Best Way to Bet on Sports: Don’t Bet Money, Let’s Play

If you are going find the best way to bet on sports, be careful. Trying to meet spreads in any sport is difficult. The reason is, there is no real data to predict a closer spread game, and plus those guys are professionals.

This article will delve into more than 1 way, if you love making money in sports, to Make Consistent Bankroll

Best Sports Betting Alternatives

So this post is obviously not going to recommend any kind of direct gambling, nor sports betting at all.

Fantasy Football or Fantasy Sports in General

Instead of doing that, you can put next to nothing into a lineups, and per my previous post, you can do so by attempting to look for direct predictive stats in larger sample size, which is explained better here:

PPR Fantasy Football Guide

You can next, watch my Video from My Iphone, which I live playing with as my new recording toy:

As you can hopefully see there is a lot you can do with various matchups

Also as you can start to plainly see, those lineups don’t cost anything other then a dollar or less. This is a huge market to make money in, and your income does not need to be limited to playing games yourself either.

You can find other resources that I highly recommend on the subject such as this blog or or my own Free DFS Download at

There are other things you can do as well:

Sports Apps

Use the Biggest Sports Niche Market there is right now, to Make Bankroll:

FanDuel App: Become an Affiliate Here: United Games FireFanDemo

Here’s the video on that: 

As you can see in this post, its a really cool way for people to follow along closely with their sports teams as they probably do already, and get to make money, get rewards, and bragging rights with a game within the game. 

These are much more reliable ways of making money online without betting, throwing away your money. 

Week 5 Football Matchups:

Next to go ahead and invite you to a matchup this week, and join in the game, advertising your business if related to, or just following along with one of your favorite teams, enter into

Best way to bet on sports

The best way to demo the app, is to just play it. There are many available sports and teams including College Football, MLB, and NBA around the corner, along with international sports like Socccer. Its a rediculous way to make Bankroll! Get into the games. 

PPR Fantasy Football Guide: How I Build a Lineup

Continuing my weekly newbie to Fantasy football beginner help guide, I am building a PPR Fantasy Football Lineup on the Most Exciting Place to do so right now: Draftkings.

PPR Scoring Explained

Lets first explain what PPR is. PPR is Points Per Reception. In Draftkings, as highlighted, a Reception in football gives you 1 point, as opposed to 0 in Standard leagues. Be aware that some leagues give you half or 0.5 point for a reception. the video below helps to factor in your PPR Running backs, in particular, since those Catches are valuable to your team.

I have some exciting, documented Draft Strategies you could say, which will let you start with $0-10 investment in Daily fantasy football, much like I have done in my first year in fantasy baseball. Let me explain: 

Fantasy Baseball/Football Recent Results

Here are the baseball results from recent weeks, once I figured it out: 

From 9/15-9/22 I finished with a profitable amount of winnings during this span. Take a look at the contests: 

ppr fantasy football

$5.17  with a  $8.30 Winning during this span, = profit net of $3.13

There a a few more things to consider about this stretch run: 

Draft Contest Considerations

  1. Only 2 of these contests were 10 player or less, 50/50 games in which the chances of winning were very great.
  2. The other 6 winning contests were those consisting of plays of more than 14k total players, resulting in finishing in the top 24% to be able to win these type of contests. All other contests required you to be in top 20%
  3. One of these was an NFL contest in which I finished in the top 1.3% of the winnings, which is fine of course. 

What does all of this have to do with Football PPR you may ask? 

Baseball vs. Football Lineup Building

Well, basically I have the  baseball building strategy down to a science through studying my lineup methods over the course of 162 games during the long baseball season, having gone through all of the losing spans to be profitable and not LOSE MONEY. 

This Bankroll Philosophy is essential to your fantasy football success as well…

You see, I have played fantasy football for many years in DFS included and never came out ahead during the year with my bankroll. Never. 

Now with lineup optimizer tools, lots of information on the web including apps, you have all of the information you need in football as well. But, it is more difficult. Why? 

Since baseball provides convenient large sample size of matchups with so many games in one season alone, how can the data in football be organized with reliable measure of success? 

Well, even though there are not specific outliers of Lefty vs Right, or what is called platoon stats, so important in baseball, along with OPS %, which makes the competition competing in the baseball lineups easy to beat, there are plenty of small sample size numbers to go by in football to be able to process for best lineups. 

Now, How to Build a Lineup on DraftKings

Next watch my video if you are still intrigued as to how I basically build lineups in football with much success. 

As you can see, from the start of the video, its just hard to find the data out there on these popular sites to analyze. 

I will of course provide my Week 5 NFL Lineups preview but this week it will include the exclusive strategy used ensure the best chance of winning either GPP or Cash games in PPR leagues such as this, being considered for adjustment all possible deep research stats such as those brought out in my Keys to Consistency Article. 

Whats to come next?

With much more info to update before Sunday kickoff, its time to duplicate similar results in football. Get your Fantasy Players ready and enjoy the ride. 

Fantasy Football Research Resources

You may find my resources here:

#1 Recommended research tool currently on the internet:


2. The tools mentioned in my article, which you can find above mentioned or type in the search box: Keys to consistency on this page to the right.

3. When playing on Yahoo, their research tools are good to use on their research tools specific to their leagues. BTW, I will do an article at this time next week showcasing my Yahoo fantasy PPR 2 QB league as I have done before in a previous post.