Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Sleepers for Rest of 2018

In creating a valuable list of fantasy baseball sleepers for 2018, we will not be getting into season long leagues. It seems that at this point in the season it would be difficult to make a difference in these leagues.

We will focus on the daily game, and some possible guys to use in a daily tournament contest, or possibly a head to head contest. I invite you to one of these contests hosted by myself by clicking on one of the blue highlighted links, to change daily this week.

To build out this article I will have to add one daily prospect for a sleeper that I have discovered while playing on one of the sites such as Fanduel or DraftKings. So the order will come in which I find them daily over the rest of this week. Got it?


Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Sleepers
For Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Sleepers Updated Daily for Main DFS Slates

If you have a chance to notice, if you stay on the site here and do enough research you will find these are best recommended in terms of probably 3  most important MLB DFS Stats, being the most advanced.

Those would be Woba, WISO, and WOPS. These are weighted or adjusted numbers in terms of batting percentages vs. the opposing pitcher that take the matchup into account. You can google these baseball terms to learn more.

Remember, look at the matchups, stats, and Vegas lines, and most importantly, have fun as you make your lineups, and get the players you want..

Here is the Tournament Stack for Fri. 8/10/18:

This is for specifically the Main Daily Slate on Fanduel: 

Tier 1:

Tier 2:



How To Prepare for a Fantasy Football Draft for 2018

How would you prepare for a fantasy football draft for 2018. Well that could be one of 2 things. You could be getting ready for a live in person draft, getting snacks and drafts (Beers) ready, or you could even more likely entering a virtual draft room and preparing to win your draft, both of which are pretty cool.

In order to best prepare for any 2018 fantasy football draft you will first want to take into consideration the fantasy point factor.

What type of scoring system does your league use?

Is your league using PPR or General Standard scoring?

If your league is PPR scoring, you will have to focus on players that maximize their opportunities with Receptions. In Standard formats you will want to maximize your opportunities with Rushing attempts to balance out your rankings, going into your draft. For more help on that you can visit for sheets on scoring on any site you might play on.

What Are you Chances of Winning and at what cost?

Whether you are in a paid or free season long contest, most people have the end goal in mind of finishing #1 in their league. What will it take to accomplish that? Excellent drafting and waiver wire management. That means that you must hit on high upside players, and not settle for players that have limited upside, even when they are consistent in their deviation from their mean score. See my article, Fantasy Football Starters of Consistency for more info.

What you measure the cost in terms of investment you will need to balance out the amount you used to do so with an expected return. In most leagues only winners 1-3 out of 10 players get any of their money back. In Yahoo Premium leagues, you get paid out a large percentage of the funds as long as you finish in the top 2, resulting in an around %80 payout to those top 2 players. You must however finish in the top %20 of your competitors.

Choosing between Consistent Players and Upside players.

The fact is, its not hard for any educated NFL watcher to figure out which players have the best opportunity in the nfl, based on things like depth charts, and salaries, all made available through the internet. The hard part is choosing how many high upside players to choose and how many more consistent players to choose in the same tiers of players.

The best way to balance your risk and sure reward is this: Take 3 sure fire players who will be the go to guys, or studs every week, and the rest can be higher risk players who have some potential to become #1 WR’s and RB’s in the league.

Here’s an example of a Low Risk and High Upside Drafted Roster in a 1/2 PPR League:

This would be best if you happen to be drafting towards the end of your round, perhaps with pick 9 out of 10. If you are drafting in the top 5 this year, I would advise taking one of the top tier RBs in standard or PPR, unless you are taking Antonio Brown.

Round 1: DeAndre Hopkins; a very consistent stud last season, rarely getting less than 100 yards and a TD. One of the higher target guys in the league as well.

Round 2: Julio Jones; Yes I took Julio as the 2nd best target monster in the league last year, and even though he did not have the upside, he can easily re-gain those monster 200 yard 2 td games this year.

Round 3: Joe Mixon; Somewhat of a risk perhaps, but tremendous upside, he should only be available by the start of round 4. Think of Todd Gurley getting started last season. This could happen for Mixon this year, with an improved O-line for the Bengals.

Round 4: Zack Ertz; Here we get right back to safety with The most consistent TE last year, almost winning me my yahoo league last year.

Round 5: Alex Collins: Since we now have 3 players who can carry the team if healthy for the year, we must fill out the RB position with the most upside again. Referred to as the Money position, Collins provides the #2 option we you’ll need.

Round 6: Roonald Jones III If you have a flex position, its been confirmed that Jones will carry a large workload in Tampa. Why is he not being drafted higher than the sixth round. Remember Kareem Hunt last year. Tamp should get it going early with J. Winston out.

As you might be able to see, without filling out this example of a roster, you can obtain high upside to win your league. I would also suggest stacking, more common in daily leagues, but taking for example Carson Wentz if taking Ertz, or taking Matt Ryan, if you also believe the Falcons will score a ton of points this year like I do if you have Julio Jones. This creates synergy in your fantasy football lineup.

Sizing up Your Competition:

How To Prepare for a Fantasy Football Draft for 2018

As you can see above, the competition for this Yahoo league is not great, as the player has a 0-0 record, unless they have played on other sites.

If you have played with and are familiar with your league you will know whether your league drafts all RB’s High or some other position.

In a 2 QB league which I play in yearly, QB’s are drafted much higher than normal drafts. If you see this trend happening in the first round, go get some QB’s.

If your strategy or outliers consist of more helpful tips feel free to leave a comment below, so we can approve it right away. Thanks

How To Find the Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Matchups for 2018

If you are looking for some of the best post all-star and best daily fantasy baseball matchups for the 2nd half of the 2018 season, this article will NOT focus on a common misconception.

What is the most common misconception for finding the best matchups? 

Using the best optimizer or projections from certain sites or tools.

Where to focus your Time?

Instead of focusing on some of the really great tools for finding the best matchups in this daily sport, or some consider, a profitable business, you will need to focus on the PROCESS of evaluation, rather than trusting in the right magic tool or projection system, along with and optimizer.

In order to maximize your winning percentage, let’s say on a smaller slate, of just one head to head lineup where you are only playing against 1 other player you would be best to research all of the following information.

When you have the tools such as above, you save yourself a TON of time in research. This way you can spend your time perfecting your own process for making relevant fantasy sports decisions, being well informed.

Since a lot of the data is more stabelized, it makes it easier to go according to the numbers, however, the sharks, or what the professional fantasy players are known as, can take advantage of many newbies or inexperienced people in contests this way as well. Therefore one needs all he or she can get when it comes to analytics and any edge they may obtain.

To get more on the tools, including the Domination Station, which allows you to adjust and set multiple lineups on a more advanced level take a look at my Best Fantasy Football Tools for 2018 Post.

This video basically breaks down how elaborate the tools and projections breakdown systems can be as you can find more like it on

While I am not as experienced in fantasy baseball as in fantasy football, (that’s why this site has been focused on football), I will be working on perfecting my own process for 2018.

Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Matchups 2018

Instead of relying on 2017 methods used, as I have talked about in previous article, so I have decided to do more testing myself before sharing any one specific method, but promising however in a future article after the season restarts just the all-star break, since I have used different methods in the past, but as part of the learning process the, interestingly the things that worked last year for success has not carried over well this year, therefore not sharing them here, at least not in this article.

What I will Show on my Next Fantasy Football Post

In my next article I will get more specifically into fantasy football draft results, which is a very large topic, however, you can see my specific results of how I draft on a Yahoo paid fantasy league later this week.

Best Fantasy Football Research Tools for 2018

The goal of this article is to collect the best fantasy football research tools for 2018 and have you prepared like never before, so you can win more leagues than you ever have.

I will cover 3 main tools and their different purposes so that you can begin to see the total picture and gameplan for the 2018 football season. Here’s the breakdown as I will also explain WHY each category is important.

Benefits of All of these Tools combined:

If you used all of these tools combined you will have the very best chance to diversify your Cash and GPP lineups. In other words, the main benefit to using all of these tools likely at your disposal is that you can never completely lose on a given day and slate. You’ll have enough bank flow to be able to succeed in fantasy sports of all kinds, as to increase your bank roll every day you play! This also mathmatically increases your shots at the 6 figure payouts that happen on many of these daily format sites. I would first like to preface with one more question for you.

Will The Best Tools Make You Successful?

That answer depends on how you use the tools you decide to go with. While the tools are what you use. You will also want to get 5 other questions right for your Fantasy football teams. Who? Where? When? Why? How?

Yes if you can expand not only your knowledge of the games you dabbling in, but also how to assess the competition based on who you will be playing, Where you will be playing (or what site your playing on with what scoring), When you will be deciding to play (or what slate and how large of a slate), Why you will choosing a particular strategy on a given slate, and How you will execute the strategy you intend to choose and for what price, or how much the contest will cost you.

Best Optimizer

For the best lineups optimizer, you will need something that will give you an overall projected top plays of the day. This would ideally include the important parts of a statistical evaluation of players, of course.

Therefore, this tool, optimally used, can very well help you sort out players by watching the players you want and inserting them into a few (not a hundred) different lineups for the slate you are interested in.

The best tool for this purpose is the DraftDashBoard

Here is a Preview of what the Draft Dash Board looks like on the inside.

Best Fantasy Football Research Tools for 2018: Best Optimizer

As you can see, you can sort according to position, best players, browse teams, Studs, Sleepers, and even set and save your lineups for easy reference. You may also use the special Perfect lineups feature, but first make sure you go to DFS College to start. The current estimated price for the Optimizer tool is $30.00 but you should be able to get your first month trial run for $1 with this Offer Here. This will keep you covered year around with the 4 major american sports as shown.

Best Lineups Organizer:

For the best in end user friendly and practical application draftdashboard is great for beginner to expert use. For even higher end user experience in scaling up your earning in multiple contests, eluding to a more serious projection model layout, teaching you how to leverage the advice of some of the best dfs players in the world, you would not want to go without the proven strategies and testimonials of this site. It the best help for creating large amounts of cash and tournament lineups fast. Here is a Domination Station Preview:

You can get the Domination Station and set up for only around $10 more than the DD optimizer mentioned above, providing you a more robust optimizer, thereby providing you 2 options for any sport! Click here to get this DFS Army Domination Station VIP Membership

What’s to Come?

Here is a preview of the inside of the DFS Army Research Station. While this Screen shot does not show the NFL version due to not having been released yet, the time of release being after the 2017 football season, this should be included in your VIP membership mentioned above.

ntasy Football Research Tools for 2018 Research Station

As you can see, this is the all important Spreadsheet Version of your research statistics, matchups, and advanced analytics you will need to dominate any fantasy league. While Cash games may be easy to break down, the stacks as shown for example in NHL games becomes more complex, especially when combining the best stack plays, or players from the same teams, for the best chance to double your points from a score with and assist from the teammate. Take another look at the complete set of DFS Tools coming up along with the VIP membership, including Spredsheets, the best way to do complete research.

Cheat Sheet Anyone?

There is of course, a super low cost but limited option to get a great lineup in from an expert who has won the million dollar price in DFS. That would be found for $1 as well for the best lineup, under the articles tab. Many times this team would run through the best fantasy play options on a main slate, but I don’t believe they are running their podcasts at this time for some reason. Visit for that $10 monthly option along with a ton of great free information on that site.

Fantasy Football Podcasts

When you also want free advice, you may also search for podcasts on your App store, however some are paid. You can get more biased opinions this way, or you may also even find some statistical information that makes a lot of sense like Number Fire. I would suggest taking notes while listening to one of the more informative podcasts during your day.

One additional Important Tip:

You must think about the Standard Deviation and How you want to use it as everyone used it differently. Here is more explanation on that. 

If your a beginner needing more fantasy football help you may see my recent article, Fantasy Football Draf Strategy for Beginners for 2018 to get started there in your drafts.