United Games Review: A Marketing a Strategy that Works?

To kick things off, I am going to give you an in-depth review of what this United Games is, and what it is not.. the affiliate program is not available at this time.

I will start off by saying 2 words here: pokemon go and just let that settle in for a moment. It is the number one app in the world right now. Go ahead and google it. I will get back to this significance later.

First off,

What United Games is not


  1. It is not Fantasy Football

    While it may enhance gameplay using some aspects of the fantasy game, that may be the only thing it has in common with it, according the co-owner, Natalyn Lewis. There is no gambling involved in the product, nor is there any individual performances that make or break a season or other specified period of play such as in daily fantasy sports.


2. It is not Real MLM or Networking

While the compensation plan does have multiple tiers of players you can get paid on, this cannot possibly be an MLM without recruiting. Here’s why that is: The company is taking away the affiliate growth base as of some future unspecified time. So at some time in the near future, affiliates will not be able to recruit. Period. There is no reason to continue to recruit individuals who explode the market with overflow of affiliates who over recruit to massive proportions. This is not what the company’s marketing department is looking for.

 It is not just a regular sports app

It is a live interactive one of a kind type experience that if you like fantasy or other sports, gaming, or other challenges with friends or other persons online, this may be a game for you. Its not another in game score and stat update. Its a real time in game app that takes 2 of the highest rising experiences in any world. World wide sports and apps.


What United Games is:

  1. A coming worldwide experience for most of all major sports.


    Think about it: What is the #1 world sport played? Football. But not American football. No something really much bigger. How about 400 million fans compared to 6 billion fans worldwide. That’s very credible to the game of soccer.


2. A Business Development Multiplier


It is a definite way, the way the comp. plan is set up to multiply your efforts naturally. By massive amounts of people sharing the app IF it takes off they way it is expected once it reaches base mainstream user base. In consideration of the phenomenon of the pokemon app, it is not expected to slow down at any point in the future. Also take a general look at E-commerce. Every year Amazon and Ebay has dramatically increased in user base along with the internet, and so basically the same is happening right now in the app world. 


The basic Marketing Strategy is this: Instead of spending hose hundreds of thousands, if not millions in ads run all over the internet, tv, and print, like pokemon, and more comparably, to spread the word, FanDuel, and DraftKings, this business eliminates those costs upfront before launch as they go into the affiliate marketing world.


Will this affiliate approach work? It has not been proven to work yet in this niche.


Affiliate marketing teams are set to make this work into their business plans and are implementing strategies that are proven to work, while at the same time adjusting to this unique type of approach to the exploding app world. They have already managed to pull together capture pages, auto-responders, conference calls, youtube videos, and so forth. But if you prefer to promote your app through off-line means there are options for you as well. The picture below does not give any exact representation of what the app looks like, nor the features that may be available other than it will be available on both android and apple.


Free Online Fantasy Games



If any questions please feel free to respond below.

Fantasy Football Money Leagues: Worth the Risk?

Fantasy football can be classified in many different ways. Fantasy football for money can be summarized in a million different ways. With the millions of possibilities, its no wonder there are only a number of millions dollar prize winners in daily fantasy contests.


While you may be interested as I realize, in best payouts, reviews, or even new fantasy football money league ideas, consider these thought provoking questions:


Daily Fantasy Football

  1. Is Anyone Making Money in Fantasy Football Money Leagues?


What we will do here is show you how to play mainly in season long leagues, not including the wager factor. Fantasy football for money may get you hooked to something that starts on the path of greed. To create wealth, think about this: Who are the organizations making the money from the results of these contests?

Obviously, you know who that is: Its the big businesses. Making money from every transaction, in which a person decides to take part in these contests. As fun as they might be for the person who can afford to take the risk, for most persons on average, will spend over $400 per season in mostly lost competitive wagers.


  2. Daily Leagues Bring an Element of a Lack of Commitment to the Game


With zero commitment, it takes away many of the fundamentals of sports and gaming. The season long commitment to excellence, (not intended to use the Raiders slogan here), but the simple course of a daily simple following of some players from different teams can keep you grounded. Sure you can still go about making trades for players to your advantage in a season long league, but the the chances of winning big contests consistently over time is really almost impossible.


3. There is 0 (Zero) Social Value Given to the Daily Fantasy League for Cash.


While traditions fantasy sports leagues give focus the value of being with your buddies, even though more on a minimal basis with online drafts and other fantasy league transactions, your worst friend could be engaged in the game with you and it wouldn’t matter because you probably would see or recognize all of the players you are competing against. I am not trying to take anything away from the fun of a daily fantasy match with friends, though since it could be organized for free as well.


4. Fantasy Sports for Money or “Gambling”, has been Rendered Illegal in Some States


If your going to do so, it may be illegal. So check the Statutes in your area if you are going to do so, or completely avoid it at all. There have been publicized incidents on this such as the headline in daily fantasy sports news: DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo Get Cease-And-Desist Letters In Delaware.


This means that the daily fantasy sports industry has taken another major hit, and if you are in one of theses states, no games will be played, at least as the law states there as of today:


Montana  fantasy football money leagues








New York


and of course Delaware


These daily fantasy sports sites usually include, of whom have to basically back out of certain states, not allowing their business there are:


Yahoo, DraftKings, and FanDuel. So what are the best fantasy football leagues for money? Your state will tell you.


That’s 11 states and counting. Would that seem to be a thing you can count on to last?


In Summary, manage your risk and start to think about getting or staying away, since you may have to prepare for that anyway.


Believe me, after trying a few times myself it was hard to break away, but these will probably not be around long so save your money.



Free Online Fantasy Games: United Games App

In the world of free online fantasy games, the app world has really enhanced, in appreciation of the simplified gaming fun of the 24/7 fantasy gamer.


An App that Changes the Game   United Games App


The United Games App is ushering in a whole new and long overdue interactive experience for the gamer/fantasy player.


Many people are into the duel threat! Fantasy games and gaming, and in this day and age, using quality, easy to use apps that bring the experience to the palm of your hands.


Mark Mongie, a former EA sports programmer, has been working on the project and is on the job, forwarding the movement in excelling the gaming experience. Yes, overseeing the best games in the history of sports gaming, in the Madden, NCAA, and Nascar formats. Yes, this is a team, not just a single man project.. No Pun intended in team sports.


On that subject, the team aspect of the fantasy sports gaming interaction has been taken away from some fans if they are deeply ingrosssed in the day in and out grind of fantasy sports management.


For more a past time, as the team or other sport, ususally was back in the day, this app promises to bring a better team and user friendly experience to your electronic device.


How the United Sports App Works: Free Onlilne Fantasy Games

1. It will be accessible on all mobile platforms, Android, or Apple, of course, and easy to use.

2. Choose your sport preference and team you desire.

3. Select the level you want play at: Remeber Madden gamers the easy, intermediate, expert, and Madden level?


Interactive Experience in the tuest sense.


You also have access to the Live Play Call as a feature which will allow you to experience live with your friends or others’ real live game play to eaern not only points, but real prizes. These are usually based on 3 choices given to the user so that anyone can get involved with easy invites froom social media.


When is this to be released?


In the fall of 2016, just in time for American football season!

Set your sights on this game app for more info check back here for more info: United Sports App