Cash Game vs Tournament DFS: Projected Lineups Rankings for Week 13 Draftkings

For week 13 we have a lot of possibilities for stacking in tournaments vs cash game lineups breakdown, as I will provide a video overview of how to leverage the best stacks of the week.

For your main games however, here is the best model for combining various projection systems such as the tools I use, Draftdashboard, DFSArmy, Sportsline, and my own usual SD/CV system for obtaining the best consistency rating over the past 5 game sample, which also takes into consideration the full season average at these given positions. Hope you enjoy the week, and check back throughout the week for more updated content including the Cash and GP videos, for finding these almost perfect lineups. Remember to visit my “Starters of Consistency” post so that you can use the exact same formula, with any variation you would like to add, into your rankings for players listed here or not on my pool for this week.

Here is a quick tutorial on some Cash game items to consider this week for dfs advice and picks.

Remember to always go over your vegas lines for the week projections such as at so you get a feel for games you want to target.

Consistency Rankings: Week 13

note: As you move down the list, you are more likely to find good tournament plays for your strategy this week based on a higher standard deviation, which will correlate better with cash game lineups in stacks.

Cash Game RB’s

Cash Game WR’s

Cash Game QB/TE Stacks

note: I do recommend stacking in cash games, QB/TE to obtain a bit more upside in your lineups. These have the best correlation, along with S.D.

I will try to remember to put up a video on how to get the best defense/special teams into your lineups as well, which is very important.

I will also give you a peek at the defenses of the week per the DFSArmy Tool, as the defenses may surprise you a bit according to projected rankings.

Here is a quick video rundown of how to figure in the defensive factors:

Cash Game vs Tournament DFS
Click on the Spreadsheet for access

Draftkings Consistency Ratings for Week 12 Rankings

This week 12 has us on a 10 game slate which is not bad since there are 3 games off the slate. If you had considered my Week 11 picks under this exact same format and evaluation, with a few tweeks of course leading up to kickoff with injuries and deep analysis per the video below, i believe you will also have the most successful week you’ve had thus far in 2018 on DraftKings

Starting with getting your RB’s right

Deep WR Options

QB/TE Combos – Great for Stacking

To finish up this post, here are my top watched Cash game plays on the site for this week 12 here:


DraftKings Weekly Consistency Rankings for Week 11

This week we delve into the weekly rankings on draftkings instead of fanduel, as a lot of people are having success there as well using the coaching and advice offered on various sites such as this and others included with large communities where you can even ask questions specific to your scenario in fantasy football wherever you play and in whatever format. Here’s your consistency rankings, keying in on the past 5 weeks, on no only the main slate but the sunday thru monday slate as for intrique.

Here is also an explanation of the spreadsheet here, as well as sources of info to build out this cash strategy.

Here’s a link to the spreadsheet for gathering more data for Wins in DFS:

DFS Army Subscription here

Here are the WR’s

QB/TE Combos, great for stacking

Week 10 Standard and Variance Rankings for Fanduel Weekly Projections

Here is your Week 10 NFL Cash Game Rankings for this week. As ususal, I we have been putting it out since week 3, enough data to allow you to see for free the standard deviation and co-efficient variation rankings, as you can easily to to use these for your cash and tournaments, mainly for cash, since that is mostly related to consistency in fantasy.

If you would like more explanation to the Standard Deviation and Co-Efficient Variable in fantasy football, check here on this site. If you would like to get even more in depth, as a fantasy football beginner or intermediate player, go to my free dfs report.

Don’t forget though, you need to large enough upside in 50/50’s that are fairly large, being 50+ to separate yourself and not be struggling to get to the %50 mark. So sprinkles of high upside and corresponding variance are welcomed in cash plays.

I would also recommend checking out RotoGrinders for odds of the day and how they change, as well as for expert picks and fantasy football analysis. Knowing what to expect on game day and any variances in opinion in Vegas help your fantasy team a lot.

Standard Deviation and CV Rankings.

These are for the main 1pm sunday slate on fanduel.

Getting our RB’s right First

Other WR mentions: K. Golloday, 6.7  11 PG .65 CV and Marquez Valdes-Scantling with a low of 11.6 FP the past 4 games and only 5.4k on FD.

Here’s an earlier in the week cash game recommendation which is looking very good other then a couple questionable designation tags.

Use the Draft Dashboard to figure and track your own watched players for Cash and Tournament lineups:

Week 10 Standard and Variance Rankings for Fanduel Weekly ProjectionsSee a quick demo of the Draft Dashboard tools below for Tournaments. Go Directly to the DraftDashboard at DraftDash Tools

NumberFire Premium Tools Promo Review; This Promo May be Better for you

If you are looking for a numberfire premium promo, not only will I tell you why, as an experienced fantasy football and dfs player, why there may be a better alternative but give you 2 alternative promos that will provide the same, if not more info then numberfire’s sports analysis.

NumberFire Premium Review

So her’s what you get as a review of the numberfire premium package options. Here’s a link to NumberFire Premium if needed

NumberFire Premium Tools Promo Code Review

To be able to get the most popular package, including the game spread picks for all 4 major american sports you will have to pay $29.99 per month. This is not a bad price. The question is though, per my title, whether you need this info or a majority of it for your fantasy sports lineups.

Well, the truth of the matter is the more information you can fit into your brain the better.

However, realizing that we are limited as human beings, not insulting our intellectual ability, we would also like to do with as much bang for the but as possible, even if it only saves a few buck. Therefore the promo code helps us save those few bucks as a savvy internet subscription buyer. While I could go ahead and tell you what works best for me in fantasy sports, it may not work as well for you, as you may be doing something slightly different or in a different style than what I do as a fantasy sports expert. But I am here to give you my best recommendation for the rest of this 2018 season and beyond.

If you listen to the numberfire podcast or read through the website you know the kind of conservative, and frankly sometimes boring analysis that is given there on a weekly basis in the major sports categories. Although I have not heard anything on NBA or NHL, 2 of the major sports they miss on the podcast for some reason.

What Are Other Options?

Did you know you can get these types of articles in vegas picks analysis, from statistical engineers, and mathematics, along with their actual winning lineups which you can use to dominate small tournaments or cash games on fanduel, draftkings, and for only $10 per month?

Sportsline: The Optimal and GP Handicapper

Yes you can, that would be a this way you can get signed up for $1 for the first month. No promo code needed.

This is more of a handicapping method, although all the major sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL here on this site give excellent values for recommendations as how to get the best value plays into your lineups, which is essential for winning contests on fanduel and draftings, including pheripherials for the site you are playing on when you click on the players name under the value rankings section, which is kind of hidden there, as I discovered after some time of casually using it, I kind of like it as a 2nd opinion site before making my final lineup decisions for my slate I am playing on for the day or night. 

Advanced Metric Tools

If you would like a way to manage with more advanced tools for analysis, you will have to of course pay a bit more, although that not being

NumberFire Premium Tools Promo Review
Click on the Picture to learn more:

available at sportsline, you can get more data comparable to, with more data including a soon to some mass lineups generator so that you can bank all the cash in most lineups you make, using the DraftDashBoard Customizable lineups tool. The promo is already set up for you, so no need to enter any code. 

Here is a brief overview of above of what you actually get: No useless info to pay for with data that’s not important to use, nor sports that your not into. The 12 main features outduels numberfire’s premium access, with the weekly DFS/Betting expert Derrick Thomas’s weekly NFL picks that and avoids that rarely go wrong. In addition to the above features I will explain another important feature on video here:

You won’t know if you will win or lose until you win or lose as a basketball coach recently stated. 

So use all of the resources you can. I would recommend getting all of the tools including the Numberfire analytics, so use their system, especially for cash games, You won’t hit on every lineup but you can give yourself a better chance to hit them. 

You should love the optimizer you use, and be in there a lot, along with any film in game study for tournaments as well as listening to podcasts, radio and other media to gauge the chalk and give yourself the best advantage in competition without overwhelming yourself. The Draftdashboard definitly helps you do that, just like I used in the video above. 

I also give weekly fantasy football standard deviation and co-efficient variable rankings, of which did very well last week if you look at the players that were in this projection list here from last week, week 9 projections

I will also give weekly, and for free, my Cash as well as my Tournament Video in side the weely, so that you can have better explanation related to the week in fantasy football on fanduel, as what I specialize in.

One more thing that I am giving away here is a free report, so that you may have a more thorough explanation of the consistency rankings process and overview of what it takes to be successful in fantasy sports at

Thank you for visiting today, and if you have had any experiences or use of these tools with any success stories we would love to hear about them and comment below.

Also keep checking back for my weekly projection updates, great to use for cash games on fanduel, as I persue my passion in the fantasy sports arena. 




Week 9 NFL Predictive Projections using the DraftDashBoard: Winning Cash and GP lineups Given

If you have not seen or gotten the draftdashboard review, you may do that here: Draftdashboard review to find out more on the basics and benefits of the daily use of it.

Here are the Standard Deviation and Co-Efficient Variables in order of Highest to Lowest Projected points in PPR 1/2 point leagues.

Watch this Video for the Sleeper Plays of the Week for Smaller field Tournaments, to fit in Higher priced players into your lineup to stack the high implied point total games as the best strategy.