#1 Ranked Daily Fantasy Football Software

Having trouble finding a reasonably priced Daily Fantasy Football Software?

Let’s first answer this:

What is a Daily Fantasy Football Software program?

Our definition is this: A program that will organize your information for you in customizable format, that you can use to optimize your lineups for best chances of winning your contests, using computer rankings. 

Well, of course, you can go about looking around the internet and trying to find the best daily fantasy sports software, but I can tell you this for sure:

Your Fantasy Football Skills aren’t good enough to project for every player on every team, considering every matchup, using all statistics, and using all controlled or un-controlled external factors.


In this DraftDashboard review, I give a complete breakdown of the Software that personally use for football and baseball.

daily fantasy football software

Not only, is it an attractive formatted, easy to organize and rank array of menu options, ordering up your lineup, but it helps you avoid the complicated nuisances of spreadsheets, as the average football fan will not want to over-due this overload of information.

The Average Guy has a Chance To Win with this Software Accessible from Any Device Online

Rather, the best fans of the game want a winning chance!

Just focusing on the most important set of several stats that will ultimately matter more than others, and will enhance the enthusiasts ability to use their own management of the fantasy football game, to their advantage, and allow that fan to fundamentally choose the best set of optimized players in their own set of parameters for best success.

Yes, using tweaking, and experience of your own, the best way to learn how to get better, is not only by playing a lot of games, but also by minimizing risk.

In fact, in things like trading stocks and even gambling, risk management and bank roll are very important.

This is an additional feature and benefit of draftdashboard.

Of course this allowing of the average guy to get a hold of the most advanced metrics in a macro world of information available on thousands of web sites offering an overload of information is essential.

Anyone can find basic stats, injuries, weather, and other updates. Very few though have access to the algorithm to win consistently.

In fact, I can help prove this fact:

CBS Fantasy sports once offered, once upon a time a Free computer ranking projection system right on their app. I personally had much better success using this particular feature, even though it was not robust enough, compared in any way to DraftDashboard.

Its no longer there..

The ability to use this feature to choose your lineup is powerful and will not be revealed to the average public. Paying is still the way to go.

How about a Free Trial?

Give it a test drive @ DraftDashBoard.com

At $50 per month this is more reasonably priced than many others offered such as on fantasy labs, spreadsheets, or fantasynetwork, as some of the more respected daily fantasy softwares to compare.

Is $50 a little too steep for you right now, even after the free month of September, with a chance to prove itself.

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[iframe src=”https://hofconnect.sendlane.com/form/17292″ width=”100%” height=”500″] This will provide you some idea still, of the rankings that this software is provided along with my personal daily strategy for the week, updated before Sunday afternoon in time for GameDay.



6 thoughts on “#1 Ranked Daily Fantasy Football Software”

  1. Amazing piece of software with loads of information available. Next time we set up a fantasy league I’ll be sure to come back and have a look at the rankings.

    This is the last time that I lose any more competitions.

    That test drive feature will let me beat my colleagues, they won’t even see it coming!

    1. There is a lot of info there, but not too much useless information that does not matter. I am really looking forward to seeing what they bring the the NFL game, I am expecting targets, touches, and %’s of those to be included.

  2. I always wanted to get involved in fantasy football but never had the time. When I was in the army the only people that played were the higher ups because they didn’t do nothing. I am wondering if i do start playing fantasy football how much time would I have to put into it.

    1. That’s a good question Marcus. I never honestly gave much thought to it starting out years ago, but I can see why it would be at first, although it never felt like work, since I watched the games and kept up anyway. Its more difficult now, but there’s all kinds of podcasts and things to listen to on my iphone even at work, so its still all good. 

  3. This is going to be my second round of fantacy football, and I sucked on the first go around! LOL
    I just read your article #1 Ranked Daily Fantasy Football Software, and it seems like it may help me to level the playing field a little.
    Can you tell me if this software ism hard to learn to use, and about how long does it take to do so?

    1. I would say for baseball, if you happened to get started right away, this is the best, way following the steps I take in my video, but for Foottball, its going to be a different process of course. Hold on for that update ASAP, Thanks

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