Fantasy Football Standard Deviation Report: Rakings for Week 4

Let’s face it. We all make mistakes when it comes to fantasy football. Anything can happened as we have seen this past week with the upset of the Bills over the Vikings. However, we can correct ourselves and forget about the chalk now, and go with what works; Standard Deviation.

This is an exciting time of year because it is about the time when I start considering this unique stat among others for evaluating my rankings on a weekly basis with better accuracy and less guesswork, based on 3 weeks of data in the NFL.

Here it is:



Wide Receiver

Fantasy Football Week 4 Standard Deviation RankingsThe DraftDashboard, showing addistional WR’s with the highest Ave Points Per Game Shown. Separate the ones who don’t have good SD, CV, and that may not have enough Targets and/or Snaps per game. Click on the picture to get a free 30 Day Trial.

Tight End

Week 3 Fantasy Football Rankings: With Tournament Bonus Video (2nd Video)

This week 3 has 2 regular season games to take data from, as we must balance that still with regular season data from last season combined with what we have seen on the field. If you notice in my weekly update for season long rankings on my menu page, there are some major changes form top to bottom. This includes Julio Jones ranked above Antonio Brown but below Micheal Thomas as the #1 WR. Thomas is trending up while Jones is gaining much more consistancy throughout the past 2 years, along with the huge upside if M. Ryan can hit him deep, and he has tried. This list will have to be updated daily up to gameday at 1pm with notes added for any changes leading up to kickoff.

Here’s the Video: Also below are the top consensus projections for PPR leagues among top experts and computers in the industry. If any questions about these, please leave a comment below. 


Patrick Mahomes
Ben Roethlisberger
3 Cam Newton CAR
4 Tom Brady NE
Deshaun Watson
6 Aaron Rodgers GB
7 Drew Brees NO
8 Ryan Fitzpatrick TB
J. Garropppolo
10 Russell Wilson SEA
11 Kirk Cousins MIN
12 Philip Rivers LAC
13 Andrew Luck IND
14 Jared Goff LAR
15 Matt Ryan ATL
16 Blake Bortles JAC
17 Carson Wentz PHI
18 Andy Dalton CIN
Matthew Stafford
20 Alex Smith WAS
1 Alvin Kamara NO
2 Todd Gurley LAR
3 Ezekiel Elliott DAL
4 Melvin Gordon LAC
5 David Johnson ARI
6 James Conner PIT
7 Dalvin Cook MIN
Christian McCaffrey
9 Jordan Howard CHI
10 Kenyan Drake MIA
11 Kareem Hunt KC
12 Saquon Barkley NYG
13 Tevin Coleman ATL
Marshawn Lynch
15 Jay Ajayi PHI
16 Giovani Bernard CIN
17 Adrian Peterson WAS
18 Lamar Miller HOU
19 Chris Thompson WAS
20 Matt Breida SF
21 Phillip Lindsay DEN
22 Carlos Hyde CLE
23 Alex Collins BAL
24 P Barber TB
25 Dion Lewis TEN
1 Antonio Brown PIT
2 Michael Thomas NO
3 Julio Jones ATL
DeAndre Hopkins
5 Mike Evans TB
6 A.J. Green CIN
7 Tyreek Hill KC
8 Brandin Cooks LAR
JuJu Smith-Schuster
10 Stefon Diggs MIN
11 T.Y. Hilton IND
12 Odell Beckham NYG
13 Davante Adams GB
14 Keenan Allen LAC
15 Adam Thielen MIN
16 Jarvis Landry CLE
Emmanuel Sanders
18 Golden Tate DET
19 Will Fuller HOU
20 DeSean Jackson TB
21 Kenny Golladay DET
22 Nelson Agholor PHI
23 Marvin Jones DET
24 Amari Cooper OAK
Demaryius Thomas
26 Chris Hogan NE
27 Sammy Watkins KC
28 Quincy Enunwa NYJ
29 Cooper Kupp LAR
30 Kenny Stills MIA
1 Rob Gronkowski NE
2 Travis Kelce KC
3 Zach Ertz PHI
4 Jordan Reed WAS
5 Trey Burton CHI
6 Evan Engram NYG
7 Jimmy Graham GB
8 George Kittle SF
9 Jesse James PIT
10 David Njoku CLE
11 Kyle Rudolph MIN
12 Jared Cook OAK
13 Will Dissly SEA
14 O.J. Howard TB
15 Eric Ebron IND
16 Benjamin Watson NO
17 Jack Doyle IND
Austin Seferian-Jenkins
19 Austin Hooper ATL
20 Tyler Eifert CIN
1 Vikings MIN
2 Jaguars JAC
3 Bears CHI
4 Texans HOU
5 Rams LAR
6 Broncos DEN
7 Eagles PHI
8 Browns CLE
10 Dolphins MIA
11 Cowboys DAL
12 Patriots NE
13 Panthers CAR
14 Falcons ATL
15 Giants NYG
16 Saints NO
17 Chargers LAC
18 Bengals CIN
19 Ravens BAL
20 Packers GB
21 Chiefs KC
22 Jets NYJ
23 Cardinals ARI
24 Raiders OAK

See the DFS Army Research Station for more of what these experts, as they are known for, to provide you the same tools tools the profesionals use.

Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings, Projections for Fanduel

For this week in the NFL I will go into some basic strategy for this week and go right into the rankings by position, regardless of price. When playing salary cap football, you must have your Core Base Players for your %50/50’s, Double Ups and Head to Head matchups. Pay up for running backs who get a good workload/share with targets to score more points. Find out all of this info and more advice at the Then I would suggest waiting and getting a feel for under owned stud and value sleepers, setting those the day of the Sunday main slates, unless playing on another slate, setting sooner.

Also we have some data from last week, however this small sample size is not enough to yet have a standard deviation and co-efficient variable, of interest to cash game and GP players as well, and her’es why, you’ll want that ready for next week and beyond. This is one of my key fantasy football articles for 2018, even though written in 2016. This method really helps you understand how to differentiate the 2 type of players.

Here are the raw rankings for this weeks scoring on fanduel. This does not include potential upside tournament plays. in other words, this list entails which players should actually score the most points on fanduel.

Quarterback Rankings:

  1. Ben Roethlisberger 7.3, 0.4 Dev./CV
  2. Drew Brees 3.48, 0.5 Dev./CV
  3. Alex Smith 9, 0.48 Dev./CV
  4. Deshaun Watson Avg. 23.6 PG flr of 6.7
  5. Patrick Mahomes 19.9 PG flr of 11.4
  6. Jered Goff Avg 14.8 flr of 4.8
  7. Philip Rivers of Avg 18 flr of 6.5
  8. Russell Wilson Avg 20.5 flr of 8.3
  9. Tom Brady 20.8 PG 5.3 flr
  10. Jimmy Garopolo Avg 15.6 flr of 5.1
  11. Case Keenum Avg 14.5 flr of 4.2
  12. M. Stanford Avg 18.1 flr of 8.1

Running Back Rankings:

  1. Todd Gurley Avg 16.6 flr of 1.9
  2. Alvin Kamara Avg 18.8 flr of 4.2
  3. Melvin Gordon Avg 14 flr of .5
  4. James Conner
  5. David Johnson Avg 17.9 flr of 2.2
  6. Zeke Elliott Avg 19.8 flr of 4.2
  7. Dalvin Cook Avg 14.1 flr of 7.4
  8. Kareem Hunt Avg 16.1 flr of 3.1
  9. Christian McCaffrey Avg 11.7 flr of 6.4
  10. Carlos Hyde
  11. Saquon Barkley 1 game of 19.8
  12. Jay Ajayi
  13. Adrian Peterson Avg 11.3 flr of .4
  14. Chris Thompson

Wide Receiver Rankings:

  1. Antonio Brown
  2. Michael Thomas
  3. Keenan Allen
  4. Julio Jones
  5. Odell Beckham
  6. Jarvis Landry
  7. DeAndre Hopkins
  8. JuJu Smith-Schuster
  9. Demaryius Thomas
  10. Golden Tate
  11. Emmanuel Sanders
  12. Tyreek Hill
  13. Allen Robinson
  14. Josh Gordon
  15. Mike Evans
  16. Randall Cobb
  17. Mike Crabtree
  18. Adam Thilen
  19. Stef Diggs
  20. Robby Anderson

Best Game Totals too Take Advantage of:

  1. LA Rams RB, Defense
  2. NO RB, QB, WR
  3. Pit RB, QB, WR
  4. SF QB, RB, WR, TE
  5. Wash QB, RB, TE, Slot
  6. Den QB, WR, RB, Defense
  7. LA Chargers RB, Defense
  8. Atl RB, Defense, #1 WR
  9. Min RB, QB, WR, TE, Defense
  10. KC QB, WR, TE



Fantasy Football Week 1 Projections 2018; Start with these 7 Stud Players

From my research for this week in fantasy football for week 1 of the 2018 season, so far I can say that its best with only a few exceptions to go with some stud players in trying to catch some wins this week.

While rookies and 2nd year unproven commodities will have their day, I don’t think it will be this week.

Here are the fist tier, which includes 7 players that should be your captains heading into week one in Cash, tournament and season long football leagues.

Fantasy Football Week 1 Projections: 7 Must Plays
Click on the Image to Get more!

Its about time to get it started. There is a ton of research to do but no one really knows. To win you have to stay consistent in your process all year long. I have a sure strategy that worked all last year, in making sure, whether the competition is stiff or light, with new people coming into the game, this article will help you stay on top, winning over %50 of your games.See my Standard Deviation Article. This way as long as you beat your head to head opponent, one week at a time, you stay in the mix for the playoffs and championship.

Build some of your lineups around these players if your can, starting with the Brad/Gonk stack. Then try for the Thomas/Brees combo. When you go from there, you will see easy ways of building hundreds of lineups if you like using the draftdashboard. This is an easy to use model, which helps you not only in basic research, but also to sort your priority list such as this one, and sort with whatever you can afford to work with in your DraftKings, Fanduel, or other places to play throughout the 2018 year.


How to get ready for a Fantasy Football Draft in 2018

When you are preparing for your fantasy football draft for 2018 you can make the process very easy by doing just 3 simple steps.

Step 1

First, find out what type of league you are playing in and how many teams will be in your league. Most leagues will be standard scoring unless the site has settings on and the commissioner has set up custom league scoring. In most cases this is not modified.

Also you must find your league setting for wherever you play and determine whether it is setup as PPR or Non-PPR. PPR stands for Point or 1/2 point per reception. You can default your scoring to PPR if it is a 1/2 point PPR. This way, you will be sure to take into accurate consideration the receptions your players will obtain.

How to get ready for a Fantasy Football Draft in 2018

2nd Step

You will then want to go to for the Site, amount of players you have in your league, and the scoring types mentioned above. This will give you a spreadsheet to go by on draft day. This is really the best place to go compared to other places which may have you confused and charge you a significant amount as well.

3rd Step

Check in with as many reliable and detailed injury reports as possible. Get dialed in with podcasts such as espn’s fantasy football show, which get most detailed compared with others for expert physician tips. The Pick6 Podcast from CBS had a recent interview with a Dr. as well to help keep on top of and get a better understanding of what various types of injuries mean to the prospects of a player having a successful fantasy football season. Once you have the higher risk injuries assessed as much as possible, you can even eliminate those risks altogether. Or if you take one in late rounds that is fine as well.

Its a Season Long Strategy

Remember, in weekly fantasy football you only have to beat 1 opponent. So that means you are not going up against your whole league all at once. Just take it one game at a time and stop worrying about the whole season during a draft. Eliminate risks and take players who have shown to be consistent values all season long. A low standard deviation will help with this as I will help give numbers as the season goes on, giving you valuable insights as to players you could look at picking up during the season so you can beat your opponent and win the next week. See one of my 2017 articles, Beating the standard deviation, As I will get more into detail with this topic this season in coming weeks.