also visit TheDraftNetwork for real analysis of players by position and overall rankings for the 2019 draft. Unfortuanly, no longer do we have DraftBreakDown.com to check out a rolled deck of videos, rather you have to search on Youtube one player at a time.

Why is a Defensive Back Important to Fantasy Football?

Well, it not for the reason you might think. IDP’s or individual defensive players may play a part in your fantasy football strategy, however, the matchup vs. your fantasy football wide receiver and tight end are far more important to your championship prospects.

2019 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Defensive Back

With that said, what we are looking for, not only in a rookie defensive back but with any defensive back in the nfl, as long as we are assuming that any CB that is starting in the nfl can play in the nfl according to the depth chart. This is obviously not decided until training camp is completed. Even then, injuries happen and defensive backs are placed in positions they may not be ready for, testing the defensive depth of the team.

What are we looking for in a DB as the #1 advantage for the defense?

We are looking for height/speed advantages. I would say height over speed as we also assume that an NFLer running a 4.35 is not a whole lot different that one running a 4.55 40 yard dash in the combine. However we will create some value in this measurement as a 1A and 1B scenario.

This breakdown therefore will include these factors as well as the estimated fantasy points allowed per catch, as this is no foregone conclusion and much more difficult to measure in college as for the purpose of competition which does not stay the same when entering into the NFL. So why bother trying to measure this point in the matchup?

However the better we know and scout this particular group of players, the better prepared we will be in evaluation talent based on measurable physical competition rather then subjective or opinionated analysis.

Here are the best fantasy football corners by the cornerback and then safety position.


  1. Greedy Williams

Williams has #1 corner written all over him. The concern is the lack of invites (0) that he has gotten invites from teams from. Unless he is that sure of a thing. This combination of height (6-2) and speed (4.37) rivals only the next guy. However the skillset appears equal to no one in this class.

2. Jamel Dean

Yes if he gets draft in the 2nd round don’t be surprised as he should make a nice potential impact due to his fastest 40 time in the class of 4.30 along with his 6-1 height its pretty amazing he ran that fast.

3. Isaiah Johnson

Johnson also has an amazing size/speed combo making him a boom or bust type prospect as far as the 1st or 2nd round potential is concerned. His 4.40 speed along with his desirable 6-2 frame screams nice physical attributes for the next level with potential to develop into nightmares for average WR’s in the league.

4. Sean Bunting

I could have put Bunting ahead of Johnson easily but at 6 ft, I’d rather take the 2 inches. The 4.42 40 yard time is also close. Bunting probably has better corner coverage skills then Johnson.

5. Amani Oruwariye 

Came through with a very good 40 time of 4.47 at 6-2. He comes through making big plays on interceptions and pass breakups, and should do so at the next level.

6. Trayvon Mullen

Good cover CB skills to go along with a 4.46 and 6-1 frame will help him move his draft stock up to the late 2nd round for a CB needy team.

7. Derek Thomas

At 6-3 with a 4.44 40 yard dash, I should have put him higher. Maybe I still will.

8. Justin Layne 

Ran a 4.50 with a 6-2 measurement. He could be a 1 st round pick!

9. Byron Murphy 

At only 5-11, running a slower then 4.5 I hope no one actually drafts him in the 1st round but that’s where drat experts have him going.

10 Rock, Ya-Sin

Ran a 4.5 with a 6 ft frame he should last no longer then the 2nd round.


We’ll next consider a few safeties along those same lines of thought for your fantasy matchups for 2019.

  1. Juan Thornhill

Thornhill has the best combination of size and speed in the draft at safety, running a 4.42 40 time at 6ft 200 lbs.

2. Darnell Savage

At 5’11” and 192 lbs he is not intimidating as a physical presence however his speed at a 4.36 40 time may match him up all over the field and provide a starting caliber safety for an NFL team this year.

3. Chauncy Gardner-Johnson

Running a 4.48 40 yard dash at 6ft and 207 lbs is just fine, as he is probably the best overall safety prospect on the board.

4. Jonathan Abram

At 6ft and 215 lbs, he kinda reminds me of the Jet’s Jamal Adams without the polished skillset needed to actually be a 1st round pick. It appears he did not run in the 40 yard dash, so his speed is unknown.


6 thoughts on “2019 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Defensive Backs in Fantasy Football”

  1. I’ve just been having a read of your post, and as a complete newbie to the world of fantasy, would you mind explaiing please why the defensive back rankings are the most important fantasy football matchup indicators on the defensive side of the ball? Thanks for taking the time to explain.

    1. Course Josie because specifically the wide receivers that you have in your fantasy football match at school directly answer for the performance they put up versus a particular quarterback. However wow you may not be able to know exactly what quarterback he was out of against you can take the trio and figure how good the unit is as a whole.

  2. This is great information, thank you. I am fairly new to the whole fantasy football thing but I end up getting sucking into it with the office guys every year. Most times I end up making my picks on a semi random basis but now that I’ve found your website I think I can make a more informed decision so thanks a lot. I will bookmark your site and come back as needed 🙂

    1. Great Shannon it’s a lot of fun to bring someone on such as you make or drop Comment’s whenever you can’t face and your experiences.

  3. Are there any dark horses in the defensive back category? As I evaluate defensive backs, there so few that are really good. This position group is very similar to offensive linemen. As far as my fantasy teams, I always stick to leagues where you draft entire defenses and it is rare that defenses score the bulk of the points. So I focus more on the entire defense as a unit as opposed to specific players.

    1. That’s right Lee keep it then the majority of your team doubt defenses in play as there’s no need to draft early on beans and the position of quarterback of them will not really matter we’re directly impact your fantasy team. The quarterbacks are all of the questionable so none with Ohio

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