Fantrax 2021 MLB Draft Head to Head Points League ADP Value Board

Value ADP on Fantrax

In this post I want to bring out the hitters and pitchers by position which offer the most value, giving you a few options stack in order of priority/value to fill out your rosters. Just make sure you get them at or a bit above their ADP when it comes time to draft so that you don’t miss out on the value that these guys have to offer on Fantrax, one of the most popular places to play head to head points MLB for 2021.

Can you use this on other sites?

You could also use this going into a head to head points if your drafting on another popular site you prefer, just adjust for the ADP on that site as they are similar ADPs on these sites. At the bottom of this post I will give you the top 10 overall at any position as well. The ADP for their position is next to their name on Fantrax.


  1. James McCann 10
  2. Gary Sanchez 7
  3. Travis d’Arnaud 6

1st Base:

  1. Bobby Dalbec 22
  2. Carlos Santana 18
  3. Anthony Rizzo 10

2nd Base: 

  1. Tommy Edman 8
  2. Jeff McNeil 5
  3. Cesar Hernandez 20


  1. Cory Seager 8
  2. Javier Baez 11
  3. Fransisco Lindor 4

3rd Base:

  1. Alex Bohm 11
  2. A. Bregman 5
  3. N. Arenado 3


  1. Christian Yelich 5
  2. Mike Trout 4
  3. Joey Gallo 30

Starting Pitcher:

  1. Zack Davies 63
  2. Michael Kopech 82
  3. Eduardo Rodriquez 59

Relief Pitcher:

  1. Trevor Rosenthal
  2. Spencer Howard 35
  3. Alex Reyes 44

New York Mets Opening Day Position breakdowns

C: James McCann: 

Saw increases in last year’s small sample size in everything from walks to ISO. Notably his advanced wOBA and OPS numbers showed evidence to sustain, not losing any value at the position whatsoever.

1B: Pete Alonso: 

Alonso will have to find way to get around those pitches that were not thrown in the middle of the strike zone to get back to 2019 form IF he ever can. He still holds power hitter value.

2B: Jeff McNeil:

McNeil is a multi position solid batting average guy, especially when hitting up in the order. He displayed power in 2019 as well, so maybe that will of better use as the next couple guys get moved up in order.

3B: JD Davis:

Davis showed definite flashes of upside and improvement, even thought not consistent over the short season. I would expect his ISO and SLG will go back up to 2019 levels as his hard contact at %45 shows he has it.

SS: Fransicso Lindor: 

With a down year for Lindor it will be interesting to see if he leads off, with a bounce back making this lineup much more potentially potent bring a ton of value as one of the best players overall and underrated at that.

LF: Dominic Smith: 

Can play all over the field and gets you great hitting, though not an elite because of lack of talent in terms of speed, you’ll get your monies worth when drafting this young talent. Just think if he could improve and really just revert back to the 0.43 BB/K rate he had in 2019 with the same number of ABs as 2020, he’ll be one of the finest hitters in baseball.

CF: Michael Conforto:

He bring it in really every category of stats as an above average hitter, making him one of the best on the team overall even though probably not leading the Mets in any particular area.

RF: Brandon Nimmo:

While Nimmo is not relied on in the outfield making him expendable if a better player came along, at the bottom of this order, given his bounce back to a wOBA of +.380 that he had in 2018 was a nice job with his best .280 BA even though he failed to get to %35 hard contact.

Bench value: J. Villar: Good on base stealer. He however doesn’t seem like a espn projected DH hitter. Kevin Pillar can really get hot off the bench hitting 20+ homers in a season, and getting a hit every game he plays. Jose Martinez is a guy who can hit vs. lefty or righty, not need for platoon on this unique loaded roster.

SP1:  JaCob DeGrom

I believe we know what we are getting with DeGrom as one of the best flame throwers in the game, worth a #1 overall pick in some formats. Velecity has only gone up. 21.6% is the best swinging strike rate due to the slider mix.

SP2: Carlos Carrasco

He actually scares me as a #2 real life SP and makes me only think of risk when starting in fantasy. Definitely not a daily play. Giving him credit of source for his 2020 short season, his fastball effectiveness is lower.

SP3: Marcus Stroman

Once again we know what we are getting, as an important piece to the high groundball rotation keeping it in the park but having limited SO upside.

SP4: David Peterson

Its nice that Peterson led the team in wins as he has tools to use I would say with enough upside to overtake one of the guys above by season’s end with a 90’s FB, maybe he can bring that up more.

SP5/RP: Mike Montgomery 2008 Draft CA’s pick 6 2020 notes

Not much to report on Mike other the he’s moving up in the rotation for #2 fill in spot in a points league. Giving up pleny of runs in ST. Target against in DFS. 1.78 HR/9 last yr.

For 2021: He looks to replace hurt guys and fill in whenver/wherever needed in Bullpen as well. Interesting add in leagues for the RP designation.

Fantasy Football Strategies: Divisional Playoffs

Whether your taking gpp shots or cash shots in your DFS fantasy football strategies for this weekend, here the main slate breakdown as far as safe plays goes. Will also give some tips on some risks that I would take in tournaments.

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I will break this down by most important position to take first. Unconventionally I choose to pick my defense first and then work my skill position lines around the defenses that I think will have success tomorrow.

Here’s some game theory pointers in my Video.

Go to Sportsline for the NFL game picks

Cash Defense:

Rams; At decent ownership expected around %14 the Rams are a safe bet for a 0 non-negative score that you can get from other defenses. Even if the efficiency of GB can lower their score their Defensive to offensive line matchup is most likely to find a way to wreak havoc.

GPP Defense:

While the Bills are the highest owned defense, the Ravens look to prove then can force turnovers from the young Allen as they pressured and intercepted one of the most efficient QB’s last week.

Best Bets at skilled positions:


Lamar Jackson. I am very inclined to take advantage of the best matchup. To think Jackson is the 7th highest QB on this DK slate is ludicrous. He can do it best of all with his legs in the best MU for his strength. I’ll take the 2nd highest salaried for this kind of potential production. If someone knows someone I don’t about this Bills rush D, like they would actually stop this guy then please respond and warn me right away! There is nothing that would prove the Bills can do so for me.


Alvin Kamara fits the bill for the RB most likely to succeed. I’ve heard people taking Devon Singletary as their best value back. That sounds gross to me vs. this Ravens defense that is not getting the respect they now deserve. Also Kareem Hunt is almost full proof game script with the extra juicy revenge narrative at low ownership for the slate. JK Dobbins is a guy you can take easily in GPP’s for low ownership as well.


I am by no means a Ravens fan. Let’s make that clear I am a Browns fan. Both teams actually have good options at QB and I’ll tell you why. Both running or 2 read type quarterbacks don’t give themselves a lot of options when it comes to receivers unlike Brady or Bress who will throw the ball to literally anyone who’s open. I want guys like Jackson for cash and Mayfield for GPP, (Allen could fit into this category but he’s the 2nd highest owned QB). I would say you can plug in M. Brown and M. Andrews both stacked with Jackson here but it depends on your build type whether you lean cash or chalky type or low owned gpp type. You have your highest owned options Steph Diggs, Tyreek Hill, and Michael Thomas also good in their own respect.


I mentioned Andrews as a good pick if you can fit him in. I don’t normally go high price at TE as a practice. There are a few good matchups to go with in terms of DVP or defense vs. position: Kelce, Andrews, Tonyan, Cook, and Hooper in that order. Pretty much in order from most to least expensive. You could look at some punt plays such as either of the Bills TE’s especially if the have trouble running on the Ravens at all, or Gronk or even one of the backup TE’s for Cleveland I can see one of the getting a TD tomorrow.

In Summary:

Start with your defense and and your TE last as the range of TE options on DK make sense wherever you land in terms of pricing. To get different large field Gpp’s don’t worry about correlating. There is plenty of offensive fire power we’ll see in multiple games, especially from KC, GB, NO, and Tampa. Also don’t worry about using a player or 2 vs. the defense they are playing against. This will also differentiate yourself for large tournaments. There are some other nice options for Cash or GPP we’ll give out in our WFF Discord chat tonight and tomorrow up to the big kickoffs. Cheers.

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If there are any questions feel free. Its better to ask then not to know what I am talking about, it could save your NFL fantasy day!


Fantasy Football Strategies: NFL Wild Card Week

When you look at a fantasy football slate including NFL wild card week, there are many layers to it.

NFL Wild Card Week

What you get is many layers, all of which are important to the onion but not all of which are as important to the one digesting the food.

Similar it is in fantasy football, likely daily fantasy football for your chance to win this week in wild card week. Your fantasy football strategies covered in this site off more for beginners such as my article: Daily fantasy football strategies for beginners: Wild card. This article featured last year’s overall consideration of the slate of wild card games.

This week gets interesting because you can break it up by days of 3 game slates or in total 6 games! That’s a lot for the playoffs.

Fantasy Football Strategies

So what layers are we considering for the playoffs????????????????????????????????

We are only considering the layer of matchups combined with the preferential plays for each game. This way if you wanted to even play a single game showdown slate you could with the help of these options:


Josh Allen  Proj. 24/36 274 yds and  2.10 TD’s.

Allen is the big boss in this offense that still has no traditional sense of a running game which won’t matter anyway when it comes to this matchup vs. a stout run Defense. Take Allen for passing and rushing upside/floor.

Stefon Diggs Proj. 8.2 Rec. 95 yds 0.50 Td’s.

Its playoff Diggs time and you cannot go completely wrong her unless he gets hurt. He’s still their number #1 option and best deep to mid range option for Allen. Use them together as Aleen zips throws to him.

John Brown Proj. 4.4 Rec. 58 yds 0.35 Td’s

Brown is another deep threat to talk about as he’s back and productive already after missing games. When covering Diggs, go to Brown.

Jonathan Taylor  Proj. 19.2 Car. 92 yds 0.63 Td’s

Taylor should get fed in a good matchup vs. the Bills run defense. The only problem is it may be a shootout to try and keep up with Allen.

T.Y. Hilton Proj. 4.7 Rec. 61 yds 0.41 Td’s

In case of the shootout or not, Hilton is the best option to go to at any range of the field for Phillip Rivers. While we don’t have to use Rivers, we could.


Chris Carson Proj.  13.4 Car 55 yds 0.42 TD’s

Carson figures to be a main option as the Hawks try to deliver on being favored in this game probably due to the Rams QB seemingly out. The best way to keep the great Rams D off balance is to balance the attack with Run.

Russell Wilson Proj. 21/32 219 yds 1.80 Td’s 

Wilson with rushing flr/upside will get you there I believe even with this tough defense. This would prove to me that matchup can be over-estimated, take the steady QB points as the 2nd option in this game.

Robert Woods Proj. 5.6 Rec. 62 yds 0.31 Td’s

Usually you can add in a couple touches on the ground for Woods, as he would figure to continue to be their top and most consistent option.

Cooper Kupp Proj. 4.4 Rec. 48 yds 0.21 Td’s

The 2nd option on this team and as long as they are a bit behind in this script these guys will have solid matchups as we have no idea about J. Adams as to whether he can play, we’ll keep our eye on this situation.

John Wolford Proj. 16/27 173 yds 0.82 TD’s

The Rams will be in dire need to have this system work out victory for them in order to get enough from their defense. Don’t look for the backup to do too much unless he has to.

DK Metcalf Proj. 4.8 Rec.  71 yds 0.49 Td’s

As the last guy i’ll go with here, he seems very matchup proof as opposed to Tyler Lockett. Seems like a big day could be in store here for one of them.


Ronald Jones Proj. 15.6 Car 70 yds 0.55 Td’s

I believe they sort of ground and pound here to take advantage of the defense and avoid the upset and keep them off balance.

Terry McLaurin Proj. 5.3 Rec. 66 yds 0.37 Td’s

Here I believe McLaurin is the premier WR in this game due to his sole usage on his team and the Buccs forcing Wsh. into this situation. Most likely.

Tom Brady Proj. 24/37 271 yds 1.90 TD’s

He’s not projected for a whole load of stats but I believe playoff Brady shows to be more then efficient as needed for this wild card game.

Alex Smith Proj. 23/34 206 yds 1.30 TD’s

Banking on Smith somewhat airing it out in this game as Tampa stuffs the run. The only teams that has less then 1 yd before contact per play is TB.

Leonard Fournette Proj. 5.4 19 yds 0.23 Td’s

I think its likely that Fournette surpasses his projected stats here, as the thing the WSH does allow is yards before contact as the most of the playoff teams. Even after contact the fact that Wsh DOES limit yards in bigger plays and touchdowns should not limit this potential split time share for carries.

Logan Thomas 4.6 Rec. 39 yds 0.46 Td’s

As the 2nd option in this WSH receiver core, he’s been a good sleeper pick all yr in fantasy and is one of best options in playoffs. Smith will look here.


The four headed monster is a headache to try to decide and sift through with pricing on sites and Brady’s possible favorites.

TB DST 3.58 fantasy points 1.15 sacks 0.99 Turnovers

You have to take a defense and this is one of the potentially highering ones.

Antonio Gibson 14.7 Car 55 yds 0.67 Td’s

Gibson can pick his spots in the TB d, if not playing the DST go for him as he gets his share in multiple ways as under-owned.


Lamar Jackson Proj. 18/27 197 yds passing 1.80 Td’s

Not included in these projections are the rushing yards for the QB. Jackson will obviously get some in addition to a favorable matchup for passing the ball. There’s not a lot good about this Ten. pass defense. Fire his ceiling up!

Derrick Henry Proj. 23.5 Car 127 yds 0.71 Td’s

It a appears to be a boom or bust type of a day for Henry, as he will get some yards before contact which is all he need to get a head of steam. Or if he more often get pressured due to a good pressure rate from the Balt. line, he won’t get going. I’ll take the latter as a superstar player that they won’t stop feeding in this game. My 2nd option in the script.

Marquise Brown Proj. 3.9 Rec 52 yds 0.50 Td’s

A disappointing year hopefully has Brown becoming for volume based in opportunities and efficiency. He’s actually been more consistent over the past 5 weeks, due in part to Jackson’s passing.

Mark Andrews Proj. 3.9 Rec 48 yds 0.50 Td’s

The 2nd best option for Jackson to attack this Tennesee defense.

J.K. Dobbins Proj. 12.5 Car 72 yds 0.62 TD’s

We can easily see Dobbins hitting value at the right price getting the projected yards and a TD. Consistent for them.

Ryan Tannehill Proj. 18/28 206 yds 1.60 Td’s

I can see Ryan easily getting some good looks downfield to pay his salary off. Its that kind of underrated offense. His WR’s look to have decent to good matchups in this contest. The pressure from Balt. however will be rough.


Alvin Kamara

It appears as though Kamara will not play due to C19

Latavius Murray 11.5 Car  49 yds 0.28 TD’s

Murray will surpass the above projected numbers to be the value play of the slate. Take the running yards.

Michael Thomas 6.7 Rec 77 yds 0.46 Td’s

Its a bit tough to decide which direction to go in this offense, but this is the most solid 2nd guy in getting volume.

Mitchell Trubisky 21/34 202 yds 1.30 TD’s

If we can trust him, love the rushing upside/flr. But if he gets pulled, this will be very risky at the same time.

Drew Brees Proj. 23/33 237 yds 2.00 TD’s

Being projected for 2 TD’s is an easy proposition, as Brees seems like he has one more chance to get the team to the promised land.

Taysom Hill Proj. 2/3 21 yds 0.18

I don’t think Hill be breathing down Brees’s neck. Just look for him if getting at a value to fill a lineup. Playoffs are also a good time for his running.

David Montgomery Proj. 17.9 58 yds 0.52 TD’s

We have to include Montgomery on our pools especially in the case they keep this game close. He’s involved in much of the offense.

Allen Robinson Proj. 5.7 72 yds 0.34 TD’s

Lastly, we have to take a serious look at Robinson with this passing game relying on him as the sure #1 guy. Look elseware for gpp deep threats.


Diontae Johnson Proj. 5.4 Rec 62 yds 0.43 Td’s 

This will be the top pick for me on this game with the skill level short to mid range to deep threat, he does it all including the red zone in good matchup.

JuJu Smith-Schuster Proj. 5.8 Rec 58 yds 0.49 Td’s

The 2nd option I say with hesitation, because all 3 guys are gonna get their share in the seemingly Ben led O, leaning on these guys with  no run game.

Chase Claypool Prj. 3.7 Rec 54 yds 0.49 Td’s

Rounding out the super talented slot role with some bones in run game.

Nick Chubb Proj. 17.2 Car 82 yds 0.48 Td’s

The Browns hope to duplicate their efforts from last week on the ground, as their main option here. Steelers will be expecting it.

Kareem Hunt Proj. 10.8 Car 42 yds 0.22 Td’s

Hunt figures to be heavily involved no matter the script, especially if needed more so in the passing game.

Ben Roethlisberger No explanation needed.

Baker Mayfield Proj. 18/31 212 yds 1.10 Td’s

A guy who will TRY to make his mark for his future but he has seemingly come a long way. When forced to throw in pocket is the question.

Jarvis Landry Proj. 4.4 Rec 54 yds 0.20 Td’s

A solid option as the leading pass receive as they need him for the threat of the successful trick plays this year they have run.

Eric Ebron Proj. 2.8 Rec 31 yds 0.28 Td’s

One of my favorite TE’s this week and many weeks of the year.

NFL Core Plays for Week 12: Cash or Tournament DFS Millionaire plays!

Here are your NFL Core palys for week 12 for cash or tornament lines that you may want to employ for this week. Here’s to cutting to the chase for the plays that you want to plug and plays.

Its hard losing when you know you should have won so pivot off these plays to make your own correlated lineups for a champion type win in week 12 of the NFL season.

QB’s: Go with Justin Herbert or Jered Allen for the wining lineups in either cash or gpp. just don’t overthink the guys here in cheaper whoever that is is on fanduel or draftkings.

RB: Go with Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook for the 2 main running backs. IF you can fit him into your flex spot insert Josh Jacobs and don’t worry about the rest of your correlated lineup if you can afford him. If not don’t ever force it. Settle for him in cash. If more so of a gpp player you can insert a WR. Don’t be afraid to pull off someone who will get a a lot of receptions esepcially on draftkings.

WR. Laviska Shenault and/or Keelan Cole Sr. and the Browns #1 CB is out. Even though the Jags #1 and #2 WR’s are are actually out, don’t worry, these guys have high.Uupside and one of them will have a big game, also your oppenent. Also Justin Jeffersaon IF Adam Thielen is out is a big time rookie who can claim his place among the greatest in the game to force the opposition to surrender their offensive team to give up big fantasy production tommorrow. 

TE: Travis Kelce: Give the KC’s highest implied team total to give you the highest scoring game of the week with TB even though it will take a little while for this offense to get going look for offense to take over one of the best in the game on TB defense to get their share of offense on the day as this is not old school football. Rather, the offense will get the best strength on strength matchup and Kelce will score big as well as
Tyreek Hill if you want to use him in GPPS in DFS as both of these guys should have a big score as TB specializes as the #1 defense vs. the run, leaving open passing yards for these suds tomorrow.

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College Fantasy Football Picks for Week 10 MAC Slate

This week in college fantasy football you have an option for a Wednesday slate, so instead of watching the election get ready for some MAC football.

Here is the total breakdown of plays I have found. So I’m giving some of it away!

Here are the games in order of highest Over/Under and their associated plays for wednesday.

College Fantasy Football Spreads and DFS Notes

E. Mich @ Kent St. 62.5 total with Kent -6 spread as of Monday. 

This total has since went up to 65 which is very interesting having bettors take the under here including %98 of the cash on tickets.

Recommended DFS Picks

QB Dustin Crum: Proj.: 20/30 com/att 239 yds 2.04 tds 24.6 FPs: Rated best QB in nation according to PFF. Certainly going to be a popular play.

QB Preston Hutchinson: Proj.: 24/33 com/att 309 yds 2.03 tds 22.9 FPs: Had 1 good game. fine D to attack as you may want to run it back with both QBs.

There are certainly a few options in this game to attack with the highest implied team totals. For those college football picks join our dicord which is a partnership for those gaining an edge in DFS.

Join our Discord for more on the best DST and the rest of a possible lineups fill out for the best Cash and GPP lineups for the best DFS plays of the day in week 12 of the NFL season.

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BGreen @ Toledo 61.5 Tol -22

Now at 62.5 total points the cash and tickets are even for bettors.

Recommended DFS Picks

RB Bryant Koback: Proj.: 20 att. 147 yds 2.00 TDs 31 FPs: An above-average rushing attack

WR Bryce Mitchell: Proj.:  74 yds 15.1FPs playing vs. good safeties.

Ohio CMich 59.5 OH -1 CMICH has 37th ranked D.

Now at 57.5 compared to monday all of the cash is on the under here. This makes it sort of a game to stay away from in DFS.

Recommended DFS Picks

RB De`Montre Tuggle Proj.: 8.6 att 53 yds 0.69 6.2 0.06 11.8 FPs should get lot of opportunities.

I would recommend more play here for this game, as there are some higher risk/reward plays for trournaments, check my Free Ebook on the Great Commandments of Fantasy football and other sports for more.

BallSt. @ MiaOH 55.5 Mia -2

With a line staying the same and all of the cash in on the under, its still a close spread, which we like for DFS.

Recommended DFS Picks

WR Justin Hall Proj.: 57 yds 0.43 Tds 12.6 FPs
WR Yo`Heinz Tyler Proj.: 48 yds 0.57 Tds 9.6 FPs

WMich @ Akron WMIch 55.5 -18 Attack the worst D in MAC.

With W. Mich now 19.5 point favorites, look to the W. Mich. ground game.

Recommended DFS Picks

RB Sean Tyler Proj.: 10.6 att 67 yds 0.64 6.3 0.12 13.7 Fps+ as he’s the starter in this backfield behind an experienced O-line with a great matchup vs. Akron who was the worst team in Division 1 football last year.

Buff @ N. Ill Buff 52.5 -11 Buff. has 2X NFL EDGE players.

Of much significance here is the defense with this spread now having went to 13.5 in favor of Buffalo. Once again favor the running game of the favorite.

Recommended DFS Picks

RB Jaret Patterson Proj.: 20.3 att 109 yds 1.02 Tds 18.8 Fps Best RB? He is thet most expensive on draftkings.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy for 2020: 2 QB leagues

When taking a look at a fantasy football draft strategy for leagues that feast on quarterbacks here in 2020 you’ll need solid value at the position in 2 QB leagues.

Taking Young Players?

When you think about the risk in taking certain players that are not proven you want to take those risks later on in the draft, making solid ownership decisions early on in your season long drafts.

In a year of uncertainty for rookies with no mini-camps, OTAs, Pre-Season games, and limited overall training camps these are the highest risk rewards category of players. You want to avoid these players altogether early in the draft.

The prime example of that this year is to give caution to the early drafting of Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Drafting a rookie running abck has historically lead to disappointing results. See my Page: Fantasy Football Draft Board 2020 to make an informed decision on your draftees. Make a value pick if he’s available beyond pick 10 or the 2nd round of a 10 team draft. If taking him below that pick it makes the value of the pick uncertain. Whether he turns out to be a stud with the high powered KC offense or not, I believe the real risk in the pick is due to the great potential for injury . Teams likely will blow through several strings of players on various skill and other positions on the field. This entails the soft tissue injuries that especially happen to young players.

You will need successful high risk/high upside strategy to actually win your league but the key may very well be avoiding those over hyped rookies and 2nd year wonders that are not likely to produce just yet.

I know I have been sort of in the rut of drafting these rookie running backs a little early to get my hands on the value, but this is the best year to go ahead and fade that potential value completely. Its too bad too because there is a lot of talent at the skill positions that just won’t be ready.

What is happening now in training camps

There is talk among NFL sources about allowing more reps for the young players. This will help the teams but it will be difficult to simulate real game experience. This lack of real game experience will also contribute to the risk for me. Older players will handle this aspect of taking care of their bodies as well as catching up to full game speed better then their younger teammates.

Sure it would be great if a rookie were put into a position of starter, and you were on that particular player as you WANT to take the coaches word for it on getting the players’ reps in training camps, however this does not translate to to real NFL production early on.

How will this info help me in my fantasy football draft strategy?

When you take all of these offsetting balances into consideration its best not to worry about a lot of it and focus on getting the best value during your draft which depends on your draft format and draftees. I have been in a few 2 QB leagues with mixed results. At times I took more risks as in recent years but many times took them too early to create correlation and upside.

This strategy could keep you competitive but kill you quickly when it amounts to staying competitive through the playoffs.

How to Dominate 2 QB leagues

The only real difference to creating success in 2 QB leagues is going early and often enough on getting QBs on your roster to avoid a problem later on during your fantasy football season. When you are scrambling week to week to find a starter and Taysom Hill is your best option you only getting 6 -9 points for that spot with a touchdown for your ceiling.

If your league is big into trading, these QB’s create a lot more value for your as bargaining pieces. You can really get a high price for your starting QB when you look at those who need the position. This is guaranteed to happen in 12 team leagues as there is not enough QB’s to go around when everyone drafts at least 3, doing the simple math. As many leagues this year have the extra spots with IR slots available, you can save your injured guys or bargain them for whatever position you want or need.

A couple guys I would like to obtain early and late at right spots.

I would love to get Tom Brady for value as he’s getting drafted as the 12th QB off the board and 51st overall in 2 QB leagues. Picture Peyton Manning type numbers in his first season with the Broncos. I believe Brady could successfully be attempting a season like this.

Another guy I love for the season later on to stash is PJ Walker of the Panthers as he’s got to be the guy once Teddy Bridgewater goes down with injury. He has recent game experience as the MVP of the XFL. In this league it does not get any better then that right now.

You also want to pay attention to who others are drafting and when in your draft so that whenever the run on QB’s takes place you can get in on it before they are gone. As in any draft pay attention to ADP, which you will find on my fantasy draft board page above or below or just check fantasy football calculator for the latest in Average Draft Position.

A Unique Season in Fantasy Football for 2010

This season will in fact prove whether the pre-season is really worth it. Look to my own fantasy football draft board, which most experts don’t give away to gauge where you are on how high or low you are on certain players. While this board does not account for the 2 QB format, you can adjust and move up all of the QB’s as most fantasy scoring formats are good to use with this board as its primary for half point PPR. So if your playing in a standard scoring or full point PPR there’s quite honestly not a lot of adjustment this board needs for either scoring format.

Want more expert Analysis? Look to the DFS Army. Click on the picture for the Draft Kit. The Draft Kit includes a write up on every relevant player you may want to draft in 2020.

fantasy football draft strategy

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Cleveland Indians Fantasy Baseball Positional Breakdown for 2021

C: Roberto Perez 2020 notes

As many of these catchers are, there is a lower BAPIP with a high HR/FB rate, along with a high GB rate. This translates to one of the best catchers hitting in the game potentially.

Won fielder awards in recent years and is an average hitting with good power.

1B: Jake Bauers 2020 notes

Can’t figure out what they will do with Bauers as he’s a lefty that’s not outstanding vs. Righties. It would be unusual it seems to use him vs. lefties instead but he was better vs. the latter last season in a short career.

For 2021: The main thing is improving defensively at the position. He has a reworked swing as an upside wildcard. No need to really draft unless last pick. He does not have the experience in MLB due to the depth chart.

2B: Cesar Hernandez 2020 notes

Provides stolen bases vs. Righties. A switch hitter who can hit righties as a lefty as well, so that’s when we’ll look at playing him daily.

For 2021: More of the same projected unless shipped out for some reason, looks to lead off in the order I would think providing on base and steal potential in many fantasy formats. Great utility guy for your bench.

3B: Jose Ramirez 2020 notes

Batting cleanup in this lineup should set up better for him this season, as these guys get on base and steals nicely for Santana to get on base, and Jose to pop his numbers back up or adjust from his lower Stat Cast, driving in runs. Finished 3rd in MVP voting 2 straight yrs before slumping.

For 2021: Ramirez Stat cast number continued to improve since the slump, as he did enough to finish top 3 in MVP voting. Interestingly sees a lot of pitches at the plate, as that shows for him that his discipline will overcome any future slump before its very long again.

SS: Andres Gimenez/Amed Rosario

For 2021: This combo will provide decent or average fielding which is the main concern for the team here. Rosario traditionally for his career is better for stolen base upside. Gimenez is an average hitter, younger for the future.

OF: Franmil Reyes 2020 notes

Low BAPIP, great ISO, Hard contact, and FB rate, make for a DFS option that will meet or exceed 2019 as long as his salary stays lower then the Big sluggers, as he’s top 1-5% in Stat Cast Power numbers.

OF: Bradley Zimmer: no 2020 notes

For 2021: 16.7 Hard hit rate last year will not do. Look for Oscar Mercado to key in to compete. See below for Mercado notes.

OF: Daniel Johnson: no 2020 notes

Johnson has a few tools, as he has proven to help score runs and get on base, even with extra base hits in ST. Likely sharing time with Luplow mentioned below.

Update: OF Eddie Rosario will take the plate 3rd or 4th in the order despite below average fielding, will rack up 30+ homers giving the Indians exactly what they need in consistent power if nothing else.

OF bench Greg Allen 2020 notes

Always a speed threat. Extra stolen bases leading to Lindor is the DFS key here.

More 2020 bench notes: 

Bench: Domingo Santana: 6’5″ 220, had 21 HR, and career .797 OPS, Tyler Naquin, Delino DeSheilds (no longer with team), and Jordan Luplow. Basically platoon split guys, with pop and DeSheilds with speed, he can lead off if needed.

Prospects: Bobby Bradley. 1B/DH bats L. Tlyer Freeman. Had .306 BA as he has enough physical ability to improve his power as he’s already showed in limited time in majors that he’s a good hitter.

1B/OF reserve or Platoon: Oscar Mercado 2020 notes

As a 25 yr old, he’s ready to improve on his power and speed combo, as he interestingly has hit on his minor league numbers, matching them in his rookie campaign. Stat Cast shows him as a top 20 speed guy.

SP1: Shane Bieber  RHP 24 yr old, R 6’3″ 2020 notes

Went 6.5 innings regularly. ERA of 3.28. 15-8 record, 11 K/9 and 1.3 HR/9 he needs to improve. Named opening day starter, as he was the 5th pitcher to start last yr. and had a 30% SO rate, showing great upside and a 4.7% walk rate, hoping to feature his changeup, as he’s needing to get the HR rate down, which is caused by allowing a 90.4 mph average exit velocity. So that 4% compared to Clevinger makes a big difference in allowing HRs. Velocity being so important as the underlying stat as he hopes to allow less hits off the barrel of the bat this season.

For 2021: Bieber had a historical season in Cleveland Indians history combining for most wins, lowest ERA, and most Strikeouts in a season. He will continue his dominance despite the lackluster results vs. the NYY in the playoffs. His pitch combos are THE best in the American League.

SP2: Zack Plesac  RHP 25 yr old

ERA 3.81, 6.85 K/9, did a lot better in minors, high A for a couple years. Dosen’t do anything really well, gives you up to a 95 mph fastball. He will start out in the minors, leaving way for the next guy.

For 2021: Plesac had an astronomical improvement, moving in on the SP3 slot, now set to use his highly athletic ability to bring his 4 pitch repertoire as a big strong movement in and out of zone. Love having his fielding ability to help protect against runs and get outs. The Fastball is also in mid 90s.

P3: Aaron Civale R 24 yr old  5.7 IPG, giving you 2.34 ERA, very consistent specializing in the fastball even though its not as fast as other guys topping out about 93-94. specializing also in the curve, changeup and slider. Elite quality in allowing hardly any barrels, resulting in very low SLG allowed. Not a SO guy, about 7 K/9.

For 2021: Has improved now getting up to over 8K/9. He’s very effectively using the cutter and curve to induce soft contact. his 2.34 ERA has balanced out to 3.59, hopefully not dropping any more, allowing value in drafts..

SP4: Triston McKenzie RHP

Another guy in a long list of SP’s who look to build upon success and move up the rotation quickly, using natural fastball tools complimented by a plus curveball. He’s 6’5″, however skinny as a rail if you have not seen him.

SP5: Logan Allen LHP

One of the only lefties on the mound for the team in 2021, he will also employ 4 pitches total to try and feature the changeup. He’ll have to decrease his WHIP and use these to produce SO’s for fantasy upside.

P6: Adam Plutko 28 yr old R 2020 notes

4.86 ERA, given the right splits you can attack these guys with low upside,

Other: Brad Hand all-star quality closer, fans 13+per 9. Terry Francona was the master at using pitchers in certain matchups, however that will not be any advantage this yr. 3rd Best Bullpen.

For 2021: He may start out in the 5th SP spot, and work his way down into the bullpen to be most effective lacking in as many pitches mentioned with these prospects such as McKenzie and Allen.

Emmanuel Clase, who should be groomed as the closer after a couple yrs, throws average of 99.6 mph. He will unfortunately have to wait for that due to PEDs. James Karinchak will handle the closer duties likely for the season. He’s very effective vs. righties and get almost 2 SO/IP. Look for Nick Wittgren to handle a larger role in innings until these flame throwers come in, as a possible RP to use in season long fantasy. He’s also affective vs. lefties even though he’s a righty, to make plenty of SO’s as well.

Overall pitching last year:

6th in opposing BA

4th in ERA



Fantasy Baseball Advice for Opening Day: Atlanta Braves

For the Atlanta Braves opening day on 4/1/21 with the Philadelphia Phillies this fine day in daily fantasy as we run down the probable lineup and taking a look at the starters along with throwing in a reliever or 2 to think about using.

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Projected Regulars

C. Travis d’Arnud R: With HH contact thru thru the roof in the short sample, he’s a nice short term target if he starts out hot.

1B. Freddie Freeman: L: Rarely striking out, he’s one of the top 2 at the position probably all year in 21′.

2B: Ozzie Albies: R an average hitter vs. Righties. Nice a number 2 hole hitter getting on base and stealing with surprising consistent power.

3B: Austin Riley R: A liability in the outfield or infield but is versatile. It will be interesting to see if he’s a FB or a GB hitter as he flipped in that area from being a FB hitter in 19′ and his K% Rate went way down in 20′.

SS: Dansby Swanson R: Headed for a regression to what he did last yr however, but still a decent player all around that you could stack.

LF: Ender Inciarte L: Not in there for hitting, should get pinched hit for.

CF: Christian Pache R: Looking for power, he’s has elite speed.

RF: Ronald Acuna R: They are gonna walk him a lot, one of the elite at power and speed, continues to get better. His BABIP was only .302 which is a great indicator that this dominance will continue.

SP 1: Mike Soroka RHP: If Drafting him fill in with Kyle Wright as a handcuff like we do in NFL with RB’s. The Big guy displayed great GB rate.

SP 2: Max Fried RHP: Even with very efficient use of his 3 pitches and a low %3 barrel rate, his can get blown up so is not and ACE pitcher despite skills.

SP 3: Ian Anderson RHP: As a 2 pitch pitcher, we’ll see if he prevent the catchup by hitters as the upside with SO’s seems massive in DFS.

SP 4: Charlie Morton RHP: Not the solid option he used to be as i’ll take sort of a wait and see approach, coming back from an injury.

SP 5: Drew Smyly LHP: A SO pitcher on a really good defensive team makes this a good pitcher option on a 2 start week in season long formats.

RP’s: Interestingly they don’t have a real Closer with Chris Martin and AJ Minter seemingly going for the same spot, with interesting combos of pitch types, they are both very effective in setups.



LA Dodgers Starting Roster: Breakdown for 2021

Possible Batting order and Draft position:

Be sure to visit our official daily hub at MLB DFS Picks Today page for daily coverage on each slate for Draftkings and Fanduel. 

  1. Mookie Betts: Round: 5, Pick: 21 2011 draft. Considered an MVP candidate in this environment and schedule as well as the contract situation, I would like to see him get back to his 2018 numbers with a wOBA more then .100 higher vs. off-speed pitches. Despite this he was top level elite in XOBA and XBA. If successful by his standards he will really increase value of the team.
  2. Gavin Lux: Round: 1, Pick: 20 2016 draft. As a high draft pick, he’s still considered a prospect with only 75 AB’s as he had a %14.2 BB rate in AAA last yr and SLG .719 with a .490 wOBA as a dominant player in 19′ there.  Quite a bit of power to work with.
  3. Max Muncy: Round: 5, Pick: 11 2012 draft with very near elite level XSLG and wOBA and already at elite level %BB you look to capitalize off a payer in his prime with Excellent pwr u can even play him vs. L as a L.
  4. Justin Turner: Round: 7, Pick: 8 2006 draft: Still top %10 of league in XWOBA so has really not regressed in his career yet despite what standard numbers show. His SO/BB rate went down due to taking too many swings, should come back up to normal.
  5. Cody Bellinger: Round: 4, Pick: 18 2013 draft. 100th Percentile in XWOBA and BA, BAPIP was very low vs. L’s so maybe here’s another guy where it may not matter to play L vs. L other then SB’s.
  6. Joc Pederson: Round: 11, Pick: 27 2010 draft. 36 HR’s resulted last yr from an over inflated %SLG, Only play vs. Righties whether LADs’ do or note.
  7. Corey Seager: Round: 1, Pick: 18 2012 draft Not really playable vs. Lefties. Was down in every category in 19′, let’s wait and see if he will bounce back.
  8. Will Smith: Round: 1, Pick: 32 2016 draft. Has power with over .300 ISO in both AAA and majors last yr. Should split time with A. Barnes.
  9. AJ Pollock: Good exit velocity and decent hitter may not play every day on this team. Possible DH spot.

For 2021: With all of these starters back hopefully all in good shape as long as they don’t relax after the championship. Justin Turner won’t get any time at first base, which leaves him with less workload due to the emergence of Edwin Rios. Turner is best left to keep his playing time down due to injuries. Providing needed depth for Viruses we’ll look especially to Rios with his %17 barrel rate, to hit at the right spot on the right day in daily formats like DFS.

SP’s: 2020 notes:

  1. Kayton Kershaw: Round: 1, Pick: 7 2006: Even though his GB rate was steadily high, his FB rate increased by %5.5. Not as old as you might think at 32, injuries got him. Look for a healthy outlook.
  2. Walker Buehler: Round: 1, Pick: 2015: Allowing .211 BA is about right for his career. 10.6 K/9 last yr. Does a lot of things well, best at curve and fastball spin.
  3. Trevor Bauer R goes over 6 innings on a normal basis. 10-11 k/9.1.06 HR/9 allowed. His best quality if the fastball with a high spin rate on it. However thats the pitch he gets blown up on the most. He took to many risks so if he stays with and develops his changeup or re-develops his changeup back to where it was in 18′, he can move forward again instead of backward or the same as 19′ His slider is really good as well but not used enough, only 18% of time. Too many 4 seamers.
  4. David Price: He will play in 2021. Nothing spectacular expected from the 35 yr old coming back.
  5. Julio Urias: Not drafted:  We should get enough games started and wins from Urias with this powerful offense and defense that keeps the games low scoring. The Southpaw projects to possibly be an ace this or next yr.

Closer: Kenley Janson: 33 saves and 5-3 record is what we want to continue into 2020 at that shortened rate. 11.4 K/9s.

Dustin May: Round: 3, Pick: 24 in 2016: Just barely a SO/IP guy as he’s in running for 5th starter role.

Ross Stripling: Round: 5, Pick: 18 in 2012: Started 15 gms but only a 4-4 record. However great GB rate and defiinitely getting 1 SO per inning.

There are a lot more guys to mention including guys who started games, as there is a lot to go around here, in fact too much as the pitching staff as a whole gave up more ER’s last year then they should have. That should be tightened up this year continuing a better tear then last year.

For 2021:

a KEY guy in the playoffs as was not metioned here was Tony Gonsolin. He seems like a guy to come out of the bullpen or start in a 6th spot. Mixes power, speed, and mixes it up for nasty stuff.

Kershaw should be fine but could get overtaken from the #1 spot due to regression based off of BAPIP which was too low.

Buehler was one of the most effective all around in game at limiting contact. He however is not expected to get prime inning. Too bad. Needs to get more consistent during regular season to be considered an ace.

Bauer comes in with much control over his arsenal, improving spin rate, and as always providing plenty Strike outs to go with these limited innings.

Urias provided one of best curveballs in league. He has quite a few other pitches that work as well with a mid 90’s fastball. Nice to have as a 4th or 5th SP.