Week 17 Evaluations: NFL Fanduel

Here is your season 17 best projected players in cash games to finish the season in NFL on fanduel. for Tournament plays look for high volume potential such as basing off of early reports that the Rams will not play their starters, leaving the door open for cheap plays on the depth chart. The same may well happen with the Saints, Patriots, Steelers, Eagles, Jaguars, Cheifs and Vikings. For more explanation always visit a past article for more explanation on this site.

Bonus DraftKIngs Flex:

J. Smith Schuster:  (13 PG) with 8.69 upside and 0.69 consistency

K. Cole (8.9 PG) with 9.43 upside and 1.06, not consistent since the beginning of the year, but has been a reliable target in recent weeks for the Jaguars at a great price on DK.


How to Win Daily Fantasy Sports Contests Part 2

As I continue from last week entering the week in an overall daily fantasy sports guide on how to win daily fantasy sports contests, this article will entail how to win, through preparation, in NFL, and a preview of how to win in MLB as well. Just so that we cover all major sports, as last week, i covered NHL, and NBA contests last week.

NFL Football Preparation

Here is the video:

Here is what I was trying to show in the video of the contest that cashes in at a low price point:

Win Daily fantasy sports
$40 Won from a $3 Investment!

As you can start to map out in your lineups, consistent players using my FreeReport, that you can opt-into at the top of the page, I think it should be a fascinating ride into your journey into consistent numbers based, keys to consistency. In upscaling your cash and tournament lineups using these exact strategies, you will be well prepared for any sport and the competition will not burn you.

How To Win Daily Fantasy Sports Contests

I am going to show you how to win daily fantasy sports contests by differing sports using the incremental videos below for each sport. This way, if you have struggled to overcome losing in general, you can diversify largely based on different sports.

When you diversify in daily fantasy sports, make sure you understand the basic bank roll concepts such as found in my article, Fantasy Sports Advice: $25 Per Night

NHL DFS Preparation

Here’s starting with NHL and corresponding notes of aspects not mentioned, forgetting to during video recording.

Don’t forget to actually visit DailyFaceOff.com for the actual lines for the night, and also not mentioned, don’t just take the highest Dashrank player if someone with a lower dashrank has more projected points for the night, based on the Proj: right under the salary of the player.

One more thing on Hockey. When playing in tournaments, I recommend this strategy all the way. However when just playing 50/50 or head to head for cash, just use the best Optimized Studs for the day, so that you limit your risks in these contests. I would also reccommend a FULL STACK in tournaments meaning, a C, 2 W’s, and a Defensiveman from 2 different teams together. Goalie would have to be from another separate team.

NBA DFS Preparation

Next. as for NBA lineups, see this video for your most important tool, the position Optimizer:

As you can see in NBA lineups you are going to be considering minutes played, pace of game, and of course Fantasy Points Per Game. Don’t be too concerned with stacks other than maybe a point guard who consistently dishes out to a  big man, which not every team really has. Even in tournaments a major key is actually looking at depth charts. Here is and example of the setting used for that:

Click on the Image to Access the Trial or Paid Version of the Draft Tool:


win daily fantasy sports

If you notice here there is a player that is SF3 or Small Forward 3rd on the depth chart. The name is Hezonja for Orlando. This indicates that the player not only has minutes but also has Points.  In fact in 2 out of his last 3 games, due to injury to the starter, he has put up over 40 points, making him a great value.

So you never know, this low priced entry point at the position may win you a tournament! If you can fit another superstar on your roster that scores around 50 points, you will score over 300 as the majority of your other players are studs. Its all based on getting the best law of average players on your limited salary and best value on your team in NBA. Always check the injuries on the night before firing up these lineups. Find those on your favorite Fantasy Sports App.

Here is the Video to demonstrate How I actually go through the NBA routine, right over my shoulder.

Tip How to Include players buried on depth charts: When clicking on the position optimizer, simply drop down the depth drop down box, to include down to the G4, F4, and C4 options towards the top of the screen.



Now for NFL Preparation:

Please see the next article, as this must be broken up.

Daily Fantasy Sports Advice: $25 Per Day/Night

If you have ever thought about the best daily fantasy sports advice you could take and have already gotten in, re-consider today. In my previous post I even got into detail on how to make an upscale return of $0 to $1350/wk

Here’s getting right into the breakdown.

Daily Fantasy Sports Advice Video

A you may have seen, there are many layers and parts to these strategies, however, breaking it down as simple as I can, I will be showing in the following parts, how to focus on breaking down some of the differences in the sports, and how to basically manage to find, as always the challenge in competitive sports such as these, how to pick the best players on any given day or night. Here is a link to the Dailyfaceoff.com and dailyfantasysportsrankings.com

Fantasy football is a much different game as well. The only similarities between all sports is that every sport has the same concepts in bankroll management as well as the ranking system available in all matchups on the Draftdashboard. This opens the door to be able to analyze quickly and efficiently the breakdowns that occur vs. the position of any sport, along with the overall defense rankings.

Her’s also an overview of the Strategies mentioned.

Daily Fantasy Sports Advice Strategy #1

Bank roll Management

Manage %10 of your Investment into %50 GPP, and %50 50/50 or Head to Head contests. This way you can balance out, and almost eliminate your risk. It woks, if you use the following strategies.

Daily Fantasy Sports Advice Strategy #2

Tools of the Daily Fantasy Player

Fade the players that have poor matchups, unless you have that rare matchup proof player such as Russel Westbrook or James Harden, ect. Look at the matchups in both of these sports shown and set up the stack. Line combinations along with Power Play in Hockey, and choose the right team

daily fantasy sports advice
Example of The Daily Optimizer, DraftDashboard

pace to stack NBA players with good peripheral stats that contribute to other players with assists. Also work assists into your Hockey lines. You must have your Optimizer along with Analyzer to accomplish this with purpose of attack of these matchups.

Daily Fantasy Sports Advice Strategy #3

Lines and Projected Points

Use the lines to formulate best stack and attack strategy for the given day/night. This does not really work so well in NBA as I have found. It does work well to some extend in NFL, but in MLB and NHL this is a killer, dominating strategy that can cause you to gain a lot of upside in your winnings.

I hope you got all of that understanding of how to make the game profitable for you. Many people just go about with their gut, and their gut is mostly wrong when it comes to the metrics.

Please leave any comment below as I will have lots more content coming up on upcoming posts. I just don’t want to make these too long. There is a lot of information out there on how to go about DFS strategies, so I am here to guide you in the best and most efficient way possible.

Week 14 Lineups Options: Risky and Safe



Fanduel Freerolls: Steps To Go From $0-$1350/Wk

If you are looking for Fanduel Freerolls, her is a quick article on some of the current freerolls going on right now during football season Here 

This article will go into detail on how to keep earning in Fantasy Sports, once you have won a freeroll. 

How To Make $1,350 a Week

How would you like to take a Fanduel Freeroll and make $1,050/Wk from Exponential Profits? Sound unrealistic? These are the the exact steps with a brief pre-cursor to the the Step by Step..

Its nothing but a number crunch. A Fantasy Sports Gaming Numbers Crunch. In the world of DFS, or fantasy sports, we have what is termed chalk, or players that everyone is picking for the week. 

As and insider strategy used, to start out, this is good for some contests and bad for others. 

When you can differentiate your contest types, categorize them with given variables based on numbers, you can let the percentages play into your hands in profit. We’ll dive into that in other articles, or as we have in past articles.  

The Breakdown Video

Let’s go ahead and examine a beginning strategy that will consistently make you %15 as explained here: 

Imagine getting a %15 return on whatever you invest. Only having to invest %10 of your total bankroll? What other investment vehicle has such HIGH Upside? 

Step 1: Start a Bankroll To Get Your Game Stacks on

This is where you build up the skills needed to learn how to win large tournament or GPP contests, common in the industry termed stacking. This gives you the optimal chance in most sports to win you some cash in the tournament as long as you picked the right team. Remember it may be Chalky but that’s where the other players come in as well, since the Fantasy sites will only allow you to stack a limited number of players depending on the stack. Once you have mastered this step on a small scale and build up some cash, you can move on into low risk, cash games. 

Step 2: Compete in Beginner and Intermediate Cash

This is where you will take your first $50-100 and enter, per your %10 investment from these funds, into Head to Head, 50/50, or Matrix contests where close to %50 or more of the entries into these contests win money! This gives you a definite cash flow. All you have to do is win over %50 of your competition. Easy Right? 

Step 3: Enter High Roller Diversification

Here you can consider entering into much larger investment contests. For example you could enter $1000 contests where you would win $3000 for being 1st out of 3 for a top %33 winning contest. Would you not be prepared and ready for such competition after winning these prior contests? You would be a seasoned veteran. 

How do we come up with $2000 per day? Very Easy

We build our cash roll up to 100k, eventually, and then invest %10 of that which is 10 contest X $1065 (The Exact Price Due to Entry Fee) for a total weekly investment of $10,650, so well it doesn’t come out to 2k you make the $1350 per week by getting hot in your percentages of wins based on 4 out of 10 of these contests mentioned, on average of 10 contests per week. Here’s a snapshot of that exact contest type available daily:

Fanduel Freerolls
Enter the High Roller Contest ONLY After years of Experience

Of course you can do more or less. You can keep diversifying with 50/50 and all kinds of other contests mentioned and just keep investing your bankroll increase. Investing in stocks or some other investment may be similar but will it be as fun? As long as you control in bankroll invest percentage and diversification, protecting yourself against massive loss ever happening you can’t lose. 

Draftkings Fantasy Football Spreadsheets

If you have ever thought about winning a large prize cash payout in Draftkings fantasy football ? then you have come to the right place today!

I am excited to show you first of all, why you would want to use a spreadsheet to pick your daily fantasy football lineup from week to week.

Sreadsheets sound a little boring and very time consuming.

However, in any business or investment spreadsheets are a very useful tool to come up with strategic, focused plans for getting projections done. With all of the research that goes into setting a truly optimal lineup it is not much different in fantasy sports in any format.

A Then she’ll give you a full range of motion so that you can see all the information that you need to of course in one place. Here is an example of a traditional spreadsheet:

draftkings fantasy football spreadsheet

As you can see it has the most important information that you can actually use to consider in as much metrically sound considerations that you can ask for in this particular sport. Professional DFS players use these to win thousands of dollars in profit almost daily.

The spreadsheet has the basic statistics that would be available on most sports sites, even though not arranged like this, the information can be accessed pretty easily. Therefore to have to make a spreadsheet such as this can be very time consuming to create, because like a spreadsheet, there are XML formulas that must be had in order to get the info delivered into your spreadsheet from a different site. While I have tried this myself in Daily Fantasy Baseball, any small mistake can throw off much of the information there and not get you the results you want.

In football it is much easier to rely on a spreadsheet because of the simple fact there there is not a fantasy football site that consistently delivers stats such as Fangraphs.com where you can literally pour over statistics and articles every day. Its pretty cool for going deep into the metric or statistical part of the game there.

Because of the amount of amerature players who just play because they love  their team or the sport in general they believe they are “expert” however many fail to position themselves with these metrics and make good stacks according to the type of contest they enter, not reaching optimal value, nor upside in their lineups.

In comparison or as  an alternative, when looking at a daily fantasy optimizer, traditionally what this option does is give you just a ranking of the best players from top to bottom.

The Draftkings Fantasy Football Spreadsheet Tool

What I have realized in one particular tool, that is that as you will see, that not only does this provide the optimizer with optimal rankings for the players on any week or day, but you will also get the spreadsheet format with in this particular software. I normally use draft dashboard of which you can find a review of in this article here, #1 ranked fantasy football software.

This spreadsheet analyzes much more specific fantasy data then you possibly could try and gather in a spreadsheet from different sites used to keep your stats updated, The data is already using the more important data used to win games in DraftKings or Fanduel fantasy football

DraftKings Fantasy Football Spreadsheets
For Access to the DraftDashboard Today and Start Winning DFS Click on the Image

However it is not an Excel or other similar format. Been provided with all of the necessary information though, on the most important metrics are there and find you.

Here are some other benefits that you will find within a trial run of this optimizer or spreadsheet.

Benefit #1

There is a printable Betting Lines for every game laid out in easy to read home team, spread and line, along with key injuries

Benefit #2

Full depth chart detailed summary, along with full injury report, and as shown int he picture, the #1,2,or 3 in the column next to the players name, indicating where they currently are on the depth chart.

Benefit #3

Switch sports, and/or DFS site instantly including the Classic or Pick’em format on DraftKings.

Benefit #4

Allows you to optimize, using the same spreadsheet format, for any position, instantly, and arrange according to any of the columns.

Here in fact, is a video on how to use the optimizer:

And many other benefits to go over in another future article, some of which shown in the video.

Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions on using this alternative and very effective tool for Draftkings Fantasy Football spreadsheets.





Best DraftKings Lineup Week 13

Here is the Best DraftKings Lineup for week 13 that you can probably come up with for week 13. If you really want a great idea of how to win the Draftkings NFL $1.25M Play-Action Contest, this is your best shot. Watch the video through in its entirety, to understand the though process, and comment below as well.

There are of course, always additional things to mention in the process of setting up your best lineup, but I believe this accurately portrays some of the best value stacks, and consistent options on the slate. Here’s the article I was referring to in the article to see those numbers better.

Here is the Chart of the week for DraftKings:

As you should be able to see here right away, there are some very consistent options, even at the TE/Flex. Some of these players had some very low snap percentage games such as Dion Lewis and Jamal Williams. What I did was adjust their numbers, to only include games that had a snap percentage of at least %30 to make it fair. That way the current relevant metrics are more accurately reflected in this chart.

Also as we can see, the not so consistent options, and therefore not on the Stud list on DraftDashboard, are Sammy Watkins and Zay Jones, who can give you a nice game for Watkins. Jones has not shown enough upside to be of much value as of yet. He is a young player who could progress in the right system/team. Everyone else, having good matchups this week are having

Best DraftKings Lineup
150k for the Top Winner as Shown

the 0.46 C.V., which is all very good. However to create more upside in your DraftKings Lineup for the week and give yourself a shot at he winning Cash, you could consider Watkins, as he is not expected to give a great performance with a lockdown corner expected to be on him.

The complete breakdown of Studs, position optimizer and more is found within this $1 Trail Run @ DraftDashboard

Look to evaluate based on this sample of metrics, as the systems and the numbers have a lot to go on at this point of the season for reliable Fantasy numbers with a larger sample size.