Fantasy Football Rankings Week 1: Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge going into week one of any fantasy football for your fantasy football rankings; Week 1 is this: You have no factual data to support anything from results of the current season. In fact, this early on, you don’t even have a small sample size other then the Pre-Season.

What value does Pre-Season Hold?

To be honest about this, really very little, other then evaluation of talent at offensive and defensive individual players. With Pre-Season just about in the books, what have you really learned from it? Not only is the sample size of playing time for each player so small, but the competition is most of the time even smaller to varying degrees. Add in the fact that coaches are doing just that: evaluation, this is the only positive thing you can use to your advantage, rather than looking to anything a team does in the Pre-Season as actual data to project, with unwillingness to go beyond simple, basic, offenses used to evaluate backup, and competitive positions.

Real Predictive Factors:

Better it is then, to focus primarily, at first on players that have performed over a period of a few years well, as opposed to taking a sample size from last year only. I baseball this is much easier, because the individual match ups mean so much more, and there is so much more raw data on pitcher vs type of batter at least, which is referred to as platoon stats, just to name of the very keys factors in fantasy baseball leagues.

When it comes to football, getting back on track with the season upcoming, here are the historic factors we can look at, dating back a few years now, however not taking into account the current defensive matchup, that being the most difficult to predict for the upcoming year. Therefore, we will only focus on large sample sizes of player performance over the past 3 years, dating back to 2014 and focus on those, using them in our performance metrics.

I will give a few examples to examine of these matchups in seeing what it is we could pinpoint, since the nature of these games, in actuality, the vegas odds will be of very little use. What I am looking for here is somewhat of a balance between high upside and consistency based on the highest scoring fantasy games the players from these teams have had, ranking those according.

Matchups: Week 1

Fantasy Football Matchup week1 Patriots
New England: 1. Rob Gronkowski 2. Tom Brady 3. Brandon Cooks

Pats VS Chiefs Point Total Predict: 44 Points NE Favored – 3

Fantasy Football Matchup week1 Chiefs
Kansas City: 1. DeMarcus Ware replaced by Kareem Hunt for this week 2. Tyreek Hill 3. Travis Kelce

Her’s and interesting Computer Prediction from CBS Sports on the Top 5 Backs to Actually Draft Based on Production and Overal ADP Value Here: CBS Sports Link

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Who will get the most points from this Matchup: Most likely Grnk will benefit most from this matchup as KC is one of the few fantasy defenses that does put up numbers, and may actually hold Brady in check, however, not have a LB that can hold Gronk down, relying on a Safety to pick up up.

Fantasy Football Matchup Week 1: Packers
Green Bay 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Jordy Nelson 3. DeVonte Adams & Ty Montgomery











Packers VS Seahawks Point Total Predict: 47 Even Matchup: 0

Green Bay’s highest upside player over the last few years of course, is Rodgers. No GB player has blew up to achieve close to 30 points, probably due in part to Nelson injuries, but Nelson was very consistent, even though not delivering huge games.

Fantasy Football Week 1 Matchup: Seahawks
Seattle: 1. Russell Wilson 2. Marshawn Lynch replaced by Thomas Rawls and Eddie Lacey 3. Doug Baldwin

While once again, the QB is the highest performing upsided player in the matchup, I mention Lynch because they are still attempting to replace him from 2014, so they will try their Running game splitting carries against this Defense. Too bad they haven’t replaced Jimmy Graham either.

Fantasy Football Week 1 Matchup: Falcons
Atlanta 1. Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, DeVonte Freeman












Bears vs Falcons Point Total Predict: 49 Pts Atl Favored – 6

Why do I love this Matchup so much; 3 reasons: Expecting big games from their big 3. While this could be a blowout, not resulting in many points for the Bears, Chicago could also show up on defense and in the Running game to slow down this attack, and if having a good gameplan, ready to play, they might do so,

Fantasy Football Week 1 Matchup: Bears
Chicago 1. Jordan Howard 2. Cameron Merideth 3. Unknown

This should go decent for Howard, unless someone is being used in 3rd down and/or down from behind situations in the Chicago passing game, which I could see happening whoever is starting for Chicago, which according to the Chicago Tribune is going to be Glennon. In either case, and unproven starter.

There are of course more interesting matchups in the coming days, but that will complete this for the day.

#1 Ranked Daily Fantasy Football Software

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Let’s first answer this:

What is a Daily Fantasy Football Software program?

Our definition is this: A program that will organize your information for you in customizable format, that you can use to optimize your lineups for best chances of winning your contests, using computer rankings. 

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daily fantasy football software

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CBS Fantasy sports once offered, once upon a time a Free computer ranking projection system right on their app. I personally had much better success using this particular feature, even though it was not robust enough, compared in any way to DraftDashboard.

Its no longer there..

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How To Win In Fantasy Football ?

How to win in fantasy football? That has been a question well asked and a question we will answer right now?? the best we can. This will specifically be in fantasy daily contest applications but can also be used in season long leagues such as yahoo fantasy football.

When considering this subject, that is simply the object of the game to simply define: score more points than your opponent(s). For the day.

There are a few simple things to keep in mind:

Keys To Winning Consistently:

  1. Just Play Good Players
  2. Play Players that have Best Scoring avg on the Year or PPG
  3. Use Advanced Algorithms
  4. Use Common Sense Fundamentals

The first point, playing good players seems like very common sense in the first place, but if over-complicating your matchup evaluations and worrying about every detail, you may miss out on playing a player that is very worthy of starting and not build your lineup around him as he could rightfully be referred to as a “STUD.”

Warning: These Are Advanced Strategies

Definition  of Fantasy Stud: A player who week in and week out performs around his average points per game, and outperforms his average points per game (PPG) more so than he under-performs. How though, you may ask, can a player more often outperform his PPG then under-perform, when the average is the mean of the 2 varying numbers from week to week?  How to win in fantasy football                                                               Well, that depends on the Co-efficient Variable and Deviation from that Mean number. Also referred to in my article, as the Coefficient of Variation or (CV) Definitely check out the article there to see the picture painted better.

There is still another set of rules, you could say, to factor into your determining the best players for a day, taking into account the advanced algorithms and many programs take into account to make Computer Based Decisions. I have found that this varies, based on the software developer of various optimizers, which will give you varied results.

How can you get a accurate estimation of the best chances of getting players, and winning the 3-6 figure contest games? I’ll show you here in this video: [embedyt][/embedyt]

As you can see, this is an advanced algorithm along with common sense factors included such as batting order in baseball, as well as, even though not mentioned in the video, injury status is used fundamentally.

In terms of one of the options, at least one, if not more that you will need to use, to take risk with is SLEEPERS.

A Fantasy football sleeper is defined here by Fantasy Sports

So when a player is not recognized by others to be a fantasy stud for whatever reason, he is considered one of these sleepers.

To remain competitive, or to start getting a very competitive edge when it comes to this advanced rankings and algorithm system, which is not available on any free site, directly from my experience visit: to opt into the free report, or go directly to to get started with these Advanced Strategies.

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Fantasy Football Tips: Search For Value

When looking at fantasy football tips, you will always be looking for best value, in any format of a league, you need to be focused on taking players that will perfom beyond what their expectations were the previous year or ADP currently is. My list has changed a lot from last years, ADP projected.Fantasy Football Tips: Value based picks

If you can project to surpass your competition in projecting points, thats it, you win, and thats the bottom line in winning, sine anyone can take a expert cheat sheet or come up with their own, and the influence of the top picked guys will always be gone by the 1,2,3rd rounds and beyond. Let’s go over some pivotal points that set up many people to win their leagues last year(s).

Tip #1 Go against the grain on certain players.

Ex. #1 Le’Veon Bell: He was taken many times at bargain in drafts considering his 3 game suspension, and still finished as one of the very best. Imagine him playing 16 games this year?

Ex. #2 Tom Brady: The deciding player, of whose value surpassed most other QB’s again, as all you had to do was draft someone like Kirk Cousin or Derek Carr, although those guys are going to go higher this year.

Ex. # 3 a negative one, but the RB in Miami last year was actually supposed to be Arian Foster. No where to be found now, and so Ajayi was a great pickup at he right time when the opportunity came about. Take a lesson regarding older RB’s. Especially ones who were always hurt. Taking a younger RB can always pay off in rounds 3-15.

Tip #2 General Lineup Building Strategy:

This tip has to do with in season, or daily lineups building. Keep in mind the nature of the teams you are working with as defined by a  team sport. In baseball, many fantasy guys look for stacks. Stacks in football need only be a QB/WR or QB/TE threat to score together. I will have to use Stacking as my next post tipic, including when to employ the strategy itself. Always use the recent game scoring log available at DraftDashboard to make sure they are performing up to their given price tag. When entering into a season for weeks 1-2, you have to go with your gut, as well as the previous years fantasy scored stats to understand their value, along with team Free Agent and coaching changes, which change the dynamic of the team itself. A switch from a passing to a running balanced team hurts some players and helps others.

Tip #3 Hot/Cold along with Vs Matchups

If there really is such a thing as hot/cold, we do know they happen. Count you ever count on the same trend to continue the same way. No. What you can do is look at the opportunity a player has and see how easy it could be to potentially get more points than what their average PPG, or Points Per Game is going to be. This can be helped of course, by the Defensive rankings from last year, Free Agent Pickups, Coaching changes, and injuries, along with Pre-season findings, if you want to say the pre games matter at all. In evaluating individual talents I believe it does. In team defense, I believe it does not.

Tip # 4 to wrap it up for 2017

While Zeke Ellliott may seem to be one to align with what is now going on in terms of projections such as Bell or Brady, it seems uncertain first of all, whether Elliot will serve all games of the 6 game suspension, at least trying to bring it down to 4 games. So it looks to be at least one more game then these guys mentioned. This would literally be the only guy I would say to reach for in the 2nd round. A lot of people are backing off now until the 3rd round, and this could be a mistake, not taking him whenever you had the chance. A lot of value will obviously still be there, taking McFadenn later on.

Fantasy Football Sleeper Report: TE’s

In this article I will explain why this may be a pivotal year for Te’s for 2017 Fantasy Football Sleepers. Consider this a Free Report for these this Key Position.

Taking a bit of Strategy in first, I plan to stay away from high profile TE’s that not only will have a hard time consistently producing because of their offensive situation but will struggle to keep healthy. Keep away from trying to do what everyone else will do, since in order to finish #1 out of 10 or 12 team leagues, you will have to separate yourself in your evaluation of taking a players, or players at this position to solidify your late round options, and increase your chances of picking up as much value as possible. Some risk always involved to win. Here are the guys I was mentioning everyone else is going for:

Fantasy Football Sleeper Report: TE
Thought I would share this Championship Ring I found

Gronk, Jordan Reed, and Travis Kelce, along with Greg Olsen

So here are some guys that have as good a chance as any to produce up to around the same level, given the drop offs happen due to injury.

#1 TE Sleeper: Eric Ebron

This guy is actually NOT drafted at this time in some formats. I really can’t believe this: It shows that people are underestimating his ability. He was one of the best in the red zone for one stretch of the 2nd half of the season, comparable to Gronk. Watch out because he IS in the right given situation with Stafford and Co.

#2 TE Sleeper: Jack Doyle

Doyle will also benefit greatly from a Solid Fantasy QB, who may surprise, reaching elite status again, and Doyle is in position to profit as the main TE there now.

#3 TE Sleeper: Coby Fleener

Fleener is one who could definitely benefit from really good QB play as well. While not as solid as the prior 2, in terms of the offensive changes, maybe more run play action will open up the TE passing offense, like it once was with J. Graham

#4 TE Sleeper: Hunter Henry

Henry is a good position as well, but only thing is he has to share time. When Gates came back, he was not as well used but this year, he should show more consistency and if Gates has any downfall, or injury Henry has proven to be a good pickup.

#5 TE Sleeper: Vernon Davis

Davis shows some nice flashes, and as I eluded to above, Davis has  a TE ahead of him that is often injured. Davis still has that ability that he has had with SF to light up, creating TD opportunities. Obviously Davis does not need to be drafted. Pick him up if needed as a FA.

Fantasy Football Sleeper Report
Thought this was THE Best Example of a Trophy I could find

Also worth mentioning here is Jimmy Graham, while not necassarily considered a sleeper by everyone, but his ADP is not showing his real value probably because of his injury last year.

Also, Zack Ertz, whom I did not necassarily like, but he has really good rapport with Carson Wentz, which means his ADP should also be highere than what it is right now.

NFL Training Camps: Impact On Fantasy Football Teams

Before we get into NFL Training Camps related to Fantasy Football Teams; What was the #1 Worst Motivational Speech Ever Given? It was by Coach Bulldog Turner before the final game in the history of the New York Titans.

The year was 1962, and this ill-fated team was playing in the now-extinct American Football League (AFL) when the coach gave this “motivational talk”: “There won’t be any New York Titans next year, so most of you are playing in your last pro game. Most of you aren’t good enough to play anywhere else.” LOL! This is a great way to end the season. NFL Training Camps

Don’t end your season like this, stay motivated, and enjoy your Fantasy Football Rollor-coaster ride like no other year in camp.

Ok here we go as you can check back, if the subjuct ever even comes up again, but as I LOVE TO DO with these posts I will provide the ULTIMATE SPORTS Ranking for you in terms of the Best,, and Numbers 1-10 on the Pivots of what will impact Your Fantasy Seasons the Most Starting with and EVEN TAKING IT BACK to MINI Camp and thru the Training camp leading up to every team’s pre-season opener: Fantasy football teams

This is not meant to be a typical TOP 10 List, Rather, a Breakdown, or Food for Thought on the BIG QUESTIONS that will matter most and what you must decide on as a Fantasy Football Owner of your Team:  Here they are::

10. Andrew Luck Not Playing in Pre-Season

This is obviously not the biggest news here, so that’s why its ranked #10 in your Fantasy football impactfullness. So while Luck is not ready to play any time soon, will this have any long term, or residual effects on the 2017 season? Better be watching the unravel for the sake of any fantasy player you pick up for 2017. This Great impacts his overall ADP so far.

9. Who Will Be the Cleveland Browns Staring QB

While this does not seem like something that will matter to you, but while at the start, Kody Kessler was the Starting QB at he start of mini camp, it was a certified FACT last year, that A RECORD 4 Quarterbacks did make it into the top 10 QB in fantasy for the week last year. That long list includes RGIII, Kessler, Kevin Hogan, and Josh McCown. Does this carry over into 2017? Well, the Browns of course, hope to run the ball better, but the fundamentals of the game state: When playing from behind, the passing game will take over. DeShone Kizer and Brock Osweiler are added in 2017.

8. The Washington Redskins may have Best Fantasy Defense in 2017

Yes, keep a keen eye on this as well this coming year as the Redskins set the pace for the Free Agency Market in 2017, as Fantasy Defense does MAKE A LARGE IMPACT on Fantasy Football, and with key additions along the defensive line, DeAngelo Hall taking a pay cut to stay on a a nickel back, and with the NFL’s #1 Corner, the Skins have a formidable Defense.

See my Fantasy Football Team Rankings for D/ST

7. The Redskins Offense in Transition:

I also believe that IF you are drafting any Redskins RB AND IF you can handle the week to week change of RB status in the NFL at this level of Fantasy football, that is if you do not draft high enough to take one of the Future HALL OF FAMERS I will discuss next. Your Management of offensive backfields such as the Redskins AND, the COUSINS non-signing including the integration of T. Pryor, and J. Doctson into the Offense, which I believe will not hurt but Help Cousins, in his consistency for 2017 will make these combinations one of the Best in the NFL.

6. Which RB will you choose if you have the #1 Pick?

For this one, let’s consider for a moment, which HOF RB would you rather have in his prime? LaDanian Tomlinson, Terrel Davis, or Marshall Faulk? There are all good right? But which is better for fantasy. Well, I would say either Tomlinson or Faulk would be fine. Both players set the standard for running and Receptions in the NFL and Fantasy . So who measures up best in fantasy today? So far, L. Bell, while Johnson and Elliott have to gain and prove more consistency for better value.

5. How will the Cardinals Do When Carson Palmer Gets Hurt?

As we have seen, after the first pre-season scrimmage Blaine Gabbert is a capable backup. So as Carson Palmer ages, and we hope if you end up taking him whether in season long or even a sneaky type of daily fantasy start, who will be the backup and will Drew Stanton or Gabbert be capable to save you a lot of Cash in Tournaments, or just hold you a spot in season long leagues to get you a win. REMEMBER, scrappy working Fantasy Football Managers WIN games in the trenches, with players that save money or original draft picks, being undrafted, used to win Leagues. Even though DraftDashboard my not pick up the backups’ in their algorithm, you can bet your fundamentals WILL CARRY YOU FAR to IMPACT your team.

4. Will the Dolphins Find a Guy?

With Ryan Tannehill currently trying to get a positive 2nd opinion on his injury, someone may very well have to take over for a while. An while I’m NOT SURE if Tannehill is the franchise, other guys here have an opportunity. That’s all you need in the NFL. One chance to show who you are and what you can accomplish. Matt Moore, Jay Cutler, or Colin Kaepernick? Who might that be? Sleeper Central

3. Will T. Brady find his #1 Receiver?

With Gronk really just HARD TO RELY on, in terms of the best receiver among all positions as training camp all these guys banged up except for Brandon Cooks. IS COOKS the guy, or perhaps the sleeper of the year, or the most improved Fantasy Receiver of the year. A lot of people are expecting a lot of him this year, and he could be in the best position of this trio of pass catchers, including Julian Edelman.

2. Will these RB’s Out, get their JOB BACK?

With teams like the Buccs and the Ravens having their staring RB’s out for a while, will they get their job back? That’s what training camp is about but with these guys not here, because of suspensions and injuries, or combination of both as with the case of Dixon, interestingly, this will impact the Ravens staring RB spot for the rest of the year. At least with Flacco in there to start week one, they can have their passing game in place. As for the Buccs, they seem to have a pair of RBs in there at least until Doug Martin can return, with J. Rogers, and C. Sims trying to make up for the loss.

  1. Who will be the fourth Bell Cow at Fantasy RB?

    So who will be THE guy in fantasy either behind or joining Bell, Johnson, and Elliott as the best, or closest to workhorses on the year? Will it be Melvin Gordon, Leshawn Mccoy, Todd Gurley, or Devonte Freeman? Well, I didn’t want to put this guy ahead, as shown in my rankings above on the menu but Todd Gurley could be the guy to recover from the sophmore slump and return to 2015 form, Glorifying the Fantasy Stud through an improved, offense with better coaching, and a nice OT in Andrew Witworth coming over to block for Gurley. He is healthy and ready to Return.

Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers: WR

Last post, I highlighted Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers at RB. This post will show who to expect to be the highest upside sleepers at WR.

Fantasy Football WR Sleepers

Here is the list of the ADP according to fantasy football ppr sleepers at WR








So after the initial 2 rounds, I consider anyone drafted in the 3rd round or later, to be considered a sleeper. If you click on the Overall tab if going there, you will see that the last WR taken the in 2nd round from 3 sources of overall draft is Amari Cooper.

These sleeper listings were updated as of 8/1/17 and you may want to go ahead and get updated sleepers daily in any sport @

DraftDashboard ?and ❗️Start the Trial Run there ❗️

  1. Allen Robinson Jax

Being the #1 sleeper on this list seems unreal as the WR was once with the elite of WR’s 2 seasons ago. He might need to get back that production.

2. Brandon Cooks Pat

A lot of these next guys are not really in offenses that should put up a lot of points due to the QB not being that solid, but here is Cooks and Brady!

3. Alshon Jeffrey Eagles

Jeffrey seems to have what he needs to effectively settle down, learning this offense, and creating space for himself in a crowded WR/TE core.

4. Keenan Allen LOC

Here, you can also see Allen being a #1 Receiver in a good offense, in a tough division though, remember with very good defenses he’s playing.

5. Sammy Watkins Bills

Her’s another sleeper that some will try and count on starting as early as the 3rd round in 12 team leagues. Don’t bet money on his health.

6. Terrelle Pryor Redskins

Pryor has a real opportunity to solidify the #1 receiver spot here on a team that’s quarterback can put up very productive numbers as has been shown that past two seasons. There are a lot worse situations he could have chose

7. Devante Adams GB

Adams was actually in the top 10 in PPR scoring last year. Why can’t he do it again? Look for this sleeper to pick up good amounts of yards, as long as Green Bay does not run into any slumps with Rogers this year.

8. DeAndre Hopkins Hous.

He should be higher on this list, but I have him right with the pack of excellent starting #1 caliber players here, its just that it will be difficult for him to reach top 5 WR status like he did back on 2015 in this offense.

9. DeMaryius Thomas Den.

Another case here of an offense that may not finish in the top 20 offenses all season. similiar to Hopkins, Thomas takes a back seat on fantasy priority draft lists, so you could get a very nice players about 3rd round.

10. Julian Edelman NE

It seems he has steadily improved over the years, baring injury, and has been able to make leaps in his fantasy production, but his upside will not get any higher then last year, so 4th round for him is fine.

11. Doug Baldwin Sea.

I’m not sure how many people really want to draft him where he is going, in the 3rd round. I feel like there were some plays and circumstances, that limit his upside, so this is a fine spot for him.

12. Jarvis Landry Mia.

Staying in the 4th round, I don’t see Landry losing any production from last season being a solid #2 or #3 fantasy option. Try to get him in this round IF you are stacking WRs to finish out your 3rd.

13. Martavis Bryant Pitt.

The ultimate current definition of sleeper. A deeper type of sleeper, but he has shown to be like a #1 wideout, although he never will be.

14. Emannual Sanders Den.

The other Denver guy not getting good results from the offense.

15. Stefon Diggs Minn.

This is a guy who could fall back or go forward in production. Either way, who really knows, but he has the slot WR skillset to succeed at this level in fantasy as a #3 option on your roster.

16. Corey Coleman Cleve.

I am a lot higher than most people per the ADP list but I believe he’s the best option for the Browns in an offense that needs production besides the TE, and Gordon is never coming back. He’s the #1 guy.

17. Tyreek Hill KC

A lot of experts are not taking him as worthy of his current 4th round ADP, but Hill is the kind of sleeper that, now that J. Maklin is gone, he is the #1 option for Smith, and if Smith gets replaced at some point, lookout.

18. Michael Crabtree LV

Crabtree has been considered by one list I saw, to be higher than Cooper in fantasy. While i don’t think this will happen I see Crabtree providing a lot of veteran, consistent value still.

19. Jamison Crowder Wash.

He has upside, young, and can work his way maybe into other roles than slot, but as J. Doctson is supposed to emerge along with Pryor, he remains a sleeper in fantasy PPR but a good value option.

20. Kelvin Benjamin or Larry Fitgerald

Well, i made another spot for both of these guys with similiar body types, one still having upside, and the other, holding onto what he has with age.