Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 8

Its already headed into week 8 of the NFL season of fantasy football and the week 8 rankings are here based on the potentially highest scoring games in the NFL, including Sleepers, and No Shut Down Zones for each of these games.

Raiders @ Buccaneers:

This game should have its fair share of offense. When you consider the games that have been going on thursday night for example, this will be a much higher scoring affair then some of those stalemate type games where the defenses rule. This game, more so the Raiders is going to have scoring opportunities as usual for the fantasy players who are consistently doing well this week.

No Shut Down Zone

Michael Crabtree has been the leading target monster on the team including the red zone. He’s become a must start every week.

Mike Evans value is always good, being one of the lead leaders in targets, so there is no way you can get away from playing him, and their corners are suspicious during this season. Oakland gives up the 5th most fantasy points to the WR position

Sleeper Zone

James Winston coupled with Evans could be a really nice value proposition this week for a good combo price. (Winston $11,200 in FantasyDraft, and Evans, $15,300, even though he’s the 2nd most expensive WR in DFS this week).

Latavius Murray, While some may not consider him a sleeper, since he a good amount of carries in the redzone, the Raiders could have a tough game traveling across the country for the 2nd straight week. to florida. This is where you can’t allow details like that to hold you back from the potential of the numbers and consistent performance. He has breakaway ability against this 8th most fantasy points allowed to RB’s defense. And.. he’s only $8,000, just outside the top 20 in terms of valuation according to fantasydraft

Lions @ Texans

This game interesting should allow a lot of points especially for the Texans WR’s as you will soon see.

No Shutdown Zone

DeAndre Hopkins A lot of people are worried about Hopkins this year of course because of the QB situation as well as Will Fuller coming back who is also not a bad pick this week. The Lions have given up the 9th most fantasy points to WR’s this season and have allowed many of those #1 WR’s they have played against to get 20+ points easily. This is a must start. For some comparisons in numbers between these WR’s or any other on your radar, compare the consistency in fantasy article Here

Theo Riddick I struggled going with Riddick as opposed to Lamar Miller form the same team as the above must starts, but Riddick has a better matchup not only as opposed to Miller, but opposed to the WR’s for Lions who will have to go up against the 3rd fewest points allowed to that position. Look for Stafford to go to other options in targets such as Riddick, now that he’s back.

Sleeper Zone

Anquan Bolden has had 2 straight games with a TD, and Stafford is learning to use him more, and will have to in this game, unless he is going to start throwing to Eric Ebron, which has never happened yet consistently.

Justin Forsett or Dwayne Washington Ok this ones a reach wither way but these guys could get significant carries, and with the upside of Washington, who was supposed to get the Lions share of carries before he got hurt, is an unknown, therefore making him a deep sleeper.

Jets @ Browns

Ok, its easy to pick on the browns here but other than last week the defense has held its own against prior opponents in the run game. Also, if Joe Haden plays at CB, they have the ability to slow down Brandon Marshall.

No shut Down Zone:

Matt Forte Despite what was mentioned above, the Browns have allowed the 7th most points to fantasy RB’s this season, keeping in mind those numbers count towards production in the passing game as well, which Forte excels at still.

Terrelle Pryor Sr. The Jest actually give up the 4th most fantasy points to the WR position, not including the running and other duties he has right now. Also Josh McCown is playing in this game, although we’ll have to see how long this lasts, Pryor is the most consistent player on the woeful offense. This leads to to the sleeper option here.

Sleeper Zone

Gary Barnidge While Barnidge has been shut down this season due in part to poor QB play, McCown really helps. Look for this legitimate threat to intermediate and deep routes, and in the red zone, if this offense ever gets there.

Ricardo Louis Also considered a deep sleeper here, he has shown up in some highlights of their games, and with QB settled at the moment, and with the defense allowing bombs at times, playing from behind as they should, I choose him as a deep sleeper.

Pro Sports App: The realization of a Dream

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If you are looking for a live way to experience the game in a controlled friendly, or trash talking environment with your friends or other available players, such as in fantasy sports, this is the post for you.

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Fantasy Football 2 QB League Advice

If you want Fantasy Football 2 QB League Advice, this will get you what you need to stay competitive in your league.

I play yearly in a particular league with friends and at first I reaped no benefits and was dominated, utimately wondering the first year after drafting in this kid of PPR league, Why am I drafting B. Roethlisberger in the 5th round??


This was before Big Ben was putting up 4k + numbers, like in 2013 when he was being drafted in the 10th round and beyond in standard leagues. I never thought I wofootball-field-10-by-gunnar-heilmann fantasy football 2 qb league quarterback-clip-art-free-cliparts-that-you-can-download-to-you-E7I0YL-clipartuld have had to draft so many QB’s so early.

Caught off guard of course, I only managed to then obtain the likes of Alex Smith and other guys who are just backups, trying to catch someone on a good week.

Lets Consider the 2 QB League Strategy Metrics:

Though you do have the smallest variance in points scored from Numbers 1-12 ranked QBs compared to any other position in football, you have the largest number of points scored on a weekly basis than any other position. So if you miss on perhaps 1 of those in a 12 team league like the one I play in every year, if not trying to get 2 of the top 12, your total point add up will not be enough to suffice in the 2 qb league.

What those in your 2 QB league will likely try to do for their strategy.

Most likely those in your 2 QB league will try and grab 2 of those QB’s if they know what they are doing. So while the more that are in your league the more difficult it will naturally be to draft 2 of those top 12 guys, it will be very efficient to draft 2 guys in perhaps rounds 3 and 4 and probably come away with 2 really good PPR league WR’s and then go and get your 2 starting QB’s.

When to actually Pre-determine or pre-meditate your strategy position wise.

While most experts would highly ill-advise against a set way of drafting by position this can be a good strategy as long as everyone does not go crazy and actually draft all QB’s in the first round. If this starts to happen all through the 1st round you must improvise.. And quickly. There were a couple of QB’s who fell through the fist 2 round cracks, and that was Carson Palmer and Phillip Rivers, which allowed me to get DeAndre Hopkins and Alshon Jeffrey in the first 2 rounds. Actually, I did not draft QB’s until the 4th and 5th rounds. I got Jordy Nelson in the 3rd.

So basically you can wait until later but don’t wait any longer then the 5th round to pick up both starting QB’s in this league. the only thing I probably wish I would have done was drafted a backup, which I did not bother to do at all. Remember all the injuries QB’s face every year?

How to Maintain your Fantasy Football 2 QB league

Finally, maintaining your fantasy football 2 qb league, just run the league like you would normally any PPR or standard scoring league, and keep in mind, finding those weekly streaming options, trying to pick them up from waivers before others unless you do have a nice backup option. Also, consider rostering your QB’s backup, if he is prone to injury such as Tony Romo’s case.

Other not so common considerations:

What led to an even great dynamic to this particular league in later rounds was that this is a defensive player draft, of which most experts do not get into. It does though make for some interesting observations in later rounds, such as for this year, drafting Melvin Gordon in the 10th round believe it or not, who is one of the most consistent scoring players so far this year at RB.


Fantasy Football Starters of Consistency: Keys to Evaluating

Fantasy Football Starters for Consistency

Success in Fantasy Football depends on the rate of consistency of which players go about their performance. The Baseball hitter who is most consistent over the season is praised with a high batting average with which no one can argue. How though, can football players be accurately estimated as to their performance equaling production: Well, there’s not a really easy way to determine basic fantasy football stats. Let’s take a look though, at a scenario here of two running backs with limited experience:  Which of the two running backs listed below was the more valuable fantasy running back so far this season in 5 games?

A. Melvin Gordon
B. Tevin Coleman
C. Equally valuable
D. More info is needed to make a decision on this fantasy lineup

While fundamentally, you could make an argument for Melvin Gordon, simply based on the volume of carries and workload he currently has in San Diego. But the first argument to that is based on whether your involved in a season long commitment or a daily fantasy football league. Both could be equally valuable in many standard or PPR leagues. The best answer though here, would be D.

Even though both players have virtually the same total stats on average with the mean calculation, they have different variations on their fantasy points scored in standard PPR Yahoo leagues, therefore need to be carefully chosen as to a week 6 and beyond fantasy starter.

Another way to see at it…

You could say, that the higher deviation from the mean average goes to Tevin Coleman, which shows below, a low of 5.0 points and a high of 32.0. Gordon breeds ideal consistency in fantasy football at least through the first 5 weeks. The more data you have, the better. Here is a summary of the 5 weeks from Yahoo PPR scoring on a few comparisons side by side:

Consistency with the Standard Deviation

If all things are equal the season long fantasy gamer will prefer Gordon so that he or she may obtain the consistent results by avoiding those downfalls in fantasy points during the season. The home run hitter is great to go for in season long leagues in which, for example only %5 of the team owners will win any prizes. This would be needed play, given the low probability of beating large numbers of opponents in many contests. Therefore that would entail going with Coleman and his big play potential..


The standard deviation as shown below, for Gordon is much smaller, making Coleman obviously more risky. Let’s next get into calculating this along with the CV

Standard Deviation and the Coefficient of Variation

The CV is found with this calculation: Standard Deviation/Mean. For help on actually getting the Standard Deviation first  Click Here for that, just type in the all week’s fantasy points  once you have both calculations, you can compare the numbers more efficiently.

For Tevin Coleman, the CV is 0.56, which says that the standard deviation is 56% of the mean. Larger CV’s mean that they are going farther from the mean on a weekly basis, and that is not good for consistency.


For Melvin Gordon, the CV is 0.23. The smaller CV from the mean obviously means that Gordon is more consistent in scoring fantasy points.

The next thing to consider as a key to fantasy success in scoring you want to consider the matchup that the chosen player has against his defense as to whether the difficulty of the matchup merits letting his performance rip this week.

Yahoo also has a nice tool, where you can research the fantasy points scored against fro a particular defense, where you can see how the defense is doing against running backs, wide receivers, quarterbacks, and even tight ends. With this data, as it progresses on during the season, gets more reliable and accurate, and is a measureable on how tough the defense your players actually is.

Don’t forget too, to always keep tabs on touches, meaning targets the player receives along with carries in the run game. This can be found on any stat compilation on many sports sites.

With all of this in mind are you ready for your week 6 matchups and beyond?

Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers for the Week: Week 5

If your looking for Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers for the week, this should help you as I have a weekly Post of which you will be able to compete in most daily fantasy leagues. Always check your league rules or setting for the actual scoring including PPR setup.

I had a lot of success in daily fantasy leagues in week 3 of the regular season, in part to my own lineup advice from this post for that week:

Free Fantasy Football Advice Post

So I will do my very best to duplicate those efforts at the bottom of this post for my lineup set for week 5 using the same format..

Which players this week might win you with if you want to win $2, $10, or even $100,000?

Well, theres no easy answer but here are some defnite ideas for rostering your salary cap team..

Maybe keep away from teams playing in hurricanes. Only the Miami Hurricanes could withstand the pressures of a storm of great magnitude. Lol.

Bell: RB Steelers:

As I have been saying in other posts and updates, one of the best and even safest players this week as well as others it Levon Bell. He split out wide last week so therefore, he cannot be stopped, since those big tackles in the middle can’t always account for him stepping out of the backfield, so for starting with a high priced player this one is worth it.

Derek Anderson: Panthers QB

Yes, I am using a backup QB this week in some leagues. Since Cameron Newton is out for the thu. night matchup, I have a good feeling this will at least be an interesting one. Some people/experts say Anderson is not one of the best pickups of the week, that there are better ones such as Carson Wetz, or Brian Hoyer. I believe Anderson has a good chance proven not only with his performance except for an interception at the end but also because Carolina does not have another reliable runner besides Cam.

Of course this is all assuming Cam will not play. If he does i have another decent value pick and that is:

Drew Stant0n: Stanton is another one that can provide you great value, instead of spending

So here goes the lineup: Week 5

QB: Anderson or Stanton

RB: Le’Veon Bell

RB: Melvin Gordon

WR: Brandon Marshall

WR: Emanual Sanders

WR: Jarvis Landry

TE: Zack Miller

K: J. Brown

D/ST: Vikings

FLEX: Amari Cooper or Theo Riddick or Jordan Howard

A little explanation here:

The vikings are obvious: how could you pass on the best defense for a good price and against a struggling Texans defense.

Zack Miller is not a bad pick along with Brian Hoyer if you even want to switch off to this duo.

Amari Cooper may be a question here for some, but I believe it depends on the actual reliability of M. Crabtree sustaining the success he’s had thus far. While I do believe Crabtree should get more credit, they will make an effort to get back to Cooper this week against a good matchup, they need to up his confidence.

Also Howard is a good flex volume player along with Landry and Sanders, no matter who the QB is, if you need a lottery sleeper. If you don’t feel comfortable with Sanders in that situation, you could go with Terrel Pryor I suppose for pure volume as long as he can withstand the Pats defense.

Marshall I believe will get easy targets against those smaller CB’s for the Steelers. Gordon is getting to be very consistent week to week.