Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers

Here are the TOP 20 Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers for 2017: RB

To be considered a sleeper, obviously you have to think about the ADP of the players and how that is currently going as not a high draft pick, so I will exclude anyone with an ADP showing them drafted in the first 2 round according to Fantasy Football Calculator.

In any general 12 team draft and what might be expected on the high ceiling end from these players. Here is a pic of the ADP list, which just does not include the top 3 that could not fit on page, which was of course, David Johnson, Zeke, and L. Bell NOTE: These sleeper listings were updated as of 8/1/17 and you may want to go ahead and get updated sleepers daily in any sport @‼️

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Fantasy Football Sleepers PPR

Top 20 RB PPR Sleepers for 2017

  1. Joe Mixon ** Mixon has great potential, the only real reason he is not considered as not a sleeper, but an expected stud already along with the #1 threat among rookies, Leonard Fournette is that he is expected to share backfield duties along with 2 other talented veterans.
  2. Isaiah Crowell ** Crowell has the break away speed to recognize open holes in his offense, and make large gain. Add on top of that the potential to also carry the load as a workhorse AND the receiving back, as he did last year, this really adds to his PPR sleeper status.
  3. Christian McCaffrey ** McCaffrey will be playing games with OC’s this year. It will be fun to watch. So look out for the option, along with receiving yards beyond what any other panthers back will have.
  4. Ty Montgomery ** The WR/RB can create his own space in helping offense in whatever way he can. It seems he will start the season as the #1 back in a offense that will not bring his stats down.
  5. Carlos Hyde ** Hyde has the ability to be THE every down back. Only problem is the injuries. But also at this time, he is fighting what seems like competition, so his starting spot is not guaranteed.
  6. Dalvin Cook ** Cook obviously has the game tape and film to be among the top 3 RB’s out of this year’s draft. But once again, with crowded backfield, there are a lot of mouths to feed. How much will Cook get? I would expect if he stays healthy, he can at easily at least get 15 touches per game or more if his run blocking catches up to the pro game.
  7. Adrian Peterson ** Peterson has the home run ability we all know about to take it to the house. Need I say any more. He is going a bit high though.
  8. Mark Ingram ** Here’s where it gets tricky and rightly so, since the sharing of backfield time is going to be in full philosophical effect in N.O.
  9. Danny Woodheaed ** With Woodhead and West permanently taking over, Woodhead gives you the best chance on this team for a consistent #2 RB.
  10. LaGarrette Blount ** Blount has the ability to be the bull dozier that the Eagles seem to be looking for. Sick and tired of Eagle RB’s? Blount is Best
  11. Bilal Powell ** While this isn’t really high on this list compared to his expected ADP, nor his expectations as a starting RB, I don’t have a good gut feeling about him taking over for Mat Forte yet.
  12. A Patriots RB ** Not an easy solution but let’s say one of the 3 guys here gets hurt? Ok, down to 2. Gillislee is the favorite, but who knows from week to week.. The guy who had the most Receiving targets was J. White
  13. Kareem Hunt **This is where we boil it down to those Rec. or targeted RB, as this is whats left to really consider sleepy.
  14. Darren Sproles ** You should still be able to depend on his Receiving skills
  15. Duke Johnson Jr. ** Still showing flashes of ability as a receiver.
  16. Charles Sims ** Sims is the better guy taking over for D. Martin
  17. Shane Vereen ** An unsure backfield has a sure 3rd down back.
  18. CJ Prosis ** Seahawks need backup with skillset like this to be healthy.
  19. Chris Thompson ** While not every down, the backfield is unsure
  20. TJ Yeldon ** His targets were kind of high last year, and can be used.

For the full RB rankings list visit Wealthy Fantasy Football’s Top 15 Fantasy football RB’s by position

Fantasy Football Depth Charts: Impact Free Agents

Here’s a short list for your fantasy football depth charts to consider: The most impactful free agents currently who could make an impact on a fantasy team this year. Once these guys are signed they should contribute in some capacity. But it may take a major injury to bring them onto a team. 

And so, while this is highly likely to happen, expect these guys to get into a camp soon with the training camps opening today around the NFL. 

fantasy football depth chart free agents
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As you may know, I love fantasy football rankings so here are the most likely candidates to into training camps or later on to also make your fantasy roster as a free agent 

Top Ten Fantasy NFL/Fantasy Free Agents

  1. Gary Barnidge

    I still believe this is an extremely good player to actually be out there as a free agent in the NFL. Last year he was on many Fantasy Rosters, and should be on Fantasy Roster depth charts this year as well, at least in deeper leagues. Barnidge had good streamer production as I believe he could jump into the 4th tier of Starting Fantasy TE’s holding up his end of starting caliber production in the top 12 on your fantasy team.

2. Colin Kaepernick

Have we seen the last of this running QB with the great arm? Hopefully unlikely as there are A LOT of QB injuries in this league, and I don’t see how he does not get one. It would not make any sense to me. He was starting for a lot of Fantasy teams last year as well, as I myself recommending starting him many times in leagues.

3. Ryan Clady

Ok, why is an OT on this list? Well, honestly because not that many guys are going to make much of a difference beyond this point, and since a plug in play Offensive Tackle is needed as well, with injuries on the table potentially for any team, Calady could solidify, indirectly a starting RB. Makes sense? If not, don’t worry. Express your comment though. 

4. Ladarius Green

While it may be difficult for a team to trust him as a full time starter, Green may be able to fill in, in the right situation, even though he has never been able to prove himself healthy. In fact, the Chargers gave up on him as the replacement to Antonio Gates, with Hunter Henry, who looks like a top 10 Fantasy TE option. If Green was able to keep healthy, would things be different? 

5. Anquan Bolden

As one of the best WR’s in NFL history, in terms of production in doing his thing, this former College QB, had a brilliant NFL career, from the start of his very first game, out of the gate as a star. Now does he have anything left, besides a mentor role as a player? As probably the best actual veteran option out there, that may be so. 

6. DeAngelo Williams

Here’s a guy that could contribute. He has the ability to be useful as backup back, filling in, but probably not to the extend again that he did for Le’Veon Bell. His days are coming to an end and his being Picky about what team he signs with is self destructive. Any team that offers him something on a roster, he needs to go for. 

7. Stevie Johnson

As a one time starter for the Bills and 49ers, this speedy WR does not seem to have what he once did as the cocky personality even some flashes of big play Chad Johnson like ability, but now he needs to find a spot on a roster, beating out someone much younger. 

8. Larry Donnell 

AS the third TE on this list, its getting harder to write about these guys, but Donnell could fit in somewhere as a veteran option, a surprised option whenever there is an injury.

9. Rashad Jennings

Jennings really seemed to bring the Giants rushing offense down, honestly. Not sure anyone will pick this guy up unless they are somewhat desperate with more than one injury at the position. But, it does happen.

10. Dan Carpenter

Yes even a kicker has a place on the FA list. Just for fun. Check out the huddle for more, although there’s not much there.



Fantasy Football Team Rankings: D/ST

In this article I am going to go over the less talked about portion of fantasy football team rankings: Defense and special teams. Check out my 2017 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings for more on Offensive player rankings info, and how to keep up to date

What I will do is, since the predictability of fantasy football in regard to defensive and special teams performance is very wayward, or unpredictable from year to year, with various stats of info, what I will do is this: 

Taking a point system to rank the defense according to pro bowl caliber, or potential upside/solid starters on defense and basing my defensive evaluations off of this point system to help people look at potential for really good and clear out the really poor looking defenses, ranking them 1-32. It does not include special teams, since there is no way to predict that, really. 

What I did, keeping in mind that there is also the nickleback position which is a big part of turnovers and potential touchdowns scored on defense, I include this position, along with the other starters.

All I did was take every pro bowl caliber player and apply a point. If I felt the players has upside to be or should be a pro bowl/solid starter, I gave .5 as a half point.

Here are the rankings of players based off of Yahoo Fantasy Sports Defender Rankings: Fantasy Football Team RakingsThese players are likely to create the most fantasy points on their own with sacks, interceptions, and so on. Even though Fantasy is not the same as being a “pro bowler, I take into consideration the top performing defensive players from my familiarity of playing in a defensive league that counts individual in addition to team defense, drafting. Ok, hope that makes sense, anyway, here the top potential defenses with all of the free agent and rookie movement included, of course. 

The highest point total a team can get is 12, but no team comes close to having that much Defensive fantasy weight. 

Fantasy Football Team Rankings

  1. REDSKINS 8.5
  3. CHEIFS 7.5
  4. VIKINGS 7
  5. PANTHERS 6.5
  6. EAGLES 6.5
  7. GIANTS 6.5
  8. FALCONS 6.5
  9. CARDINALS 6.5
  10. CHARGERS 6
  11. Jagaures 6
  12. Buccanners 6
  13. Titans 6
  14. Broncos 6
  15. 49ers 6
  16. Raiders 6
  17. Texans 5.5
  18. Rams 5.5
  19. Bills 5.5
  20. Dophins 5.5
  21. Patriots 5.5
  22. Jets 5.5
  23. Packers 5
  24. Lions 5
  25. Bears 5
  26. Cowboys 4.5
  27. Browns 4.5
  28. Saints 4
  29. Ravens 4
  30. Bengals 4
  31. Steelers 3.5
  32. Cots 3.5



Daily Fantasy Baseball: 5 Picks for Lineup Advice on FD

As the football season is fast approaching, whom should you be looking at if you feel the need to be exploring daily fantasy baseball lineup advice until then?

I will give you the best 5 value picks that you can start using Today, in your lineups, and hopefully their price won’t go up too much in formats

These guys will give you a few money ball options:

Particularly on Fanduel is where this is applicable, Check the prices on DraftKings first if needing to determine for use there. 

As I really got into this, i noticed a couple things: 

This was a lot of calculator work! For best practices on evaluating lineups always consider this Solid Fantasy Baseball Advice Here and Consult for more Valued Advice.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Advice

Also, I was not able to go over all players in the majors for scoring because of the time it takes, so if you take a player just compare to see how those numbers compare when you divide the average per game scoring by the current cost of the player since that changes daily.

daily fantasy baseball

You might be surprised at this list..

Reason being is these are undervalued, low cost players that are $3500 or lower on Fanduel in terms of what I was looking for out of the top Players that the computer equates to the Top Points for your Dollar. 

Here is the Top 5 with some other considerations as well. 

The Top 5 Fantasy Valued on FD

5. James McCann Ave: $383 per point $2300 on FD

Believe it or not these are some of the best Price entry point players I found in my research to suggest these are good players to continue considering for cash games IF: These prices stay close to the same

4. AJ Pollack  D-Backs Ave: $378 per Point Scored  @ Only 3400 On Fandel.

Pollack provides one of the best values right now at this price entry point

3.  Nick Williams OF Ave: $377 per point ave Only $2700 FD

While his data is limited, its worth taking sort of a punt at this OF position, and seeing if his consistency picks up, as a young player.

2. Gary Sanchez C $356 per point ave ONLY $3200 on FD

I really couln’t believe the price for Gary the Goat, as he is one of the elite hitting Catchers in the leauge, The value here on FD is Awesome!

1. Cesar Hernandez 3B Ave: $ 350 Per Point ave  $2800 Current Price FD 

There is enough data here to show that Hernandez provides a lot of value in comparison to anyone else in this value based price range. Look for Hernandez to show up, as one I never thought of really using.

The other Daily Fantasy Value Picks for Rest of Season

Worth mentioning here: 

Jay Bruce $389   $3500 on FD

Ian Kinsler Ave: $387.5 $3100 on FD

Witt Merrifield Ave: $412.5   $3300

Manny Machado  Ave $412.5 Per Gam

There were more I wanted to mention but there numbers were just too costly to include. If you notice any players that are doing well for you in any format just drop a comment to let me know.



2017 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

When preparing for your 2017 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings, where do you start?

2017 nfl fantasy football rankings

Hopefully you will pay attention to the ADP, or Average Draft Position in your own fantasy rankings and use this information to make informed decisions  about human tendencies. See this tool @ fantasyfootballcalculator 

Since you can always see this information there, updated daily, and even use and sort according to the “Dashboard”, then this article will go over some of the key strategies and considerations when humans are making these picks. 

When making computer analysis picks always look at the Draft Dashboard, for up to date analysis on GameDay

By the way, as you can see there the setting allows for the black out of the chosen players you already have drafted as well as others picks, to quickly see where you are at during a “live” draft.

For the actual list, I will go ahead and update the top menu section: “Fantasy Football Draft Board” for the Best Value Based on ADP, Computer Rankings, and Fundamentals of Fantasy Football in PPR Leagues across Yahoo, and DanDuel Points Generally for season long and Daily leagues also being considered for the upcoming year projections. 

This Post is mainly laying the groundwork for the foundation and explaining what is all behind the rankings will include: (To my knowledge, no other site considers these additional factors. 

  • Variance: Meaning the Lowest Co-Efficient Variations, which are spotlighted Here as to how this calculation is actually made. 
  • Matchups: Based on Stats of apposing teams’ strengths and weakness defensively. Not accumulated until after a few weeks of regular season data. Prior season(s) not used. 
  • Upside Potential: The Upside of the Player to show improvement in his gameplay, increasing his Avg per Game Points scored compared to the previous year. 

whether you are a seasoned expert or a beginner, there is a lot to consider. Consider this: 

2017 fantasy football rankings
Wealthy Fantasy Football Rankings

If you have followed Fantasy Football for a number of years, you are biased to certain players’ performaces in remembering whatever you recall in past performance of a certain player in your HUMAN thinking, you miss a lot of the information that really matters, that you cannot possibly evaluate in your head. Sure following football for years, gives you and edge, but a lot of people do too..

That makes for a lot of competition. So you need something more to base your player targeting on. This tool, DraftDashboard will help you Target the Best Up to Date Evaluated Players of the Day for you. 

But it is only a starting point. Always consider your league: How does the scoring work? 

In Daily Fantasy, How large of a contest is it and what percentage of players will actually win any cash. These large contests should be used with High Co-Efficient Variable to give you a legitimate shot to win Big Cash in Large Contests @ Low Entry Points, for Max Profits. 

One More Important Thing:………

Check, if you can find this info, the ownership % of a player you are purchasing, as well as even how many Points a Given Player Actually Costs you In Cash Style Drafting such on DraftKings or Fanduel. 

In a future article I will discuss how to find this data much more easily this year then in previous years as well. We are stepping our Game Up!



Draft Dashboard Review

With this Draft Dashboard Review, I will give you my review of the Fantasy Sports Software that gives you a slight edge in Picking Daily Fantasy Sports Lineups in Contests, really for use on any league, in any site. I will not only give you the draftdashboard breakdown but also a How To on the specifics of how to get the most of it per my experience. 

Check some of my Previous Articles on Daily Fantasy Sports, Fantasy Football, and Even Baseball Here to understand many of the basic to advanced concepts of the factors that need to be considered when making lineups decisions in these sports. 

What is Draft Dashboard?

As mentioned the advanced software, which includes daily rankings, up to date on the fantasy matchups of the day, it is available 24/7 all around the clock, instantly preparing you for the next available Top Picks of the Day on any game slate in most major sports. This can be done on Roto Grinders with their Player research tool to note with many limitations to the overall free software.

To give  you a very user friendly experience, saving you hrs per day of research in various tools that you can use to optimize and dominate your daily or season long league. 

To preface, avoiding confusion starting out, let’s give you a look at the inside of your dashboard, or your control room, once you are logged in, which can be started and tested for $1 for about 7 days, I believe before the regular price sets in, which is lower than the other Optimizer programs I have used out there, Notice 4 Specifics or Basics.

draft dashboard reviewNotice as you look there, starting at the top, the games are easily changeable as seasons progress into other sports, with the 3 major sports you can keep track of. 

  1. As we work our way over to the upper right hand side you will see the switch option, allowing you to take your game to Draft Kings, or Fanduel. With all of the upgrades, I wouldn’t be surprised if they added Yahoo and others. 
  2. The “How to Use” blue button to obtain basics of the overview of all of the tools below, which are Videos overviewing each of the ways to use these. 
  3. The Tools themselves which we will dive into with more detail now. 

DraftDashboard Tools:

Browse Teams

In Browse teams, the way I use this is to quickly find Players on any team along with Projected Winner


As you can see, you can start to take players that you want to watch and target those based on what you find so far here, of which we’ll get more into later.

Top DFS Players

This is a VERY Important feature of the Draft Dashboard that allows you the opportunity to see all of the players with top rankings customized automatically to any game time/slate you choose. Here’s that video: 


With this specialized tool you can save tons of time with the best fantasy players for the day, as the you want to pay particular attention to the computer rankings, or Dashrank, the very first sortable table as Greens indicate, per the video the most valuable and statistically logical plays for that day, with the additional info being added with the regular updates. 

Find Sleepers Tool

Check out this tool for the lowest cost players needed to win any matchup.

Here is the Video Overview: 


An integral part of your lineups you must get players that are lower priced, especially in baseball, when taking an ace pitcher, there may be an average much lower than what would otherwise have to be utilized. 

Find Studs Tool

I also utilize this tool daily to ensure that I have “Stud players to make sure that I am not overpaying for players that are not up to the usual caliber of a player, building out the most value in consistency, Here’s how its done: 


No matter who you choose as far as pitcher, the best Studs will help you determine who you should be able to utilize in stacks or just getting the best possible position player

Position Optimizer

With this tool, its also of daily use as you choose the leftover positions that you were not able to fill within using any of the other Tools. 

This Tool has not video, but is one of the best to use. 

The position optimizer can help you take a look at for example, to quickly find what pitcher you might to find on the bottom as a weaker pitcher to make a batting lineup against this pitcher for a very favorable matchup to start some these batter. 

Lineup Optimizer

This tool will help you put together a suggest lineups lightning quick. Taking only seconds to put together a list of your watched players based off the prior research you would have just done with your tools mentioned, building out the best lineup. Here’s the Video


As the video brought out, no lineup will be perfect, but this saves you a lot of time putting it together.

Generated Lineups

And finally this research tool will give you different ideas of lineups that you can use and optimize, There is no video of this tool, but similar to the Lineup Optimizer, you can find and replace in the tabs, players with others’ of the same or similar price to replace any position instantly without switching screens, so you can find the other players you have watched. Great comparison tool. 

Summary and Final Word

To try and sum up all of these tools for your Daily Fantasy Sports Lineups Remember, per my article on Winning in Daily Fantasy Sports above, the experts create and maintain spreadsheets. I have found that this may not be needed, with these tools, as it does help to look up additional stats, on say fangraphs, going above and beyond, using additional research tools never hurts, so the more time you have, the better informed decisions you may make in regards to injuries, consistencies, and the overall picture of a particular player. 

Also I have not mentioned the Hot and Cold Indicators next to every player, as these indicators help show the level of play the player is currently at, but don’t count out the cold players because the cold streak is bound to end, especially the deeper they are in the cold, indicated by a -3. Do not be swayed by this indicator as numbers prove that this is not directly relevant to the next performance of the player, and I have used this just fine on my lineups with a couple colds in my lineups. 

By the way, here are the Pros and Cons


  • Great customer Support: Just email them and get and answer in just a few hours. 
  • Basic and Advanced Player Stats, easily accessible on main screens, hovering over.
  • Watch Players, to your liking, and track for organization 
  • Video tutorials for reference as shown above.
  • Always up to date Daily!


  • Uses some data that may not directly affect the performance for a given situation, 
  • May look to be a lot of info for new users to go through, especially for a beginner in Fantasy Sports. 

Final Conclusion

Recommended %99 for everyone from beginner to Expert, for help in easily navigating the many options in daily and season long analyzing of players and teams. As a recommended product, visit to not only get the instant online software, but also receive a free report on how to win %95 of your Daily Fantasy Lineups, which is of itself a $20 Bonus value, delivered, PDF to your inbox if wanting to learn more about DFS




Fantasy Football Rankings by Position: WR Top 15

Here’s the rest of the list. Its not the Top 100 players, but the fantasy football rankings by position for optimization and strategy feel. Feel free to share comment, or even critisize in a clean way.

Top 15 Fantasy Football Rankings by Position: WR

15. Julien Edelman PATS

Edelman has proven to be the best slot receiver with swag and proven ability to hook up with the #1 QB probably in Football still, as the reliable target is durable for the most part, will get you few 0 games.

14. D’Andre Hopkins TEX

Always seeming to remind me of the other Clemson receiver, Watkins, this is definitely the better option of the 2 in Hopkins. Hopkins is one of the best at rabbing balls in the air, and once the QB position finally gets settled. Who knows maybe their #1 draft pick is the best thing for Hopkins, even this year, as this Hopkin’s could only go up in that case.

13. Michael Thomas NO

I am going to hold off a bit on the ADP that he is currently being drafted at because of the consistency of the go to guy on the offense for Brees, that being Willie Snead of course, while the offense works on running the ball in the pre-season I would expect.

12. Brandon Cooks PATS

As the guy leaving the same team, this is a dynamic player with lots of upside, and ability to take over a game, the way few can, even comparable to OBJ at times. However the PATS offense will not be ready to treat Cooks like Randy Moss from the gates, but this value will go up.

11. Dez Bryant Dall

Dez has always had the ability to be used as an elite #1 WR, and this season is not much different as he attempts to return to his 2012-14 form he once had. A lot of that will depend on the development of Prescott.

10. Devante Adams GB

Why should we doubt this guy and give him as Low of an ADP that I am seeing. He was one of the top 10 producers of fantasy points last season even with J. Nelson being the 3rd best on the season in total points. I see Adams Progressing, not regressing at this point in this offense.

9. Allen Robinson Jax

Allen had sort of a after sophmore slump that is now over. Robinson should be one of the most consistent #1 Receivers heading into the prime of his career, and his numbers should go up, being their #1 guy headed into the season for an indefinite length of time.

8. Amari Cooper Oak

Cooper should be fun to watch this year, even with a loaded offense, and with Carr at the helm, it will again be one of the most feared offenses, along with line that protects, and run blocks well, with which the balance should benefit Cooper even better, as a 3rd year option for #1 WR

7. Jordy Nelson GB

AS mentioned Jordy is the #1 WR in GB, however the numbers from last year being tough to duplicate, with other options on the offense now including Bennett from NE, it looks like his age and lack of durability will catch up with him along with the offensive options Rogers has.

fantasy football rankings by position: wr

For further explanation of the graph, check out this Roto Grinders Article

6. TY Hilton Indy

I believe, once you get out of this top 7 mix of elite WR’s it gets more projective and progressive into the 2nd tier of the Most reliable WR fantasy options in this game. TY is one of these guys, with the canon QB available, Luck and the offense hopefully getting better, with O-Line support for this deep and intermittent consistent threat.

5. AJ Green Cinn

Green has all the makings of a very good year as people are expecting that to happen when you check experts and forums for this ranking info, and as long as Green stays on the field at least for 14 games, he will be worth it. Carrying on the tradition of great Cincy WR’s Green is one of elite.

4. Mike Evans TB

Evans has all of the tools to be the consistent top 5 Receiver in this league, while not as explosive, nor fast as the top 3, Evans has proven to be a top playmaker with his size and ability to get balls high in the air anywhere on the field, with not seemingly so much help at the position on his team.

3. Julio Jones Atl

If you noticed, prior on this list, as it was  a tough one to make for a WR in ANY rankings list from anyone you will find on the internet, leaving out the other 2 guys, who are right here in the top 45 obviously thinking highly of this offense, and hoping that continues this year. Overall, these top 3 guys really are neck to neck and should be considered ties. The only reason Jones is #3 is because he missed a couple games last yeaer.

2. Odel Beckham Jr. NYG

OBJ has all the makings of bringing another fine year, and with the championship chase now including B. Marshall, this should help provide some fine mentorship. Odel has been critisized for many moves he has made but the speedy threat is at the top of the list for his Fantasy VALUE

  1. Antonio Brown Pitt

    Brown appears, not to be slowing down any time soon, as one of the veterans of this top 10 list. It would be hard to imagine anyone taking many targets away from him unless this was intentionally done. With Big Ben staying the course, completing as many games as he can, this does not bother Brown a bit.