Perfect DrafKings Lineup Week 12 Review

To delve into the perfect DraftKings Lineup for week 12, you have a few factors to consider:

That is, if you would have been able to get this 200k, what would have went into your though process: Here how it goes on DraftKings


Perfect DrafKings Lineup
The Perfect DrafKings Lineup: Who will you choose?

There are definitely some interesting scenarios on this week’s NFL slate of 13 Sunday games. As my video shows there were some players picked in the perfect draftkings lineup, at least for this past week’s slot that were less than average.

Showing the people who won the perfect lineup for that past week, keep in mind a few additional points:

Consistent Evaluations

  1. The slot had 3 less games on it, since there were 3 thanksgiving games, so this is considered a true full slate.
  2. Average or tier 3 QB’s were taken and these were very effective lineups. While this does not happen every week, many weeks, that I have looked back on in prior weeks did have an effective stack of not only a QB and WR stack, but also including a 2nd WR from the same team in the best lineups.
  3. Not included in these lineups were the marquee players, other than Julio Jones due to Antonio Brown, also that Rob Gronkowski had the best performing week, but there were many games in other formats such as Fanduel that players on those sits basically took the best players such as Gronk, Brown, and Julio Jones, forcing them to go for salary relief at all other positions.
  4. Winning strategies for one particular week simply will not work the next week, because of the unpredictable factor, being unreliable, you are better off to go with the majority of lineups basic construction that works more often then what we saw the past week 12.

So the question is, how do you get the right players for the right week, when they are ready to play at the top of their game. After all, Julio Jones, as much as a superstar as he is did not score much over 20 points in all other games, until this past sunday, scoring more double that amount of points?

This is where it goes beyond the numbers. You can come up with best matchup, or dream scenarios for any team, as of course the conditions have be right fora  great matchup. You must consider all the consistent numbers that go along with a given sunday matchup. There are a number of odd scenarios however, which don’t mean anything. For example, One fantasy expert last week mentioned how Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin never score any points when going into San Fran. to play the 49ers.

These factors do not matter, as the teams change every year. It makes no sense to factor in stats like these from prior years. Plus, by the way Wilson had a nice game, however Baldwin did not.

While Wilson and Baldwin in a stack could have made you thousands of dollars for example in week 2 of this NFL season, can you count on them this week, or look else ware for better values?

While looking for value plays are a good idea, it does not bring you wins. For example with Alvin Kamara, there appeared to be better values, as his price continues to rise on Fanduel, however he keep outperforming not only his price, but also his touches, as they are not as high as any of the stud RB’s out there.

One more thing: Its 9 times out of 10 never good to chase a player and his value from the previous weeks. There are obviously exceptions, but a really high scoring play for the week is seldom ever matched the following week in the NFL.

So what my best advice. Keep going with the most consistent numbers as possible with best matchups, keep tabs on the injuries and actual player matchups such as WR/CB plays for the week, and take advantage of bad teams/players who are out there, who should not really be playing. For example Geno Smith for Eli Manning. What will likely happen in this game? Well Oakland looks to create a lot of turnovers at home. A lot of value in this defense this week. Keep looking for these types of matchup and go with your gut when it comes to choosing best by position, when it comes to comparable players of similar value.


Best DraftKings Lineup Week 12

With Week 12 in our midst, lest look at, and get right into the best draftkings lineups for week 12 in the NFL.

Last week, I went over daily fantasy football picks for week 12 which focused on and gave you great value option lineups picks on fanduel. I decided to let this one dwell on DraftKings and interestingly see the difference in value based projections, if you want to see that article.

draftkings lineup

What this does in tournaments on the DFS Giant websit, DraftKings is give you a legitamite shot at winning in the Main Contest, the Sunday Million dollar ticket. While not likely to win you the biggest price of the $300k, you could likely get more back than what you put in, which would get you back more than the $7 investment.


Russell Wilson

Poor Man’s: Marcus Mariota

Running Back:

#1 Todd Gurly

Poor Man’s: MeMarco Murray

#2 Tevin Coleman

Poor Man’s: DeVonte Booker

Her’s a Great Video to Summarize and Example of this week’s potential Perfect Lineup:


WR #1 Antonio Brown

Poor Man’s: TY Hilton

WR #2 Doug Baldwin

Poor Man’s:  M. Sanu

WR #3 Alshon Jeffrey

Poor Man’s: DeVonte Parker

Tight End:

Delanie Walker,

Poor Man’s, Jered Cook, or depending on the QB Stack, whoever’s avg per game is considerably more.


D. Funchess

Poor Man’s: Kenny Stills


Always Jax.

Poor Defense: Pats

Daily Fantasy Football Picks Week 12

In this weeks article in preparation for daily fantasy football picks for week 12, I want to focus on Tournament plays, or what is called GPP.

Every week I delve into potential Fantasy Football Projections

To give you a little backdrop into the explanation of the strategies, when using common terminology in DFS, or Daily fantasy sports, here’s some of the terms:

Fade or Fading a player or position on a team.

In this instance, we are actually not using the player or position on a certain team due to the high amount of volume, or percentage of contest entries that will be playing the same players. This could be as high as %50 or as low as %10, ultimately making your lineups not finish within the top %10 without contrarian plays. For example, the hint this week that I am taking is that many people will not highly own the Minnesota running backs, but many may even stack the WR’s, so I would intend to fade at least one of these WR’s only using one of them out of a 3 WR lineup.


Stacking is the backbone or foundation of your lineups, as I like to call it. It usually includes a QB, and at least one receiver from the same team. Keep in mind a QB and 2 WR combo, or 3 players from the same team have won large tournaments. For example Kirk Cousins has had 2 great performances, but which 2 players would you want to stack him with? Also, I have stacked Tom Brady with a receiving RB in PPR, (Point Per Reception) leagues and gotten great results.

Studs and Sleepers

We won’t delve much into sleepers today, but be aware they are higher risk, so choose wisely as they provide high upside for your roster. Studs will be given below for the week. The are in harmony with the consistent players described below and in previous articles as well.

Next here is a video on this Week 12 in more detail, for helpful plays and how to obtain those every week. Here is the link:

I also like to provide my detailed Fantasy Football Consistency rating for the week, updating this, as you can see from a previous week or you can opt directly into the for that breakdown.

I will give you some of the top studs of the week for GPP’s:

In order to find studs to balance out your lineups, here are the players in harmony with those fundamentals. The backbones of your  offenses.

daily fantasy football picks

Le’Veon Bell Considered the top back in fantasy the past few years, you may want to fade him, as he goes highly owned on good matchup weeks at home this week vs. the Packers. Highest priced.

Tom Brady No surprise here, as Brady gets the nod as the top QB, coming in at the highest at his position as well. May want to fade, but consider the stack as there are options for him.

Kirk Cousins As mentioned, Cousins is a solid option by himself, but now with a rising price, as it may be difficult to stack the right player(s) with him.

Doug Baldwin While getting consistent targets, he is not a bad option. He has an away game vs. SF, which is not a good overall defense at all. You may want to stack him with Russell Wilson. Always a good one.

Julio Jones While not providing the numbers he did last year, as everyone has pretty much given up on that possibility as that deep TD threat, his price reflects that notion. He has a great matchup vs. Tampa Bay. Tampa tends to allow deep balls to various WR’s the last couple week, per my research.

Jarvis Landry Yes, Landry keeps doing it effectively against the slot corner on any team, which seems matchup proof every week, getting receptions, TD’s and last week, a lot of yards. The question is how will NE go about stopping him?

Hope this helps you this week. Really. Any comments feel free to comment on your team.

Fanduel Lineup Tips: Basics of Choosing Players

KWith week 11 of sunday nfl games behind us, hope your fanduel lineups went well. If not, here are some fanduel lineups tips for next week, so that hopefully you cannot lose. We’ll see by tonight after the MNF game right? We also have various slates on both draftkings and FanDuel coming up which we will cover in this post.

This is intended to give you an edge, and is basic, but overlooked picking strategy, even sometimes overlook by experts.

The #1 thing is choosing player that have enough average points per game.

Lets’s say you need some player(s) to fill in at WR, for example here showing the players available at the $5700 and below price range to fill out your roster. These are the actual Fanduel Salaries in the range from Week 11

Fanduel lineup tips

Here’s what to look at:

#1 Are you having a QB set already in your lineup that you want to stay with such as Matt Ryan or Russel Wison or A Vikings QB? If so, consider stacking one of these guys on the appropriate team. This will give you an awesome advantage if one of them scores.

Which is sort of obvious, if you’re taking a Vikings quarterback for whatever reason, was that Teddy Bridgewater or the assumed back up, then we would like to try to take Treadwell war Wright. However, obviously these players do not score up in the range in average fantasy points per game. So, you would much rather take Mohammed Sanu or even Tyler Locket Could be OK if you would like to pair him with Russell Wilson.

However again, if you have Matt Ryan you could even go with Sanu along with Gabriel if that was the salary situation. As long as you were not going below a three point threshold you should be fine. If there are guys available that can get you three more points in PPR, as in this example on FanDuel. As for DraftKings this calculation will be different because of the different scoring format which includes one whole point for the reception.

To compare draft kings and fan duel’s with optimize data, just click on the picture above.

So to sum this up, even if you have Russell Wilson, you may want to consider, at least on FanDuel Sanu or even Kenny Galladay day as opposed to settling for Lockett. Remember as well, dad wants a connection is made on a stack on FanDuel that quarterback connected to create synergy with that wide receiver gets four points on that play.

Hoping of course, that this helps you understand how to make basic lineups once you have decided upon your quarterback and stud running back’s, along with as I always recommend one of the top five defenses as the defense scoring is a big portion of your scoring then you will be successful in creating the most consistent lineups that you can. Remember as well, to check the most updated optimizing tall above per the image and click on that to help you determine as this will save you a boatload of time!


Week 11 Fantasy Football Projections

With week 11 Fantasy Football Projections now upon us, how do your skills measure up. That’s one thing I don’t think people appreciate so much about fantasy football is the amount of skill it takes, whether technical and fundamental to master the game.

The analytic work, and research put into it can be costly from a time and maybe even a dollar perspective.

That’s why I’m here to help today. Here are my

Week 11 Fantasy Football Projections:

Wanted to throw in, as a bonus the game of the week, here showing the lines, with excellent players to target as shown by the bulls eyes to right.

Click on the image to enter an optimized lineup for your week 11 fantasy football projection for best lineup of the week, having the computer do the work. Give it a try!

Week 11 fantasy football projections

You may also consider, targeting Dion Lewis and Brandon Cooks, if you are looking to score big in tournaments, which is high risk and high reward if we are right in the highest game total this week.

Here are other great matchups to consider before I give the best “plays” of the week overall.

Week 11 fantasy football projections

Another good option as the Saints are one of the best teams with many of the best Studs in the game, watch and target these guys this week once again.

Here is my most valuable part of my week to offer. Broken down per Last week’s article if you would like to go back and have these numbers explained.

Another Great play to mention;

Alex Smith. This is a great game to take from as the Giants are justice bad with Smith putting up 21.1 PG with high upside and nice consistency.

Also in the same game and team, Travis Kelce should benefit from a stack with Smith as Kelce with a .58 C.O. and high upside of + 7 which are good numbers for TE’s

Jarvis Landry gets high targets and is very consistent but seems TD dependent in order to sustain those numbers at only 7.5 yards per reception. Something to think about..

J. McKinnon has a high S.D. the last 5 games and has an inconsistent.90 C.V therefore is a nice tournament play only, similar to Stef Diggs.

And lastly mentioning Mike Crabtree has a great matchup with high upside as always at 8.32 S.D. with .67 C.V which if fine for a WR

Also as a note to add from last week, I attempted to bring live updates per YouTube to you during the Falcons Cowboys game, which didn’t turn out to be a competitive game, however, I will stick to the app in which you can follow along with the game, and make live in game picks if you would like

here: Just download, pick a game within the “Football Matchup” invite and start making picks for example “Will Brandon Cooks get a touchdown”, and will “T. Brady throw for over or under 250 yards” Found here: Click on the image for the weekly matchups.

firefan app

Enjoy this slate of game! Comments on any of the games/matchups?

Fantasy football ? live Analysis Cowboys vs Falcons

With a total of 48.5 points, dropped from 50 points earlier in the week, perhaps this fantasy football live analysis of this game between the Cowboys and the Falcons has already lost some of its lust as another game could be right up there in a bonanza type scoring affair. Coming up the Alley to this game could also be Saints @ Bills, however this game does not feel like one where the Saints can overmatchup their opponent enough on the road.

So we’ll stay with the consideration of the Cowboys @ Falcons with Atlanta playing at home on the turf indoors. Take a fly through the Stadium anytime you want.

So here are the primary matchups based first on the quality of the fantasy football players actually playing in this hope, or at least hope to because of injury: This is how I usually use statistics to handle these ranking;

You may ask, what is this: Look here for another article on it if needed.

To add to that article, the Standard Dev. can be used in reference to upside. The higher the S.D., the higher the upside. The C.V. is used in reference to Consistency. The lower the number, the more consistent the player is.

These are Based on Current Fanduel Scoring.

Here are some other intriguing players this week:

Also wanted to mention Josh McCown. His ceiling and floor is higher then Big Ben.

Pure, Deep Wealthy Fantasy Footall Strategy:

I did not include Cole Beasly on this list but I should have. He is averaging 1 point more per game then Gabriel, and is simply a better slot receiver. While its difficult to determine how slot receivers do against certain teams, I logically go by tendancy. Meaning, if the team has another player on their squad with a similar skillset, or at least play someone in their division that has a similar skillset. To my conclusion, the Falcons, will not be efficient as they would like in covering Beasly, even though the have a very speedy Gabriel on their side. The Cowboys deep threat was Zeke.

Click on the Image to Join the live Chat Discussion regarding this game, or any other Fantasy Football related topic.

Fantasy Football live Analysis

Also to note: The Cowboys have not had a Deep ball connection threat since they played the Packers in week 6. This was with Aaron Rodgers. Even in this game, the longest connection was Michael Bennett, no longer with the team for 33 yards. Jordy Nelson was held in check for only 24 yds in the game. Something to keep on the lookout, as this could really limit what the falcons do deep, since they have not done much of is this year anyway.

You may also follow along Key In-Game Analysis here:

Either way you want to follow along, enjoy the highest scoring game of the fantasy week!

NHL Fantasy Hockey, Football: 6 Figure Earner’s Spare Time

How you ever wondered How to Create Daily Winning/Earnings in Daily Fantasy Contests such as NHL Fantasy Hockey, or of course, more popular, Football? It can be done in any Sport, following the simple strategies.

There is of course more to reveal, after having watched that piece.

With a little more background info on this, the video was shown on facebook with only a limited number of views, being 7,000+ and left at that. The little known strategy does have proven backing to it, however there are elements missing to be able to successfully surpass that “learning curve,” needed to successfully navigate beyond hockey. No further info has been provided by Roger on this subject, as he is no longer posting on facebook, for whatever number of reasons..

I you want to just play for fun prizes and rewards instead of actually spending any money at all? Take a look at the FireFan App:

Continued Free Fantasy Training

NHL Fantasy Hockey

I personally will reveal, later on this weekend on this blog, how I go about using the strategy in basketball, since this is the hot sport as well for this time of year, providing results from the week, having never really done so, myself using the most direct tools for success that can be used in any of the major sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

This of course, means that your season never ends in flipping the amount of money that you can afford to invest into these proven methods for building a bankroll on the site that pays instantly, as well as DraftKings, and FantasyDraft. There are other sites, but we’ll keep this post and others more easily applicable in terms of fantasy evaluations.

Here are some quick General Fantasy Sports Tips to Prep any Beginners:

  1. Do research for any game:

Making sure to know what type of game you are getting into, knowing the vegas lines, used for gambling is very important in fantasy sports. They know what they are doing.

2. Never enter into any cash contest on a whim

Be sure to take the time to learn the curve, and get into cash games when you are actually ready. If not, at least use an optimizer tool that is easy to use: Optimizer Tool Ready

3. Bankroll Diversification

Just like in stock diversification, let only %10-15 of your bankroll asset be potentially sacrificed. make sure you also vary your lineups if entering many of the same sport on a particular day, to ensure a bad game by a team, or individual players does not kill your chances.

Let’s go ahead and discuss any angle of this video that you want, if you have any questions feel free, for open discussion as  long as they are not general comments on my website, as those will not be published just to mention.

Reason, being is my focus is on Fantasy Football and other sports, not on getting my web site perfect.

Just to also note, this weekend’s post will also reveal the top plays for the Fantasy Football World for your lineups, per the Fantasy Football Overall Theme in season long or daily contests.

Week 9 Fantasy Football Beginner Prep

What I’m going to do now is prep you up so that you can be prepared and fantasy football beginner mode, to win your contest in week 9;

Here they are in Vegas order to show you the importance of it;

These are basically the hot! Games that you want to take players from.

Tampa @ N.O. fantasy football beginners


New Orleans is favored by 7 points. That gives them the highest implied team total of the week. That totals to 52 points between both teams

Kansas City @ Dallas

It’s supposed to be a small margin of victory for either team. However Zeke Elliott is back again! At the time of this writing 53 and a half points total.

Indy @ Houston

Here again, another team is highly favored, Euston however DeShaun Watson is done for the year. That’s a big development for this 56 total point game.

Wash. @Seattle

Another potential high-scoring matchup, based on the Seahawks winning this one, favor. They are implied to get a bulk of these 45 points.

Denver @ Phil.

Also considered possibly even a blowout, the Eagles are really the most highly favored this week at seven and a half points. Total points should be 43 and a half though.

Mia. @Oakland

This is the least favorable of all these six games I will mention. Was a total Point implied of 44 points. It should be a close game.

The other games do not have enough points totals. The reason why you would need to look at these as a fantasy football beginner to develop into an expert if that’s what you want to, is that Vegas knows the odds best. They are professional gamblers and they know which teams are most likely to win. So, don’t go against this logic of order.

This does not mean, however that you cannot take games that are less scoring and look for a stud players. Just that you have to be more selective and look to the high scoring games to really win tournament matchups.


NFL Week 9 Fantasy Football Player Matchups

To Start off with this weeks Week 9 Matchups in Fantasy Football, let’s take a look at the Winning Lineups for DraftKings and Fanduel: Near Perfect Lineups Also See the Fantasy Football Matchup Analyzer for more.

Fantasy football player matchups

As we can see, here the Lineup of course entails The Stack of the Texans. This however does not happen most weeks.

DraftKIngs Perfect lineup

The same here, with Draftkings, as the unstoppable lineups has Paul Richardson and L. McCoy on Flex, not shown.

As with my weekly analysis of these matchups, here is the Draft Anaylizer showing some of the better matchups of the week, with no real surprises.

Click on the Image Below to access to the same Analyzer.


NFL Week 9 Matchups

As we can see here, the Texans are at the top this week, so obviously that will change and make it a very interesting week in fantasy football going forward, as we no longer have the star QB in place, maybe Kaepernick will come into the picture later on..

Here are the top Updated player rankings beyond this particular Analyzer rankings given the current cirsumstances.

Here are my favorite plays so far this week:


  1. Russell Wilson is the top play here this week, replacing Watson. Expect high ownership this week, but his upside in tournaments in particular is great.
  2. D. Brees Gets a definite nod this week in conservative cash games, no need to reach, and price is fair for him.


  1. Todd Gurley or L. McCoy
  2. A. Kamara

The reason I list like so is because McCoy is actually the best value in many formats, although Gruley is the best play but at a higher price. Kamara will work well as your # 2 RB in any format as well.


  1. Mike Evans
  2. Michael Thomas
  3. Ted Ginn

These will round out your standard or PPR lineups in the best valued order.

Hope you have a great winning weekend. and don’t forget to enter the Matchup Games on the App and Socialize a Bit while following along live, and competing for special prices. Many games available such as this one:

Just click on the picture below to learn more

football game app