Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Position

When ranking the top 100-150 fantasy football players for 2017, its difficult to sort out when Blogs do those straight player of any position rankings because not all positions are treated equally in fantasy football as is a well known fact in any fantasy football league.

So I’ll go by position compiling to just about equal the same amount of players of a top 100 list, so we can go about organizing them better.

Please comment with any feedback, Share the post whenever you can, and..give suggestions on any type of other rankings you would like to see in any type of format.

Fantasy Football Player Ranings: Position Here we Go: Starting today with Te’s for the 100 list. Keep in mind also these lists do not include technical scoring accumulations as in my freereport explained, as well as in my prior blog post, fantasy football starters explained evaluating fantasy football consistency in particular. These are fundamental projections based on upside talent, offensive opportunity, and general performance, and injury history variables, with a bit of my opinion too.

Fantasy Football Player Rankings: TE

Fantasy Football Rankings: TE

TE #1 Travis Kelce:

My initial thought was to put Gronk here, but left him at # 2. Kelce will provide consistent value delivered over the course of the year, with durability and value delivered over the middle part of the field with the same offense ongoing from last year with the Outside Wr’s. His dynamic playmaking ability to take plays to the house allows for really good TD percentage with TD’s in probably 10 out of 16 games.

TE # 2 Rob Gronkowski:

While he won’t be drafted as high overall as in previous years, Gronk continues to be the most dangerous and aggressive force that the NFL has to reckon with in mismatches. If he can stay healthy for 10 out of 16 games that would be good, but not high enough to really merit a top 3 round pick in standard drafts.

TE #3 Jake Reed:

Another Te who is hard to keep healthy, checking weekly, if not daily injury reports on this one, which makes it a good idea to wait on drafting a Te in many draft formats, unless you get Kelce. The mismatch ability makes many teams looking at drafting similiar looking Te’s coming out of college with similar attributes.

TE #4 Jimmy Graham

Though many would disagree as to these tiers, in my opinion Graham is still in the same tiers as these previous and could be taken ahead of 2, and 3 here if you prefer, since Graham has a chemistry now with Russell Wilson even though its supposed to be a running offense. While Graham does have injury concerns, so does everyone else. There is no denying his potential as a threat to score in Redzone.

TE # 5 Greg Olsen:

Though there are concerns about the offense changing with the arrivals of lightning bolts on offense, this guy has been the most consistent on this offense including Cam Newton. Kinda reminds me of Jason Whiten in terms of the ability to age and keep it up for a long time, being a reliable target, and threat to score as well.

As for the rest of the Te’s well, I will just mention and finish this segment up, because in reality, in standard scoring leagues, and even PPR, the rest will have to be streamed at some point in the season to keep good lineups going:

Player Ranking: Unranked Streamer Position

Tyler Eifert, Delanie Walker, Martellus Bennett, and Eric Ebron.

Oh, and don’t forget the San Diego, I mean LOS Te’s as mismatching from week to week.



How To Make Money Playing Fantasy Football

In this Post I will Outline the Basic Simple Steps Needed to Make Money Playing Fantasy Football. 

These principles can be applied as well to any daily fantasy sports sport, that can help you to gain the organizational and statistical edge when it comes to the numbers and likelyhood of you actually lasting long enough in your daily fantasy season to make money instead of wasting whatever you may have invested, instead of losing that.

What is the Most Important Factor to Accurately Predicting Player performance, making you Money in Fantasy Football and Other Daily Fantasy Games?

To actually make money more times than not, is to get accurate projections, that will be most important to you to project the lineups that will get you to win consistently.

What Not to Factor in Making Money Playing Fantasy Football

Make money playing fantasy football

For a projection algorithm to take place, you need to take as many factors as possible into your evaluation into your daily, or weekly as in the case of football, where there is a lot of time of evaluation in between games, you will be able to project, based on the numbers, more so than the talent, since talent only amounts to so much, while being fundamental to the value of the player as many players have the physical talent to do so, is rarely used in fantasy as a result of determining a players 40 time or player ht/wt. to try to get some projection out of that.

What To Do to Make Money Playing Daily Fantasy Sports?

Start Making Spreadsheets.

Yes start making these wither through Microsoft office or Google spreadsheets to make sure your player lineups include:

What would you include in this spreadsheet?

You will obviously need to include the player name, position, salary on either fanduel or draftkings, as well as any relevant stats that would at least directly affect the scoring of the players in that particular contest you are playing in.

Tip: Don’t use other sites to Win in Daily Fantasy Sports

Think about this: If you are consistently getting advise from a daily fantasy sports site such as Rotogrinder, or fantasy pro, there will be a decent amount of people out there with the same or similiar numbers. So while this could work in small $ games, it will not work in higher level, beyond beginner level competition, because there will obviously be too many people with the same projections out there.

Make money in fantasy sports

While there most definitely will be a learning curve, unless perhaps you know your particular sport you choose to participate in really well, you might at least have to get used to the concepts of using the spreadsheet system, optimized and using it for your own template which is easily found to download, or you could get access to a free report, here which will show you specifically how to go about advanced lineups strategies that most people don’t think to implement in their daily fantasy sports game. Visit my current recommended lineup optimizer for draftkings and fanduel both for a bargain price compared to these sites mentioned where the “perfect lineup” will not be used by everyone signed up for the same thing, Go Here: DFS Free Lineup Advice/Optimizer where you can get all of this customizable to your preferences as you set the players you want to watch daily, and understand easily which players will likely help you get to your prize of consistently winning in daily fantasy sports.

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This will get you easily organized or else you can start your own spreadsheet used to assimilate all of the enormous amount of data.

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Field of Dreams: Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice

Per my previous post, I believe that last article need refined and, basically reviewed from the Beginner Daily Fantasy Baseball and Advice perspective in strategy, especially in Daily Leagues that needed touched on to correct some of the information I had given to show that I am still learning this particular game and not near the expert I am on the Fantasy Football Game, and naturally picking that up in the same way as my studies of the game make me respect the game even more.

daily fantasy baseball advice

However, that expert, professional mentality as Not only a Game, but a Challenge, in pure competition, will now hold sway in this article as we round the bases on the field of the prospects of a Daily Fantasy Game, that we can show you here today.

While I have a lot of questions resulting from the various projection tools used to shorten your valuable time of the day used on this true daily evaluation process based upon the amount of games played throughout the season, I see this as a real opportunity to profit and enjoy doing so while the FanDuel and Draft Kings phenomena at least lasts as long as it does.

When/if it of course is out-ruled or outlawed in my land of play, I am out!

So when it boils down to a few corrections based on learning to write things down as I have learned over the years, this is an excellent way to see where your own current skills are in the daily fantasy sports arena, and how you personally can also evaluate where you are.

daily fantasy baseball advice

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advise #1: The Law of Large Averages

The first thing to try and keep in mind would be to remember to take in large samples of players trends and stats, not short 1 week spans because the law of averages do kick in for better or worse as averages in ERA’s, runs, hit, and so on add up to be a certain consistency when it comes to predicting a daily game. Of course there are variances in this, but the averages will come back down to earth, weather that would be a positive or negative adjustment in a players back down to or going up from earth fantasy numbers.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice Law #2: Choosing the Right Information on Hitters and Pitchers

This gets more tricky but think of it this way: Instead of getting into all of the stats at this time, think about when Michael Jordan attempted to make it in MLB.. Why did he not make it to the next level? Because he quit. He went back to his #1 sport, which is fine, but the continued development and game stats that he corrected and projected with upside, would probably have led him to the majors, and this was according to a current MLB Manager, that was involved in the training of Jordan.

As you look at the basic 3 outcomes of Hitter including Strikeouts, Walks, and Home Runs. These are the usual control factors that are measured in total and averages throughout the year and are a plenty in terms of referenced online sites that can tell you all of this information.

Similarly with Pitchers, they have averages they they go back to unless their progression or regression is at a pivitol point in their particular career, or what we call upside, or downside.

So Basically, look for stats that show the control that the player has over their statistics, showing any variances from the norm that they put up.

Also to be included in this category is their performance specifically against the opposing hitter or pitcher’s handedness, being left or right.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice #3: External Factors

What I mean by external factors is opposite of the #2 rule in that the individual player has control over his own performance to his own extent.

External factors include, some of which are obvious:

  1. Park Factors
  2. Weather Conditions
  3. Opposing Teams Talent
  4. Lineup Position
  5. How Good is the Player’s Team

All of these can be broken down in much more detail, but to give yourself an edge, you would need to use a lineup optimizer to give you much more detail and control over trying to reference all of these various factors, at least in one place where a computer can weigh all of the impossible statistical measurables, enabling you to focus on the overall strategy of the Daily Fantasy sports game, leaving a large portion of that to that program.

For more info on getting instant access to a Optimizer that I work with and recommend, visit my DFS Report Site