5 Ways to Profit From DFS MLB, Knowing Nothing About MLB Players!

As a wealthy fantasy football manager, how could you get started to fanduel, or draft kings, winning DFS contests with no experience in daily games in MLB, or Baseball, and be able to win games with no real expertise in this sport?

Well I must say, first that this is not, nor has ever been my cup of tea, in fantasy sports, in fact I have only excelled in football.

Daily Fantasy baseball

However I see this digital age prospect for winning Daily fantasy contests on one of these sites if interested, you will gain the experience winning fast enough.

Here are the major key factors in racking up winnings in Fantasy Baseball starting today.

fanduel daily fantasy

  1. Pull players into your lineup that will give you best matchup possibilities.

This means looking at pitchers as basically your defense, and how the pitcher does in ERA, SOs, and other stats vs. that batter

2. How consistent has the player been over the last few games, showing the recent performance overall of the Fantasy Points Scored.

This can be accomplished by checking the points scored averaged out, or manually checking the Fanduel, or Draft kings scoring section.

3. Making sure your pitcher is not cancelling out a part of your lineup by picking any opposing players to that particular pitcher.

I found this out the hard way of initially playing without noticing as a rookie mistake you can avoid.

4. Taking a look at Fundamental factors

Such as RBI’s that team members will use to get the runners, in on high scoring teams, Power plays, or stats that give you the most fantasy numbers, and for pitches, actual wins, which count in this DFS game

5. And the last key with is much more difficult.

Trying to determine the overall depth of the defense a batter is playing against, along with the overall performance avg of the batter, vs. that defense, or any other defense on a consistent basis for that matter, showing how hot the player really is potentially looking to be vs. this team. While this is related to the 1st point regarding matchups, the game goes much deeper than what you could probably handle at first from a beginners standpoint, and will take years of experience to navigate through all of the statistics and matchups to get the Average Daily Fantasy Value of each player from day to day, with games and matchups every day of the week.

However, there is a tool now able to handle all of this information in one convenient place, and I have only seen one such place to manage, generate, and use all of this info for winning contests such as these.

Get my FreeDFSReport here for a broader perspective on all of the info needed and how to solve the problem of massive amounts of information on massive amounts of games in Daily MLB Fantasy Baseball Contests.

2017 NFL Draft Position Rankings: RB

We all love rankings and trying to figure out the best prospects in this year’s draft. No 2 evaluations offer the same opinions in this year’s draft especially. My question though, would be to any expert evaluation is this:

What will be the results of this nfl draft class of RB’s 10 years from now.

Here’s mine:


  1. Leonard Fournette:

    No one can really make a good argument against Fournette hear, unless your offense fits better with Joe Mixon and want to utilize his talents as opposed to Leonard’s, therefore a team could wait on a later pick to get Mixon. I will just focus on highlights in this post to focus on the potential of this Back Class:

    Fournette has the tremendous overall power, speed, awareness, and other intangible evidence to show he is a starting back in the NFL, as probably one of the best in coming years.

  2. Joe Mixon:

    While one may try to judge his character, and that will have to be developed, no one can argue the rare top ten pick caliber player Mixon can be at the next leve. I thought about going to another “Safer pick” here but the risk is worth the reward here for many offenses, including New England, as I am sure they would love to have this ability if they perhaps needed it.

    If you can forgive the cafe’, you can realize the potential.

  3. Christian McCaffrey

    So that this RB may be an asset for a long time for a team, he needs to be used as an all-purpose back while he lasts. He played a lot as the feature back there, comparable to Reggie Bush. McCaffrey has though, more straight line running and receiving ability, and can master the next level, as prepared by the coaching to handle that.

    Every time this RB touches the ball, there is a breakaway of a threat to NFL Defenses.

  4. Wayne Gallman

    Here’s where most people may well disagree with the ranking. I tend not to watch too much film to be honest before I see what I am getting. That means it does not take too long to see the upside of the RB in this case, putting on the film, right away gets you excited for this guy.

    Gallmans’ highlights show how quick he hits holes, and can gather himself easily out of cuts around the line. What ability!

  5. Alvin Kamara

    You can attain what you want out of Kamara this year, and perhaps have a starting RB. overall he is good. He does not have the real threat of ability that will scare defenses, but he can help team with depth, and replacement of starter ability right away.

    Simply put, he can ball based on overall ability to find the endzone.

  6. Dalvin Cook

    Dalvin Cook shows a lot of skill on the field, died well in the combine, especially in receiving skills, but lacks the overall intangibles that I would expect out of a 1st round caliber talent. Her’s the film:

    Cook shows nice ability to get around edges for nice gains consistently, hoping he can do the same at the next level.

  7. Kareem Hunt

    Hunt shows enough quickness, lateral and breakaway speed, as well as utility type of qualities to be an all around player in the next league as shown here:

    He was a productive player that scored a lot in the MAC conference.

  8. Marlon Mack

    Mack has what basically a lot of NFL teams are looking for in ability and tendency to move the chains and gain first downs with a good combine performace.

    He seems like he will be a storng elusive runner at the next level.

  9. Jeremy Mcnichols

    McNochols shows good polished promise as an inside and outside runner with enough elusiveness to make cuts and get to the edge, finding the end zone.

    To get this guy in later rounds, as is probably the case, makes for one the best RB drafts in years.

  10. D’Onte Foreman

    As one of the better runners between the tackles, this kid can also come in right away at least on sub packages and dish out blows to a defense, as he has the potential for beast like 1000 yard year performances. Any comparisons come to mind?

    The big back, may be ready for some team to utilize the talents of a back like this on a regular basis, even in his rookie year.