NFL Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer: 21-40

In my previous article I explained in detail the reasons behind, as well as the actual trade value points, driven by these main factors in nfl fantasy football. So here are the trade value rankings as they currently stand, subject to change.

Here is an easy way to reference, for this list or on your own, as a simple method by which you can indicate the trade scale value.

  • Player age and injury

If the player has optimal health, with no nagging injury history along with decent age for their position, you may give the player a full 5 points. If the player is very old and is coming off of a serious career threatening injury, you may give a player a 0 in this instance.

  • Past performace

If the player is coming off of a top five fantasy performance the previous year, you may give him a 5. If the player performed very poorly, you may give him a 0. If the player had a fine college career, this may help the player.

  • Physical ability and skill

If the player has great physical ability, highlighted by talent and skill. Skill means, that the player has grown his talents into consistent ability to perform at a pro bowl level. Great combine results can also contribute to physical ability.

  • Usage potential

The usage potential is based upon being the offenses #1 option, obtaining a 5 score for that scenario. You may give the player a 4 for being potentially considered the # 2 option, also depending on whether the player plays in a run heavy or pass heavy offensive system.

  • Team Success

Team success while more difficult to predict, can help you calibrate the usage potential on a bad team, and lesson the points given based on a poor performing unit. A potential 12 win season may contribute to a 5 score for example as well.

Deshaun Watson: 23.5

Aaron Rodgers: 23

Russell Wilson: 22.5

DeAndre Hopkins: 22

Alshon Jeffrey: 22

Joe Mixon: 20

Melvin Gordon: 21

Stef Diggs: 21

Zack Ertz: 20.5

Adam Thielen: 20.5

Brandon Cooks: 20.5

Jay Ajayi: 20.5

Christian McCaffrey: 20

Tyreek Hill: 20

DeVante Adams: 19.5

Rob Gronkowski: 19

Travis Kelce: 18.5

Mark Ingram: 17.5






Ju Ju Smith Schuster: 19

Carlos Hyde: 16