Week 16 NFL Matchups: NFL Fantasy Championship/Playoffs

We’ll go over some week 16 NFL matchups here with Playoff Championships in Fantasy football on the line, as this will help your strategy play, and will give you a different perspective on the games with live interaction on gameday after these matchup previews. So even if you are out of the playoffs and championship for your league, even the casual fan can compete with this new game and its not hard to do.

Football Matchups

First here are the games we are planning for our league, “FOOTBALL MATCHUP” thus far to go over on gameday Christmas eve this year.

Eagles VS Giants

With this Prime time Thursday night matchup, there are a few interesting scenarios to consider:

Were the Giants cheating with an unfair advantage to their coaches as plays players were communicating, much like some of the Patriots past sins? Also can the Eagles get much offense with a Giants defense that has been emerging to be one of their best in recent years since their last super bowl?

Packers VS Vikings

We have a wild card in this game that has emerged. Ty Montgomery. Can he keep the running game of the packers performing?

Also, can Adrian Peterson get involved in the offense again? These questions will be answered in this game either way, so expect a low scoring affair, as both teams look to impose their ground games.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Will Packers QB throw for 2 or more TD’s in this game?

How many yards will Rodgers throw for?

Will Vikings Receivers K. Rudolph and S. Diggs catch 5 passes each?

Bills VS Dolphins

Here the Bills have an almost unstoppable running attack with the dual threat of Shady McCoy and T-Mobile which has been consistent all year it seems.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Which team will have more rushing yards in the game?

Will T. Taylor throw 2 or more TD’s?

How many receiving yards will D. Sims have?

The dolphins on the other hand have had to lean on their passing game, now with Matt Moore, a fan favorite on hand to take the reins against a skilled secondary of the Bills, who are good at forcing opponents turnovers.

Raiders VS Colts

The offenses here could have a possible Bonanza of a game, with a high scoring ceiling in which the QB’s will have high value in fantasy standards, also making pushes for the playoffs. Look for all receivers on both teams to have good games, the consistency of Gore and Murray as runners on both sides.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Which team will commit more penalties in this game?

Who will win the game?

How many receiving yards wil TY Hilton have?

Chiefs VS Broncos

The chiefs are looking like a much better team than in the last few years and it looks like they may hold off the under-developed Quarterbacking of Trevor Simeon. The chiefs well balanced attack, could exploit any weaknesses in the Broncos defense, which could be hard to find.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Will Devante Booker gain at least 50 yards, or closer to 100?

Will TE T. Kelce catch at least 5 passes?

Will RB S. Ware catch a TD?

Cowboys VS Lions

Can the Lions realistically stop the Boys since no one else really can? It seems like Matt Stafford keeps them in games, while this team is not great for fantasy terms, their playoff hopes strong, although not guaranteed to be alive atop of the division with this tough game in sight.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

How many receiving yards will Dallas RBs total?

Which team will have more passing yards?

How many combined INTs and Lost Fumbles will there be in this game?

Those are the questions you’ll have to answer in our Firefan App

Now here’s where it gets interesting:

Imagine keeping track of live games with notifications to your phone, not those annoying notifications for emails and other offers, but for every time a chosen game from the list above or other games, possibly simultaneously starts a new drive, and the app works so fast that you always know what is going on, on the field.

You don’t have to be at your tv all day either. You can compete in probabilities of numbers. Football is a numbers game right, or at least in large portion.

Here’s what you can do:

Fantasy Matchups

Head over to Firefan.com here, no promo code needed to get tokens as it is already entered for you, and register, then go to the section in the app, once downloaded: Leagues

Then once you have found the league: Football Matchup

Per my previous post, here is more about FireFan here

Then you can choose one of the games above or others that could be added based on demand, and start entering your picks for the games, such as whether each team will rush for 150 yards, who will score the first passing touchdown, and whether certain named running backs will score a touchdown in the game. Kinda like fantasy right. Maybe, but I believe it gets you ready to be a professional fantasy football player,

Go pro, and get the training for the next level using the app, and your approach will never be the same.

What fantasy or team game approach would you like to see best? Which game interests you the most? Any not mentioned here you would like to participate in for this app? Also if you have downloaded it, how does it look and feel to you? Let me know your comments..



Fantasy Football Playoff Projections and Tips

While it may be difficult to project Fantasy football playoff projections in your particular league, with the basic result of a snake draft, and pending free agent pickups, and a few possible trades along the way, Fantasy football playoffs are about elimination. It now or never to get it right.

DeAndre Hopkins

So here are some basic tips to set you apart from your competition as you hope to be your best, or best possible scenario that you can control in your playoff matchups:

First off, I never want to let any of my best players sit and not play, even if they have been dissappointing seasons thus far this year.

  1. WR dissapointment: DeAndre Hopkins has been all that this season. The most major of downturn his career, probably based on the QB play. Also his matchup vs. Jax has him slotted against surprisingly, the the 6th fewest points to the WR position. You may want to look elseware in this scenario, especially since he is on the injury report with a Q.

Possible replacements:

Alshon Jeffrey: If not already picked up in your league, this WR has #2 WR ability in fantasy as GB gives up the 9th most fantasy points to WRs in football making for a good matchup.

Rishard Matthews: With KC giving up the 3 most points to the WR position, surprisingly this is a very good matchup. Even though Marcus Mariotta had a couple low scoring games recently, expect him to bounce back this week against this KC defense unless they force turnovers like they have been in recent weeks, especially with Eric Berry roaming.

2. At running back, by far the biggest dissapointment has been Todd Gurley. With Gurley undergoing a coaching change at the moment, we don’t know if he will get more opportunities or not. With one of the worst matchups for him this week against RB’s that will have to wait until at least next week. Here are some other options.

Isaiah Crowell: As an option in some leagues for a late season pickup off waivers, or if you have him on your bench, a few longer runs is all he needs to get loose against a defense coming off a lackluster performance in the snow vs. La’veon Bell, and poor performance against Jay Ajayi earlier in the year as runners, allowing the 10th most overall this year.

Carlos Hyde: If you can get Hyde in your lineup at all, he is well worth starting, or paying for in DFS. VS the worst defense in the league at stopping the RB position. Yes, the Falcons.




Week 13 Fantasy Football Projections (Wavier wire QB option)

Here is my Fantasy Football Consistency Projections, based on the numbers below. Remember there are certain keys to evaluating in fantasy football so check out the link for that.

Here are the most interesting picks for the week that are not so obvious:

Note: J. Ajayi did not start in the first few wks so that is not counted against his avg.

Flex Option:

You can see obviously here that the more consistent performers are:

Murry, Kaepernick, and Blount but, Palmer has a much higher total season average scoring, not taking into account Kaepernick has been a hot pickup the last few weeks, probably rightly so.