Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Championship kept intact?

As a blog dedicated to fantasy sports this is a break during the offseason used to consider the NBA..

Congrats to the Champs! We are the champions, and with the champion defending ride come a few moves for any team looking to stay competitive, even after winning the prize.


Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors

As s personal tribut to the Cleveland cavaliers championship banner year, I would like to inform readers of the rumors that may be true and may be false. So pay attention with not so much attention to detail today:


As a Cavaliers fan in the Fort Lauderdale area I hear a lot of rumors spread as to different players involved in the free agent market down here including Hassan Whiteside and Dwyane Wade. (There is some validity, I believe to the prospect of Wade coming to cleveland, possibly to replace the guy I will mention below)


I would love to look forward to a year in which we defend our championship banner!


With these free agents in mind, let me say the south florida rumors have no significance.


Lebron James has promised to stay in Cleveland, Ohio and this will hold true.

I really appreciate how this team was able to draft, even though not retaining for the full length of his career, since the the championsihip is achieved, that he will liekly go on leading our team into the defending of next year’s championship with a lot of competition.


While it does alarm me a bit to see Lebron on the UFA list, I don’t see him going anywhere else at this time. Especially not Miami again.


I do though, have a few doubts as far as the other guys status starting with JR Smith, and a few of the reserves. I don’t see any way for Kevin to leave either.


Thats all good news for Cleveland sports fans. Great News and good rumors!!


Since fantasy teams are build around competition against your direct opponents that that arena, this post does leave room for some TEAM SPIRIT, and allows, the %85 of sports fans that don’t play fantasy sports to be naturally involved rather than a stat based competition system.


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First Post: The Fantasy Football Manager

The fantasy football manager is in control of his team. He or she makes business decisions to generate the most effective lineup every week.


Decisions on injuries, hot streaks, and coaching decisions, and analytics are the differences between winning and losing.

Fantasy Sports Mgr
Fantasy Sports Manager


In this post I would like to emphasize the Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is the ability to recognize and understand emotions and either use that information or other right information to guide a decision making process.


Its not always what happens to you but how you survive and implement strategies that will keep you going during a season, or any given week of the NFL or College Season.


That’s the first step in the management of your fantasy football business.


Controlling anger, frustration, anxiety, and others requires thinking in a simple calm fashion.


Relax, let it go, take it easy.


When you find yourself looking at a situation where you feel you have little control over the players, coaches, and fantasy owner of your league, try some other activities, which are not hard to find.


I say this, basically because to manage your fantasy sports teams, you will need to spend a lot of time on strategy, research, and calculating your next or non move.


NEVER: Go live on a lineup based on emotion.


NEVER: Blurt something out on chat boards or social media and leave a bad impression as a fantasy football manager and player.


REMEMBER: This is a business and don’t lose your cool.


REMEMBER: Every loss bring with it a learning experience.


Just some quick tip/reminders for your approach to the fantasy football business.


The fantasy football manager will prosper when decisions are made in a place of peace, responsibility, and controlled or emotional intelligence.