Ideas for Family Game Night

Remember the times of family game night?

Well maybe not. It may have been before you were born. Back in the 60’s and 70’s board games, or board game night was very popular. Yes, TV’s were invented and people were huddled around a smaller off color Television, but they were actually together watching those programs.

ideas for family fun night

Before getting into ideas for family game night, here’s what can typically happen because of this media filled life that we all are part of.

Do you ever run into issues with watching football instead of spending time with your family? Does your wife want to do other things with the family, being outdoors and getting a nice seasonal experience this time of year?

Some families go ahead and watch a game together and love it!

What about those who are not naturally inclined to sit and watch a whole game, so would rather be doing other things when at home such as watching videos on their tablet?

Well, there are a couple options with some new and some not so new ideas. I will surely welcome your comments even if it does not pertain to one of these suggestions..

Ideas for Family Game Night

#1 Go ahead and get a board game.

Thats it! You know what to do with that.

#2 Watch a football game together.

As mentioned simply watching a game in the fall together can be a real challenge for ones who are not ready to invest the time into something they are not so passionate about.

#3 Play Fantasy Football Together.

This option takes quite a bit of setup, but it can be done when planned ahead. You would just have to find a non-season long league. Downsides could be many such as lack of understanding of the game of fantasy and many more.

#4 Play the FireFan App

There is a unique chance for interaction once downloading the app to follow along in a structure that allows you to pick your team, set up just a couple pre-game setting and just play a half of football, or a whole game, calling simple strategic moves for both teams that move them down the field, or stop them cold. The Pro Sports App has No season long commitments, no gambling factor whatsoever to worry about as in daily fantasy and best of all, interactive and exciting play calls that everyone can get started on a family fun or game night. Click Here to Watch the Trailer and Get Started


While the board game is good for some, allowing one to multi-task for those of us who are football gamers, the app will allow a change in how time is spent for parties of people who want to interact in the 21st century, which should be the best thing since sliced bread, or at least the television itself.

Weekly Fantasy Rankings: Week 9

Here is a fantasy football rankings post for the week to set you up for your leagues, no matter what type of league it is, getting you the best value in your lineup so that you can decide according to the price and lineups available in your particular league. Just don’t consider these high dollar ($million) dollar DFS leagues. More like 50/50s.

You’ll get a nice bonus at the bottom of this list since I had went over the keys to consistency in a pryor post, here that is Pryor Sr. in comparison below

  1. David Johnson  RB Cards
  2. Ezekiel Elliott Dal. RB
  3. AJ Green  WR Bengals
  4. Julio Jones WR
  5. D. Freeman RB Atl.
  6. O. Beckham Jr. NYG WR
  7. MeMarco Murray RB
  8. Le’Veon Bell Pitt. RB
  9. D. Hopkins WR Hous
  10. Jordy Nelson GB WR
  11. A. Brown WR Pitt.
  12. Matt Ryan QB
  13. Melvin Gordan SD RB
  14. Tom Brady QB
  15. Jay Ajayi Mia. RB
  16. Mike Evans WR
  17. Mark Ingram NO RB
  18. D. Thomas Den. WR
  19. Dez Bryant Dall. WR
  20. Dre Brees NO. QB
  21. Kelvin Benjamin Car. WR
  22. Larry Fitzgerald WR Cards
  23. Allen Robinson WR Jaguars
  24. E. Sanders Den. WR
  25. Michael Thomas WR NO
  26. Matt Forte NYJ RB
  27. Rob Gronkowski TE
  28. Brandon Marshall NYJ WR
  29. Alshon Jeffrey WR Chi.
  30. J. Matthews Phi. WR
  31. T. Pryor Sr. WR Cleve.
  32. Brandon Cooks NO WR
  33. Jordan Reed Wash. TE
  34. Greg Olsen Car. TE
  35. L. Miller RB
  36. J. Howard RB Chi
  37. Todd Gurley LA RB
  38. C. Newton Car. QB
  39. D. Booker RB
  40. Aaron Rodgers GB QB
  41. Russell Wilson Sea. QB
  42. Jonathan Stewart Car. Rb
  43. Travis Kelce KC TE
  44. B. Roethlisburger Pitt. QB
  45. M. Mariotta QB Tenn.
  46. L. Blount RB
  47. Doug Martin RB
  48. Quincy Anunwa  WR Jets
  49. Doug Baldwin Sea. WR
  50. Jimmy Graham Sea. TE
  51. Coby Fleener Ind TE
  52. D. Ware RB KC
  53. M. Wallace WR Balt.
  54. Stefon Diggs  Min. WR
  55. Donte Moncrief  Ind. WR
  56. Darren Sproles RB
  57. Jarvis Landry Mia. WR
  58. D. Prescott. Qb Dall.
  59. Ryan Matthews Phi. RB
  60. Chris Ivory Jax. RB
  61. Philip Rivers SD QB
  62. Delanie Walker Ten. TE
  63. T. Williams WR SD
  64. J. Eddleman WR NE
  65. T. Eifert TE
  66. C. Conley WR Wash.
  67. Randall Cobb GB WR
  68. Devante Adams WR GB
  69. D. Pitta TE Balt.
  70. Isaiah Crowell  Cleve. RB
  71. Corey Coleman Cleve. WR
  72. J. Brown WR Cards
  73. CJ Procise RB Sea.
  74. TJ Yeldon Jax. RB
  75. Gary Barnidge Cleve. TE
  76. Devonte Parker Mia. WR
  77. Tyler Lockett Sea. WR
  78. Blake Bortles Jax. QB
  79. Rishard Matthews WR Tenn.
  80. J. Whitten TE
  81. M. Sanu WR Atl.
  82. T. Hightower RB NO
  83. Meridith WR Chi.
  84. Geo Bernard RB Cincy
  85. K. Britt WR LA
  86. K. Fuller WR Hous.
  87. K. Wentz QB
  88. C. Palmer QB
  89. B. Powell RB Jets
  90. S. Smith WR Balt.
  91. Kapri Bibbs RB Den.
  92. James White RB NE
  93. Eli Rogers WR Pitt.
  94. Jeremy Maclin KC WR
  95. J. Hill RB Cin.
  96. C.Beasley WR
  97. D. Martin RB TB
  98. P. Barber RB TB
  99. R. Kelley RB Wash.
  100. M.Asiata RB

Will be updated daily through the week.

Here’s a bonus for comparison in consistency among a few select players for this week: Very interesting if your into real numbers.

RealTime Live Sports: Pre-Register for FireFan!

Fire Fan Sports Fans, fire up your engines for a real live sports experience.

Now that we are done with game 7 of the world series, staying up every night with no regrets for watching that classic, we are back to the real world for a moment. Too bad for the Indians and Chief Wahoo. The real world of Firefan! For Sports Enthusiasts only!FireFan

I will first recap, in case, you did not get a chance to read my previous post on this revolutionary and fun pro sports app.

This is a live in game process app that allows the fan to go deeper into the game, with some aspects of fantasy football or other sports of course that will be launched shortly. The soft launch is schedule for the week of the thanksgiving holiday. Sports fans will really get into this for Football!

The app, though, gives you a better feel for your team instead of getting into rooting against your own team, which should always happen in other fantasy sports, so this is being offered as a great alternative to that, as posted prior to this post. fire fan sports app

Now, to go over the free promotion and what it means for you.

If you get pre-registered for this historic launch, you will be in the best position to be one of the first to receive 12 free tokens towards your first full Firefan contest to enter. Feel the rush and addreneline of pure competition with either friends/family or with celebs, and of course, yours truly.

To take part in this offer, considering yourself part if the initial gaming launch as you learn how the game works, along with the demo per the previous post on United games with the link above, this link will get you to be able to obtain those once offered tokens for your first game.

Click here for early registration.

The game is real, the players are real, and the experience is real. Be one of the first to play!

Too bad this was not out for us to enjoy for the MLB playoffs and world series, but I definitely bank on it for myself as I take much more of an interest in what has been my least favorite pastime compared with American football and basketball. Sports games where you interact are the solution to this problem for the fan who wants to be more involved, at least for social reasons.

You must love the challenge of being part of the growth of the farm system and going out there at least virtually to manage the game. Yes, if you were manager for the Indians the outcome would be different. Just a staggering type of thought right! And thats the beauty of this app in my opinion.

Once again if you have not seen the demo, check back to the prior post link above and watch the demo on that page and be sure to register, giving yourself a big advantage over your competition.

What do you think? What might you enjoy most about an in game, live sports app like FireFan? Or what would you prefer to have most in the app game?

See you there soon.