Free Fantasy Football Player Projections


Everyone likes free, so here it is before the start of the season. Free fantasy football projections organized in tiers of position:

Lets put you in fantasy football player projections school for today. Here’s who you’ll learn about today for your leagues of choice.


Elite QB’s: These QB’s should score more than 375 pts in standard scoring leagues this year.



Dew Brees

Tom Brady (after suspension) and pro-rated when paired with a replacement such as Kirk Cousins or Derek Carr

Phillip Rivers

Cam Newton2016 Fantasy Football Projections

Aaron Rodgers

Andrew Luck

Only these quarterbacks should reach that elite mark, with Russell Wilson and Carson Palmer also of good use in fantasy scoring.


These RB’s should reach 200 Points + this year in Standard Leagues


Jamaal Charles

Adrian Peterson

The Wealthy Fantasy Football Logo
The Wealthy Fantasy Football Logo

Lamar Miller

Todd Gurley

David Johnson

Le’Veon Bell (Should be able to make up the 200 points with only DeAngelo Williams picking up the slack so great deal here in drafts)

There are plenty of RB’s who have enough potential to move up into this list but a team games dictates how well they will do and unfortunately, injury takes its toll.


These WR’s should reach Elite 190+ Point Status for the coming year


Julio Jones

Antonio Brown

Odell Beckham Jr.

Fantasy Football Projections
Fantasy Football Projections

DeAndre Hopkins

Dez Bryant

AJ Green

The riskiest player here in my eyes at this time is Bryant. Who else could have a chance to move up into this list? There is a very real change for Alshon Jeffrey and Jordy Nelson here.


And Lastly, these TE’s should score 130+ Points:


Rob Gronkowski

Jordan Reed

Greg Olsen


I don’t want to leave out Travis Kelce here, if he can just get more consistent throughout the year. Many of his points were in the first few games last year.


When projecting these players many of them are going to have a chance to really make an impact because of the quality of talent and skill around them. Ezekiel Elliott is a real threat to be worthy of a first round fantasy pick. There is risk with a rookie always living up to potential but the upside is great with him and this Dallas offensive line, which is the best in the league.


This is really all part of the fun of fantasy sports for beginners and long seasoned veterans. Play with free player projections or play at your own risk. Its up to you. Compare these to sources for Daily action during the season without the season long grind of commitment.

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10 Team Fantasy Football Strategy: Good/Great Players by Team


When considering Good/Great 10 team fantasy football strategies, there a lot of players to choose from using every position and every team.

So, to narrow down for you your top players list in a 10 team league, consider the teams here and what players they are sure to count on in 2016:

This should help your 10 team fantasy draft board.



Miami: 1. A. Foster  2. J. Cameron 3. J. Landry 4. D. Parker

this list does not even mention J. Ajahi the backup running back. Worth mentioning even in a 10 team league


Colts: 1. A. Luck 2. TY Hilton 3. F. Gore 4. D. Moncreif 5. D. Allen

A lot of mouths to feed, leading to a disadvantage unless one of these guys get hurt, again, but P. Dorsett is ready to step up.


Titans: 1. D. Murray 2. D. Henry 3. M. Mariotta

This team is geared for a run oriented attack.


Browns: 1. C. Coleman 2. D. Johnson 3. G. Barnidge

The threat of J. Gordon here is real. Keep updated on him


Jaguars: 1. A. Robinson 2. C. Ivory 3. TJ Yeldon

Should be fairly high powered, so we’ll see if B. Bortles can pass to A. Hurns as well


Texans: 1. D. Hopkins 2. L. Miller 3.

No one else is really worth mentioning here at this time.


Steelers: 1. A. Brown 2. L. Bell 3. Rothlisberger

No one else here until M. Bryant comes back.


Ravens: 1. J. Forsett 2. M. Wallace 3. S. Smith

Only these guys can pull their weight as starters at this time


Bengals: 1. AJ Green 2. J. Hill 3. G. Bernard

We’ll have to wait and see who else emerges from the TE, WR bunch at this time


Raiders: 1. A. Cooper 2. L. Murray 3. M. Crabtree

D. Carr should also continue to progress to be one of the better ones.


Chiefs: 1. J. Charles 2. J. Macklin 3. T. Kelce

These are the relevant big 3 here


Chargers: 1. D. Allen 2. P. Rivers 3. D. Woodhead 4. T. Benjamin

Forgot to mention Mr. Gates.


Bills: 1. L. McCoy 2. S. Watkins 3. K. Williams

Not ready to mention anyone else here:


Jets: 1. B. Marshall 2. M. Forte E. Decker

Fitzpatrick will help these boys out.


Patriots: 1. R. Gronkowski 2. J. Eddleman 3. T. Brady 4. D. Lewis

Definitely would not touch anyone else


Broncos: 1. D. Thomas 2. E. Sanders 3. CJ Anderson

Thinking of R. Hillman? He may be falling off




49ers: 1. C Hyde 2. T. Smith

I would simply wait here for WRs to emerge or take B. Ellington


Seahawks: 1. R. Wilson 2. J. Graham 3. D. Baldwin

There are others to look out for on this roster and Wilson is a lock as starter


Bears: 1. A. Jeffrey 2. J. Langford 3. K. White

Maybe this offense can pick it up if healthy


Packers: 1. J. Nelson 2. A. Rodgers 3. E. Lacey 4. R. Cobb

It seems like whoever is a starter on this offense will put up numbers


Lions: 1. G. Tate 2. A. Abdullah 3. M. Jones

Stafford is here to consider but needing consistent options now.


Vikings: 1. A. Peterson 2. T. Bridgewater 3. #1 Receiver

The Vikes don’t have a clear #1 yet.


Saints: 1. B. Cooks 2. Brees 3. M. Ingram

The big 3 here is real. Who will be the fourth? Could come from RB, WR, or TE


Giants: 1. O. Beckham 2. R. Jennings 3. E. Manning

Thinking late round flyers on other guys here.


Redskins: 1. J. Reed 2. D. Jackson 3. M. Jones

K. Cousin seems ready.


Eagles: 1. J. Matthews 2. R. Matthews 3. Z. Ertz

Its time for both Matthews to step up consistently.


Cowboys: 1. D. Bryant 2. E. Elliot 3. T. Romo

The backup RBs’ seem pretty good


Falcons: 1. J. Jones 2. D. Freeman 3. M. Sanu

It may surprise to see Sanu be effective as the third guy here now but offensive line is really good too


Rams: 1. T. Gurley 2. T. Austin 3.??

Third guy step up needed here.


Cardinals: 1. D. Johnson 2. C. Palmer 3. M. Floyd

Hesitant here to say who is the fourth guy but someone will be.


Buccaneers: 1. M. Evans 2. D. Martin 3. AS Jenkins

Let’s see if the 2nd yr QB can progress further along


Panthers: 1. K. Benjamin 2. C. Newton 3. G. Olsen

Very weak link in the RB’s here.


I hope This 10 Team Fantasy Football Strategy for 2016 will be a good help towards a draft order strategy whether you want to come up with your own Overall Draft position list for your own draft or just follow the Average Draft Position Guides found on Google according to your format of draft, or you can use the overall position placing found in the menu heading above.