Fantasy Football Peripheral Rankings by Team for Week 6 2018

This week we are getting a bit more advanced, as we must perfect and refine our process for the 2018 season so that we can gain an edge on the competition that so many players are trying to get. This is a very important edge because it is based on the opportunity the player receives on a consistent basis, which is based on the team opportunity.

Teams with most offensive snap opportunities along with their QB’s

Roethlisberger /Steelers: 355

P. Rivers/Chargers 322

Falcons/M. Ryan 354

C. Newton/Panthres 1 more game needed

J. Goff/Rams 333

A Rodgers/Packers 377

T. Brady/Pats 337

P. Mahomes/Chiefs 338

D. Watson/Houston 375

Vikings/K. Cousin 336

A Dalton/Bengals 329

A. Luck/Indy 374

Bortles/Jags 351

R. Wilson/Seahawks 318

Bears/Trubisky 269 – only 4 games

J. Winston – only taken %6 of snaps this season.

A. Smith/Redskins 275 4 games played

Mayfield/Browns – %53 of snaps this season.

S. Darnold – 305 snaps – lowest amount of snaps for any QB/team that has played %100 of teams QB snaps.

J. Rosen/Cards only %48 of snaps this season.

J. Allen/Bills 284 snaps – %90 of snaps so far this season.

C. Beathard/49ers – taken $45  of snaps.

D. Watson/Texans 375 snaps

J. Flacco 375 snaps. Only played %90 of team snaps this year so far.

D. Car/Raiders 359 snaps

M. Mariotta/Titans – Played %68 of snaps

D. Prescott/Cowboys – 309 snaps

C. Keanum/Broncos – 345 snaps

R. Tannehill – 266 snaps Lowest amount of snaps played by any QB who has played all 5 games.


Consistency Rakings                 Proj.               Mean              S.D.               C.V










B. Mayfield; 16.9.9 Pts Proj. Potential for much greater in is small sample size. Is making difficult throws and maturing fast!

C. Hyde;