Fantasy Football Week 7: Who to Start

As for fantasy football week 7, a lot of you face some truly tough decisions on who to start in any format.

I will go ahead and take this week in terms of matchups per these Week 7 Games:

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fantasy football week 7 who to startVikings vs Browns in London

This game should be veiwable on

The Browns look like they have way too many injuries to overcome, as I don’t care how good they are against the run. The Vikings should be able to wear the browns down and after that overtime loss, the Browns will be feeling it.

  1. Vikes D. Yes one of the best in the game, with one of the best secondaries, which is a nightmare for the Browns QB core.
  2. Latavius Murray: A solid showing of his skills last week puts him in position as the #1 option to close out this game in the 2nd half.
  3. K. Rudolph: One of the better consistent options at TE this year, he is due for another TD.

Chargers @ Patriots

As a game that rely on veteran QB play, this will be a close, quality matchup.

  1. Chargers Defense: Yes, it may be a surprise the Chargers may take over this game and get a win with all of their pressure up front on Brady.
  2. Tom Brady: Yes, even though, he may get some pressure, he can overcome and tilt this game, going deep or dinking off to his RB’s, whatever works.
  3. Phillip Rivers: I have him highly regarded in this game, based on matchup, of which Matt Ryan could not take advantage of last week. However, may exploit them with his TE options, even getting A. Gates involved again.
  4. Keenan Allen: As solid WR option as a stud player, he gets plenty of targets. Third in the league.

Bears @ Saints

Here, I look to expect the Saints to be very good at home, and bring the Bears one dimensional attack down to earth.

  1. Mark Ingram: Still being the #1 RB in N.O., he’s a good this play this week as well, although don’t expect him to get 20 carries, in a pass offense.
  2. Michael Thomas: Leads the team in targets with 9 per, and puts up consistent fantasy numbers.
  3. Saints D: The opportunistic D, has been good at applying pressure, of which I really like to put in priority when it comes to Fantasy Defenses.

Panthers @ Buccs

These 2 teams have struggled, and the QB’s need to play well.

  1. K. Benjamin/D. Funchess: Either guy can get you points here, with B. Grimes expected to be out, whichever guy that is, is anyone’s guess. Benjamin is more healthy than Funchess.
  2. Christian McCaffrey: Hes’ good, and has appeared to taken over targets that would have went to the TE, who is missing.
  3. DeShaun Jackson: This of course, is always more of a tournament play, but you could always go with Mike Evans. Jackson should get a really good #2 wideout matchup.

Colts @ Bengals

Another highly favored team, the Bengals, are looking to get more offense in the 2nd half this time. Don’t know who to take for the Colts.

  1. Bengals D: The defense could take over this game based on the matchup, which is easy vs. Brissett. They also get after the QB, with blitzes.
  2. Randy Bullock: Yes, a kicker, should be able to get a few attempts vs. this Colts D, whenever they do stall out.
  3. Joe Mixon: Mixon appears ready for a breakout. His touches have went up, and they need him to deliver.

Raiders @ Bills

  1. Mike Crabtree: I am really interested in Crabtree for the matchup, vs. a hurt Bills secondary.
  2. Bills D: The Bills lead the league in turnover ratio, and that should paly into the weakness of the Raiders offense.
  3. S. Hauschka: Another Kicker. If the Bills control this game as they should, using Shady to run the ball along with T. Taylor, the kicker should get his share. Don’t like any of the Bills Receivers.

49ers @ Eagles

Another blowout as this expects to be, there is great value on the winning side.

  1. Carson Wentz: Wentz has surprised me by getting better about every week. He should take advantage of this matchup.
  2. Zack Ertz: Ertz has been the highest scoring TE in fantasy this year, and there is no reason for that to change against a struggling 94ers D.
  3. Nelson Algolor: This speedy type WR, encourages use by Wentz when going deep, and having success at this gameplan.

Falcon @ Jets

The Falcons also highly favored should be able to get back on track.

  1. Julio Jones: Should be more involved in the redzone, giving him a chance. The Jets have allowed plenty of big plays, including the Dolphins who were just blown out Thur. night. Great matchup for all Falcons WR’s
  2. Matt Ryan: Ryan should finally get his big game this season for reasons stated above.

Texans @ Seahawks

  1. Russell Wilson: Wilson should take over this game and show the rookie how its done for Texas.
  2. Doug Baldwin: Another Solid WR option, as Baldwin hold down the #1 target option on the team still.
  3. Jimmy Graham: Look for him in the redZOne, as his targets have been up.

Cowboys @ Redskins

Will the Redskins be able to defend the screen game? That of course, won’t happen every week.

  1. Zeke Elliott: There is no way you could pass on this offensive line with Zeke behind it.
  2. Dak Prescott: Has a good matchup this week as well, even though Washington’s #1 corner is back to help keep Dez Bryant in check.
  3. Kirk Cousins: Not a hard pick, but who will he throw to this week. That is tough to say, so I am not worried about taking any WR’s here.

Steelers @ Lions

Big matchups here, as the Steelers have their big 3 for the Lions good fantasy defense to deal with.

  1. Lev’on Bell: Even if not getting the carries, his targets help pick up for the lack of help provided for Brown.
  2. Antonio Brown: Always one of the best, as the Lions will scheme to keep him in check somewhat.
  3. Marvin Jones: With no other real help at WR, he should get the targets from Stafford, not projecting to have a huge game vs. a good Steeler Defense.

Please comment and share your comments from your results of the games from week 7:

You can obtain a free beginners roll, advice for next week here:  with instructional video.


How To Win At Fanduel: Beginners DFS Football

In my fantasy football for beginners post this week, we take a look at how to win at fanduel.

You may be surprised to find the results from a sample size on my earnings and winnings that have come out in profit, while it may seem to be in small amounts, the potential for scaling up is Tremendous.

I have seen high rollers end up winning contests regularly being entered of 1k just to get into the contest, hoping to bring home 3k, tripling the Fantasy Contest investment.

However, even with that example, in a 3 person format, it is very risky, unless you are on a professional level. Sounds like you need to be a professional stock trader right?

Well, its not that tricky as the stock market.

You can begin very small, as a lot of people do not know, now Fanduel offers even 0.01 Cent contests.

So with minimal investment, literally penny investments, not Penny stocks, you can be in profit right away!

Could you lose your money? Yes. Can you control the amount of money yo lose, minimizing risk until you pick up your learning curve?

Absolutely! Not a problem

I’ll help show you how.

How to win at fanduel
Click the Picture to Get Started with $10 Free for Contests!

To be up front about it first though, the easiest way to get bank roll scaled up very quickly is in baseball season. MLB has the largest amount of statistical analysis out there, making it easy to capture large winning on some nights. Also the competition is not so great compared to football. I will have to provide that on another post, or if your wanting to look into that on previous posts, just type “baseball” into the search bar to the right. Or you can just watch this video Here:

Now, getting back to football. Here are some basic and essential rules to play by: BTW, here is my Cornerstone Content Post

1. Diversify

When investing, you diversify. Well maybe not in all successful investments, as Warren Buffet would refute this idea, but in this game, diversification is key. Never allow yourself to put the same lineup into many different contests on the same day of play. This is because, even with the most optimized lineups for the day or night, there are times when that stud player won’t deliver. This would affect all of your lineups adversely with a large amount of money wasted on these lineups, capped. Establish your lineups with various players, attempting big cash payouts.

2. Consider deeper stats

You must get your lineups structured to be able to take advantage of matchups that will favor your chances of opening up the flow of points to your team. You obviously don’t want to get any players from a defensive struggle with only 15 pass attempts in a game, unless you are taking the running back. Think about your game flow scenarios.

3. Consider Consistency Rankings

In the chief cornerstone of my content I have here what is considered and other post shower now going down though, once again.

To break down the Consistency pointsFactor obviously, some players will perform in a more consistent level even though they won’t have as high of a score and games as others. This philosophy does well in season long leagues where your most pretty consistent fancy performers will do well for you throughout the year. Therefore, the standard deviation as well as the coefficient variable can help you, once you are used to using these numbers to evaluate for stud players. Also of course, to evaluate true sleepers. Once you have this broken down, you have potential available players per the goal on site such as FanDuel, to be able to win contests that our tournament type.


Lastly, game flow factors in. When you look at a couple of the games that flu last week in week number six, there were games though teams were shut out. Seems like the Jag wires in Rams have shown to be capable. While this does not happen very often, it does make these teams defenses down use sore. These are the games with you basically avoid using offense of players unless the running backs can dominate. So, you always have to consider which teams may get blown out, and trying to get back in the game throwing the ball afternoon towards the 4th quarter.

Are all important factors to consider so hope to come back and see the next article at the same time next week. Go ahead and drop some comments and see what you think that really helps you?


FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo Week 7 NFL Lineups

This week I want to give me my most watched players in fantasy football for this week, covering the best Bandore, draft kings, and Yahoo leagues for week seven lineups.

What I’m going to do is just go ahead and bring out the players with Numbers here.

This way my actual watch players are ranked numbers one through whatever number of matchs that I am watching.

Last weeks post was very successful in obtaining players watched that either gained 100+ yards or had scored a touchdown.

This week I am hoping for similar results, even though I don’t really like to rank players week to week like this, this will provide you some solid algorithm, and real world backed decisions on gameday. I will also give each player a specific designation: Injury concerns included, making this the complete breakdown

C = Cash Game Play with a Safe Floor

GP = Tournament Play with High Upside

S = Season long or consistent Stud Player with Both Safe Floor & High Upside


Matt Ryan GP: If your going to go deep in Tournament play this doesn’t necassarily feel like the safest play as Ryan is missing his #2 WR most likely but did show positive flashes at Miami last week. So while he does not feel like a stud, nor has he performed like one so far, he should be highly owned and played in all formats.

Drew Brees C: We are having high hopes for Brees this week as well with not as much of a shootout as last week, if it is, that makes it even more juicy. Even though he projects high against the Packers due to past history with this team, if their defense performs anything like they did last week, this will not be a shootout, and therefore could rest Brees’s arm. I don’t see him as having high enough ceiling for tournaments. You gotta love the Jimmy Graham matchup along with Willie Snead getting healthy.

Dak Prescot GP: This makes for an easy choice when it comes to GP’s because he has come off his highest scoring fantasy point total last week, and the matchup is looking better and better as we progress through the week vs. this 49ers poor looking defense. They should be relying on him more going forward with the Elliott suspension concerns. Good value you should get at only $374 per Point on Fanduel and $325 and DK‘s

Tom Brady S: Even though Brady has had some down games this season through no fault of his own, with OLine concerns, he is a safe stud to still play, in the highest point total game of the week, expecting the shootout.

Kirk Cousin S: Another guy here, consistently on the rise, he is getting well gelled with his WR core, and is boosting his modest numbers every week. Expect a low ownership percentage in Tournaments. Under 10%. Also what’s great about Cousins is on Fanduel he gets you great value at only $348/FP price per Fanduel Point. $302 on DK’s

Carson Wentz C: While Wenz actually does score big enough to get him into a tournament play, I prefer to wait until he proves to put up more bigger scoring fantasy games. Just fine in cash games, even without a consistent deep threat yet, favoring his TE a lot. Has exact  same $348/FP that Cousins has, providing great value at the position. Has the best value on DK’s at only $299!

Other Guys in Play:

Marcus Mariota: GP Only if you want to take a gamble on his health, and his lack of production this year, this is his chance with the 2nd best matchup of the weak vs. Browns defense.

Russell Wilson: GP A lot of people will fade Wilson vs this tough looking Giants defense all of a sudden, but its a good matchup and Wilson has proven high upside capability.

Carson Palmer: C Cash play only here, as the Rams defense is no pushover, however Palmer has good balance with his running game and thats what he needs to get you 20+ points on fanduel with WR’s healthy.

Super Sneaky Plays: D. Kizer: Kizer is obviously a GP play only, as a big risk, but he put up a 25 point game, as some forget in week 2, makes him very lowly owned, contrarian pickup of the week. Hopefully he finishes the game out.

Blake Bortles: Similiar to Kizer, Blake has some upside for sure vs. this Indy Defense in GP’s

In this Video I also explain, for beginners how to start slowly, not risking, with low risk, high upside plays for DFS and Yahoo. As I started to set a Lineup on DraftKings.

For the Tool I am using to gather a large portion of this information frrom week to week visit: DraftDashboard

Running Backs:

Zeke Elliot: S Zeke has the ability to be the highest scoring back this week, based on a very favorable matchup, 2nd worst vs. Running Backs.

Devonte Freeman: S While Freeman has not had quite the upside as the top stud RB’s, he has been cleared to only be a fantasy asset on any team in any format, being used in redzone situation every week, despite Coleman getting into the mix.

Adrian Peterson: GP I consider him sort a a Tournament gamble. It will be interesting to see what ownership percentage he has in daily fantasy formats this week. Don’t consider him a stud yet, even though no one else is in the backfield right now, with Andre Ellington hurt, I am basing this 3rd overall ranking on opportunity this week.

Mark Ingram: S This beast has proven to be able to now carry the workload, ironically with they guy ahead of him out of his way. His 55% of snaps should work its way up this week as well.

Leonard Fournette: S would consider him good in both cash and Tournaments, however the injury concern should make you be sure not to play him in too many of your cash games. If he’s really healthy high upside is the great advantage.

Le’Veon Bell: S The Fantasy Stud continues his domination: While numbers getting better, while not having one the best matchups, vs. the 5th best vs RB’s, its a home game, with LB’s and DB’s hurt for Cinn.

Joe Mixon: GP Mixon is ready in my opinion: No one else has performed thus far for the Bengals consistently enough at running back, and Mixon is getting enough touches, at about 15 per game, to warrent a nice sneaky play vs. a good fantasy defense, however the 27th worst vs fantasy RB’s.

LeSean McCoy: C With a subpar performance so far this season his price on Fanduel is lowering and so is his upside. Does not seem like the same McCoy but should get you enough points as the Bills give him almost 24 touches per game. Click on the Image for a Free Report on Analytic Keys to Consistency broken down like a science.

This a screenshot of DraftDashboard for this week in layout of the Position Optimizer, RB Matchup Rankings as shown starting with #32

Fenduel Draftkings Yahoo lineups week 7

Wide Recivers

Click on the Image for more on the Live Matchup App Including Reward for Playing along with the FireFan App

FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo Week 7 NFL Lineups

Julio Jones: GP How could you really go with anyone else here as the top pick? Even though he had a really low scoring game a couple weeks ago, the injury hopefully is not lingering. Has not had the upside so far this year, but with superior physical ability and skill, he has the most potential to give you the million. Hopefully his ownership will not be above 25%

Dez Bryant: S Yes we are looking for Dez to have a stud day, as his consistency has gotten better and more steady since week one, and seeing him in practice, doing well, hoping the balance of Elliott still there for now, hoping for the RedZone TD. 

Michael Thomas: GP Playing a a better level now as well, the odds of Thomas putting up a big game or a stinker is about the same. The same kind of calculated risk that you will need in large tournaments. 

Pierre Garcon: C Going with Garcon in a cash game seems safe here. For the price at only $6700 on FD, it seems like the best deal, for the points he can give you as a low end #1 wideout in a really good matchup. They will have to throw those middle level balls where Garcon excels as a posession reciever. 

Jordy Nelson: GP If your hoping fro a big tournament play from Nelson, you will pay a little less then usual. B. Hundley may try and force the ball to him a few times I suspect, but what better WR to force it to then Nelson to try and get a deep one.. 

Alshon Jeffrey: C I see Jeffrey as being used in both Cash and Tournaments if you are stacking along with Carson Wentz and hoping for the deep balls. That is a strong possibility with both CB’s on the Redskins hurting at the moment. Look to other options on this team as well at WR.

Tight End

Zack Ertz: S To be at over 10 points per game at every week so far this season is unprecidented. Thats Good! Consistent Stud at the position this season.

Jimmy Graham: GP This is a position where I have to favor the best at he position in the season long rankings that so many of you may have veiwed before the start of the season. This includes Graham as still a good option.

Rob Gronkowskie S: Always to be considered the best TE in season long in all formats, if willing to pay, or have the money left over.









Home Based Sports Business Opportunities: 4 Options

When it comes to decide on a home based sports business opportunity, there a number of proven ways to go about earning money? without having the overhead cost of a traditional business.

Also, if your passionate about sports, these are ways to get slow rising cash flow, so that you can be in profit, as proven and tested before by the writer except for the #1 Sports business. They are not placed in any order of best, rather placed starting with most difficulty level.

Some of these strategies are a bit easier for beginners, depending on your skill set.

Here they are with a summary of recommendation at the end of this article.

Home Based Sports Businesses

1️⃣ Start a fantasy sports site:

Level of experience/skill needed: Expert

I had considered setting up a site to provide a fully functioning site similar to the big names, DraftKings and FanDuel. You can check and check their marketplace. 

This would be highly risky based on an initial investment of around 5k for site, software, hosting, and other services in investing in and maintaining the potential legal battles and management of capital flowing in and out for marking and promotion. You won’t be profitable by simply advertising on your Facebook page.

2️⃣ Start a Fantasy sports consultation business

Level of experience/skill needed: intermediate

Simply by making a web site similar to what you see here, you can be successful in starting your own fantasy site with your custom url, hosting, logos, and your own unique content.

If you feel confident about giving fantasy sports advice, set it up and work at for a couple years straight as you will have to let your site age and get some authoritative results in the search engines like google. For getting Home based sports business opportunities started within this route, if you are highly skilled in fantasy sports don’t hesitate to visit WealthyAffiliate on how to get started in this rewardable niche.

3️⃣ Social Media App

Level of experience/skill needed: Beginner

What might you ask is this App and how can it make you money? ?

Well, it is the FireFan App ?

The FireFan App ? is a great friend/social user experience. As a product, the application is definitely improved from its initial launch ? from over 1 year ago. It has been one of the most downloaded apps in 2016/17.

How can you make money with this app?

As in my previous article, it’s explained there in comparison to fantasy sports apps.

However it’s a completely different gaming model.

The payments are based off of token purchases, played tokens, and game/league invites.

This is a proven way to get referral commissions from my experience.

For more on the outline of the affiliate program and a free report on marketing the FireFan ? opportunity starting visit

Here are some examples of the gameplay you can also test/demo. You can click on the actual image to go to the App for downlaod and playing the game of the week:

Sports based business opportunities

Home based opportunity

4️⃣ Just Play DFS

Level of Experience/Skill needed: Intermediate

While this way does not entail running an actual business, it does require skilled capital management in addition to fantasy sports expertise.

You can however get started with very little, if not $zero. Slow bankroll gains are recommended instead of taking risks for million dollar gains. Home based sports business opportunitiesYes, this is recommended even in DFS. With the right tool such as DraftDasboard, this can be used to manage your rosters’ constructions ?.

Overall, these option from beginner to expert bring rewards of monetary value to anyone serious, yet patient about the process of a home based sports business. 

In Conclusion: Lets’ face it: Any Home based business opportunity will bring out the best in you, based on any difficulty level, assuring yourself, with ultimate completion of implementation and follow through, the successful setup of turning your passion into a thriving business. 


New Daily Fantasy Sports Sites: Beginners Roll

This is my weekly column on the beginners guide to fantasy football and any sports for new daily fantasy sports sites featured in this article.

Every week this football season, I have been doing an article such as last week’s Fantasy Football Beginners: Yahoo Leagues

In this article I will go ahead and get into the new sites. This is because the same DFS sites like FanDuel and DraftKings are already well known and documented.

New Daily Fantasy Sports Sites
No Season Long Committments

So this article I will go over four major reviews of varying types of new DFS sites. Some basically paid and some free. Not really any pros or cons. Just based on your preference in playing.

  1. Draft

Visit link

That is all about doing just what the site says. Drafting. Dad is at Once you’re there you can join to be able to join in not only on beginning season dress but also daily and weekly. So while keeps the elements of daily fantasy intact, the draft hold a whole new element.

Conclusion: if that’s what you like to do, which could be the funnest part of fantasy sports in general go for it! Draft away.

2. Boomfantasy

Visit Link:

So in this instance the question arises: what is the difference between draft kings, FanDuel And boomfantasy?

Well I wanted to be clear on this myself, so I did ask and contact Support first before even looked into this particular best rated sports app. As it seems you are not actually drafting players either in cash or object or snake draft format like with the What boom does is make the selection process easier by simply asking questions about players Performance. For example, who will score more points: LeBron or curry?

But however, you are still selecting players. Wow that was a bit confusing to me at first it appears the selection process doesn’t go according to the questions raised in deciding which players that you choose specifically.

3. Fantasydraft

Visit Link:

Fantasy is very similar to the big ones. It’s gameplay and similar style doesn’t hold much difference between a draft kings along with FanDuel. I think I do like however about this site that there are more head to head contests and slightly more earnings on the winnings in the 50/50 contest.

4. FireFane ?

Visit Link:

Fire fan is also fairly new and similar to boomfantasy, There is a selection process, based on questions that you answer including total team output which constitutes when’s total yards and so forth. However, differing from that site there is not an actual team that you roster.

You simply based your points based off of the competition of the game that you entered with other people. This could be 1000 or just two people. So also it is the only one that actually operates in game, during the game which brings an element of excitement unique to its own!

For an invite to the Football Matchup League with Wealthy Fantasy There for NFL games, available for Chat to compete with visit FireFAn Signup, and downlaod the app.

Conclusion: depending on what you prefer there are options here for everyone in fantasy sports. I don’t necessarily recommend one over the other. Be very careful however, with paid contests. Except for FireFan, these are mainly paid




Week 6 Fantasy Football Position Rankings Breakdown

In week 5 of Fantasy Football as every week, I break down positions rankings.

I will go about it as in the previous week with a chart that will provide valuable insight into the player performance and the matchup, as well as provide a video breakdown if your so rather inclined to watch.

This list does not include every player but remember an important rule. Just because a player such as Kevin Hogan has a better matchup or is hot for the past few weeks does not mean that he is or will continue to be as reliable as Antonio Brown.

As you can see this interestingly gives you some point fishing variation to look at upon deciding best players for now.

What we will do next is actually look at the specific matchups according to the day Sunday

Here they are:

49ers at Redskins:

In this game the 49ers look weak at linebacker Navarro Bowman was let go. But Washington also has some major weaknesses on their side without knowing about Josh Norman status as well as some other defense of Lyman and defense of backs these teams could very well put up more points than expected with Washington favor by 11 1/2. So my expectation here is at Washington will find open field running opportunities again San Francisco’s defense. Also, look for one of the water Sever’s from Sam Sisco to get loose for a long touchdown.

Bears at ravens:

This game figures to be a low-scoring match with Baltimore trying to find it’s running back I am favoring buck Allen. Bottom more themselves though, also has issues on offense of line and defense of line. Can a bears tight and get loose? There aren’t many wide receiver options.

Buccaneers at Cardinals:

This game figures to have 45 points scored which is fine. Not sure if Patrick Peterson is going to play versus Mike Evans. The Cardinals also have a lot of front seven concerns that Tampa could make use of especially with Doug Martin now ready to run loose.

Giants at broncos:

This game very well figures to be low scoring. However the Broncos domination could very well be a lot of points or they’re running backs and receivers. I will look for play action passes to open up down the field to Sanders and thomas.

Browns at Houston:

This is another domination game. The Texans are favored by a lot of points and I will obviously include Watson ready with DeAndre Hopkins, Lamarr Miller and company. This is a great matchup for them all around.

Courts at titans:

This is not so sure of the game as there are no lines as of right now at 6 PM when writing this. There are no glaring weaknesses on either teams defense. Marcus Mariota is up in the air as to whether he will play. Luck will not.

Chargers and Raiders:

Look for Oaklands running game to do something in this game. Of course with Marshawn lynch lien the way some back ups could also get involved. The Chargers are expecting Mike Williams to make his debut. You can look for water Sever’s to get open but who knows which ones.

Steelers at Chiefs:

Here there is a high enough implied. Total to go ahead and say the Chiefs favorite at home will do pretty well with Travis Kelce seeming like he’s going to play and open up opportunities for T. hill. Not sure though, if big Ben and Antonio Brown will put it together this game.

Dolphins at falcons:

In this particular game Atlantis number one pass rusher is back easily. Miami has a number of injury concerns therefore, the Falcons are highly favored and look to score a lot of points as a dolphins continue to struggle with linebackers and Byron Maxwell may be very well hurts. So go with the regular starting guys here Ryan, Jones, Freeman, and Coleman. If you want to take a flyer on Gabriel that’s fine.

Rams at Jags:

Both teams have some defense of backs hurt. Therefore, you can pick low-cost quarterbacks and wide receivers from both teams. The point total is not too high because of the defenses of both of these teams playing well so take the best offense of players if you want with caution.

Patriots at Jets:

The patriots need help at linebacker and defensive back. The Jets are in a situation with only Matt forte and a back up with Bills Powell not expecting To play. Look for the usual place here on the patriots offense with Brady scoring big.

Lions at Saints:

New Orleans has concerns at offense of an defense of line Detroit has defense of line linebacker as well as a defense of back concern with Grover Quinn looking hurt. However, this is the highest in point implied. Total of the week at 50 points. There should be a lot of scoring this game. I will look for breeze to do fine with one of his main targets back.Look for the Lions to lean on running backs with Theo Riddick taking some snaps at receiver and running back.

Packers at Vikings:

This game shows Minnesota do not be so highly favored at 2 1/2 points. Minnesota though needs help at offense of line. Green Bay needs help with defense of backs. Without Stephane Diggs there’s not much of a chance of Minnesota with case Keenum starting that Minnesota may be able to even take much a vantage of Green Bay’s defense of backs.

And finally to give you some ideas for setting and finding players, to win your league, Even in the Waiver Wire on Yahoo:

Fantasy Football Beginners: Yahoo Leagues

When taking your shot at winning in your season long yahoo league, you may want to know these points for fantasy football beginners.

Also before the Yahoo instruction, its Thursday night, so join in the game here: Click on the photo for advice on who to start and who to sit and get free tokens for answering some game questions before the game kickoff.

Free In Game App Experience, to get your specific fantasy football lineup questions in the Football Matchup Community, just click on the picture below to get private fantasy league invite

fantasy football beginners yahoo

To go ahead and get started with the Yahoo portion of the post watch the video below:

Here is the next video but before setting lineups you may want to understand better reasons behind the actual fantasy football stats here

Next, what I’ll do is lay out in order the exact steps to take on Yahoo or many other formats my exact line of construction formula.

  1. Be aware of pointspreads. A home or away games evaluation and initial injury status for concern players
  2. Think about possible game flow scenarios. So once you have gathered this info from the biggest pointspreads trying to predict the outcome and points scored of the actual game trying to decide how those points will be obtained. Whether they will be running passing down scoring opportunities or even a high-scoring defense.
  3. Identify weaknesses or opportunities for offense of players to score on an opposing defenses weakness caused by injuries or general lack luster underperforming players.
  4. Favorable Defensive/offensive matchup’s. Of course as always talked about on this blog sort out the players to have the best matchup’s of the week versus a particular points per game allowed average in fantasy points.
  5. Take perfect lineups-change it to players plus to come up with lineups that will do you well. This takes place more specifically on the salary games where you can choose any player thinking about the players that were not just be automated but also using this tool to predict which players will do the best this particular week, then you can change at least two of those players to customize and optimize.
  6. Stock watches leading up to kick off you can always evaluate by yourself due to injuries which players will have better games based off of these injuries and have more opportunities. You can use the above tour mentioned to Easley sort out this information.
  7. And last, do not use any of the same players in all of your lineups.

Due to the volatility of the current NFL there are some scenarios that I recently happened in recent weeks that I made the most consistent players falter under the current state of the NFL. So be careful dad if you have any lineups in whatever whatever lead you’re playing in don’t use the same player in every lineup if you can help it.




Football on the Internet Live Stream: 3 Options for Live Games

How can you live stream football games on the internet, tablet, or smart phone?

Football on the Internet: Live Stream Advice

Streaming live games online can be pretty complicated..

You can do or try a number of things, but let’s first define what is live streaming just for clarification:

What is Live Streaming Football Games?

live streaming football games is a way to watch games from any device that allow an internet browser, many times for free, or with a small subscription fee.

A live, life Perspective

We are living in the times of streaming from mobile devices.

Let’s face it, live events are difficult to get to and not preferred by the masses. So what has been the next best option for decades?

So while of course we may very well prefer to watch football games live, we may also prefer to watch them recorded so that we can come back to it when we have time. Since life gets in the way of our favorite past times, with work, religion, family, and other responsibilities, we can no longer get to live, unless we are in a position to watch while we work, or dabble in other activities.

So, the old TV is no longer useful for our favorite team/sport if our channel service, for example Cable does not carry options for you to be able to do so, as advertised by Direct TV, out of your market area.

By the way recorded american football games can be found through the nfl network  by paying a much lower monthy fee, depending on what package you want.

So where do we turn next to Stream??

Option # 1: Hiding your IP Address

Well, you could try to obtain an IP address over your internet streaming device using a monthly paid subscription, which may only be around $10 a month, I honestly tried this, but it did not work for me. Seemed to be a bit too technical. But if can manage to get your IP address over the Europe, the NFL network supposedly will give it to you for free and live stream.

Option # 2: Buy a Instant Internet

This is a Gimmick type device, that basically if you can pick this up on Amazon, and see if it will bring you any live internet streaming. Honestly I tried it and it was a dud from my experience.

football on the internet: live stream

Option # 3: Look for Live Streaming advertising sites, (European)

How to live stream football games for free

This option is easy, free, and non-technical to stream from your device with internet. Here’s where you can find: FootballGameApp

Actually the site takes you to a live in game app and competitive community where you can chat about the game. But inside the chat is where I will reveal the site url where you can watch for free in live HD:

Here’s a quick overview of how to get in there.

That’s pretty much it. Which is the best option for you?

Just by opting into the email list you can get live free streaming HD games in football or most any other sport. Just follow along in the community.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Also don’t miss my article earlier this week on Betting in sports and how that related to Fantasy football




Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5

When actually rankings the best fantasy football players for the 5th Week of the season, we now have some data to work with. Fanduel is used here

Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5

Here”s how this post will Rank: According to real analytic numbers:

For more explanation on these numbers and what they exactly mean, you may look to the Keys to Consistency from last year, or opt-into the Free report, delivered to your email inbox for your convenience.

Cash Lineups to Consider: Fanduel

Landry may have a good game, and is safe in PPR. So is Cobb. In Fanduel they are reasonably priced $6.6k for either guy. Cobb has a higher SD, and CV because he missed 1 game, bringing down his consistency numbers.

We have some really consistent backs that are getting the touches and perform level from week to week, with Fournette being the #1 cash game option this week.

Tournament Plays to Consider:

Here’s where it gets more tricky:

As you can now see in GP’s high SD’s and CV’s are important to have, not only to save cash for relief in your lineups, but also so that your #1 and #2 options such as TYH and Diggs will give you a chance to win by accumulating the high points for a low cost. Of course you will have money to spend as in the Cash projections as well, so here’s where you spend the cash in Tourney games:

Gurley is actually the best play there is right now in any fantasy football format. His upside as well as his consistency is tremendous, better then anyone I have ever seen since I have been keeping track of these advanced statistics. At 27.4 Points Per Game on Fanduel, obviously he may continue to be the best value on the board.

Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5

Here is a Video on the Fanduel or Draftkings nfl lineup analyzer:

As you can see, you can the lineups here are easy to set:

For DraftKings I have more recommendations for Flex Options:

Here we can see the numbers show these to be good options in GPP’s especially with as high of ceiling with low cost that these guys bring.